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    Touched the weights for the first time in three weeks. I've been doing a lot of calisthenics and gymnastic stuff in the meantime. I got the headstand down no problem, and am slowly getting a handstand with the wall. Handstand pushups are easy now, and I seem to be able to do more pullups/chinups than I used to. I'm getting consistent with pistol squats, and skin the cats and L sits(from the bar and the off the floor) are getting easier.

    I weighed myself today, and despite eating around 3,500 or more calories every day last week (and only 3,000 yesterday), I was under 146 pounds. I don't want to get too low in weight, I'm not sure if it is muscle or fat loss. I front squatted 95 4 x 8, dumbbell benched 55 5 x 6, and DB rowed 55 4 x 6. All felt easy. I'm gonna just do short gym sessions 1-2 times a week and focus on body weight for now.

    Also, my libido and energy have been through the roof the last few days. The only things I have done different were start taking vitamin E (400 IU) daily, adding 1-2 egg yolks a day and shrimp every other day for cholesterol, and eating oysters or supplementing zinc daily.

    Throwback to how I looked on September 1st compared to December 1st

    Damn I let myself go in the summer.

    Here are pics after I lifted today and the back pic later in the day.

    Here is my progress album
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      I couldn't fall asleep again last night, until almost 4 am! This is the second time in the past week this has happened. I have been waking up closer to 11 am the last few days, maybe that's why. I was also hungry last night at like 2 am and was craving eggs even though I've been eating them daily. Maybe I didn't eat enough during the day(slightly less than 3,000 cals. I coul have ate a whole meal at 2am but didn't really want to/had anything to eat), or maybe the lifting spurred my appetite (despite how little I lifted). I even read for an hour at 12 to 1, then had a spoonful of honey/gelatin/salt with a sip of milk before bed, and still couldn't sleep for almost 3 more hours.

      So I woke up and cooked 2 eggs in coconut oil, took some vit e, and drank 2 cups of coffee with lots of milk and sugar. Aside from stress, I think that sleep is the most important thing for health. So it just annoys me when I only get like 5-6 hours of sleep. Maybe I'm just crazy lol. (Typing this as I eat carrots sliced vertically with salt :-D)