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Reclaiming The Mojo, Primal Style

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  • Reclaiming The Mojo, Primal Style

    Initial goals: Have more energy, sleep better, reduce allergy symptoms (foods and dust), feel more alive.

    The initial game plan:

    1) Remove all CW foods from my cupboard. Specifically avoiding gluten/grains, sugar, dairy, and alcohol. These are a few of my favourite things, and yet they seem to be the ones that mess me up. Am sharing with flatmates, so will just ignore the bread, cakes, and beers that they leave strewn around the kitchen.....Done

    2) Eat three large primal meals a day. Some form of egg based masterpiece for breakfast. A big ass salad inspired by Mr Sisson for lunch. And a half pound of meat with accompanying veg for dinner....also done.

    3) Training every morning upon waking to establish a consistent routine. For me, consistency is more important that faffing about with training times etc. This will involve bodyweight training, some martial arts and some yoga.

    4) Ensure time in the sun, and get a decent vitamin d supplement for backup.

    Let's begin
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    Day 1: Coconut oil, for breakfast?! Are you mad?!!

    Yes, it's a distinct possibility. Especially as I plan to eat coconut oil for lunch and dinner too. I am on a three day coconut oil spree as I want to get fat adapted asap and have heard people speak highly of this method. It's referred to as a detox, but I hate that word so I'm just calling it 'eating coconut oil'. Anyway, it freaks my flatmates out so it's worth doing for kicks. They've already told about 4 people in what can only be described as mild outrage.

    So this is day 1, pure fat for fuel. And you know what? I'm feeling fine.


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      Yum. Coconut oil is awesome, and a great way to start. Good luck!


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        Day 2. Lots of eggs, and a carrot cake made with coconut flour. Was tasty but I felt really full and bloated after.

        The less carbs I eat, the more I realise that they don't agree with me. I'm aiming for about 100-150g per day. This should be covered by two or three pieces of fruit, some veg, and a small potato or some rice with dinner.


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          Day 3: Three good meals: eggs, big salad, and chicken livers with carrots, onions, potato, chard and tomato.

          Followed by bananas wrapped in ham fried in olive oil. Yum.

          Still felt really full after dinner. I need to be more mindful of my food and take time to eat it instead of wolfing it down.

          Gonna relax with some peppermint tea and game of thrones, nearly at the end of season three, it's getting f***ing crazy. Red wedding was brutal!


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            Day 4-5: Hmmm carbs are addictive. Like, really addictive. I came across some gluten free blueberry muffins today. I may have gone a bit nuts.

            At least now I know and will be prepared for sugar cravings. I want to limit my carbs to fruit, veg and some rice/potatoes.


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              I find that I just can't moderate carbs. I find it easier to just avoid all starches and then I don't have to make decisions or resist cravings. Same with fruit.

              I'm also pretty sure that Game of Thrones series is addictive so I've been steering well clear!
              Me, My Father and The Alzheimer's -


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                Seems like a sound approach. Don't you find you loose weight though if you don't eat carbs? I'm already lean so don't really want to be dropping the lbs.

                Lol it is addictive, but it's a worthwhile addiction as it actually has some depth and intriguing plot lines.


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                  Was away visiting family this week so found it hard to stay 100% primal.

                  Home now so gonna get back in the game.