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  • Journal for A New Beginning

    Thank god I've found this website

    Starting this post about myself feels strange, and its taken me a couple of days to actually sit down and start. I'm 43 with 3 kids (7, 5, 3). Before having kids, I was naturally slim, kept fit, and IFed most days (without even knowing what that was, or that I was doing the right thing!). My 3 pregnancies were quite tough in that I suffered with a condition called hyperemesis. Since then, I have struggled to eat healthy, stay fit and strong, and slim down again. Hyperemesis is caused by too much hormones !!!!!!!!! So after coming across this website (and some others) I'm thinking this is the root of my problems. What a relief, I've spent the last number of years being so so hard on myself and now I have the answer.

    I did a Whole 30 at the start of the year, felt amazing and looked fab. I did 52 days and then reverted back hugely why oh why oh why
    Since then, I've been primal on/off. Then I found MDA a couple of weeks ago and this has reignited my desire to follow this lifestyle. For the past week, I have been building up my primal meals and now is the time for a serious commitment. I've also ordered those 2 supplements for oestrogen dominance (can't remember names).

    Height 5ft 5"
    Weight 10st 6lb
    Fitness - not great, can struggle thru a 5k run
    Strength - crap
    Sunlight exposure - I wish

    So many changes needed, where to start..........

    Feel better now that I've actually written the first post. Here I go .........

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    Brunch - LO roast chicken, green salad
    Dinner - Beef & veg thai curry, apple
    Snack - 2 squares 85% choc
    Exercise - zero

    Feel good this morning


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      Breakfast - bacon, eggs, mushrooms, orange
      Dinner - LO curry
      Snack - 2 boiled eggs, apple
      Snack - 85% chocolate

      Cravings quite bad today


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        Hey girl! I know exactly how you feel. I am 25, my husband and I have a 20 month old. I have been in denial, using the excuse "well my body will never be the same again, so just accept it right?" NO! I have finally found paleo! I started about a month ago and I'm down 11lbs. Keep motivated!

        Here's to getting our bodies back and feeling confident in our own skin! Having energy again is a nice little plus 🙊


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          Oh thanks for that message. You are doing brilliant, I know that after a week or so it all comes more naturally so I'm just trying to get into the swing of it.


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            Failed miserably on Day 3 !!! Ate chocolate covered peanuts, not something I normally eat, so not sure why I did this.

            Next meal will be primal, that's all I can do.


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              Actually last night's sleep probably didn't help matters. Woke at 1am and couldn't go back to sleep until after 4am. Its a good few months since this has happened to me. Was WIDE awake, then had to get up at 7am. So I'm bloody wrecked tbh. Its ongoing learning really - obviously having an energy slump mid-afternoon and gave in to the 'quick fix'.


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                You are so right, the first week my body was so drained! I would sit down on the couch and fall asleep right away! It definitely gets better and I have constant energy up until bed time now. Keep up the good work!


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                  Thanks K, great having support like this.

                  So I got 10 hours sleep last night and I feel fan-bloody-tastic! Used the magnesium spray just before bed and was asleep in minutes. Also had taken a 30min snooze on the couch earlier in the evening.


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                    L - Lamb steaks, salad, strawberries
                    D - Egg mayo (Well Fed mayo), cherries, dark choc

                    Slept good again last night but still feel wiped out


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                      Yesterday was a bit of a grazing day - lamb, mayo, fruit, choc, eggs
                      Slept about 6 1/2 hours and feel ok today
                      Did a few sprints with the kiddies, need to do more


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                        Glad your doing well! I had PIZZA the other night! Yikes! The good news? Seriously felt like crap all night Haven't touched it since lol


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                          I hear ya!
                          I am extremely bloated today, don't know why??? It started yesterday evening after I ate thai curry, which is something I eat regularly and don't have much problems. The only difference was that I put sweet potato into it, could this have such a reaction on me? Bloating was there first thing this morning and has just gotten worse as the day went on.


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                            Was away at weekend and stayed primal (I think!). Ate lots of dark choc tho. But lots of BBQ meat and salad
                            Clothes feel slightly looser, but scales remains the same. Feel good in myself, still having energy slumps. So far so good