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    Well I wasn't going to do this because I'm a bit bashful, but I think it will help me to track what I'm doing. I try not to weigh or measure myself much because I have had ED tendancies in the past and I do get obsessed....bad enough that a 0.2 variation on the scale from one day to the next would just ruin my day LOL So I am only weighing myself once/week or every 2 weeks just to see where I'm at.

    I started experimenting with primal in January, but didn't get strict with it until mid February so I count that as my "start" time. I did have a bad bad bad Easter and ate a lot of crap (mini eggs!!!!) but other than that I've been pretty much 80-90% primal with just 1 oz of dark chocolate (85%) and fruit with cream as treats a few times/week.

    For exercise I started doing bodyweight excercises twice/week in February, and just this week I started doing the New Rules of Lifting for Women program. I'm doing that 2-3 days/week. I also walk my dog 3 miles 4 or 5 days/week, and I am prepping my horse for a 50 mile endurance ride in May so I am doing long rides (anywhere between 9-20 miles) 3 or 4 timesj/week and have been since the beginning of February. I don't know if that counts for much but it is more excercise for the rider than what lots of people think

    I was a bit shy about sharing the pics because it's in my bra buuut....if anybody has an issue let me know and I can take them down.

    For diet, I usually have coffee with heavy cream for breakfast, then some sort of meat with a BAS for lunch, and then eggs and bacon for supper quite often but sometimes I will have steak and roasted veggies too, or a ground meat/veggie "hamburger helper" type thing. Then a few times/week I will have 1 oz dark chocolate or some strawberries/real whipped cream for a treat.

    The thing I need to start being more careful of is WEEKENDS! I haven't anything with gluten like baked goods or anything, but if we get together with friends I will have a few drinks and eat chips or fries if somebody else is having them. I NEED to cut that out because I am always bloated and feel gross the next day when I do that!!

    ETA: The above is not every hubby unfortunately works away so it's just the one weekend/month that he is home that we go out and do that. I don't really want to give up the drinks (I only have 2 or 3 spiced rum/diet cokes) but I need to practice some self control if somebody is eating fries in front of me *sigh* lol
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