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    Tomorrow is the start of week 4 for me. I have high cholesterol and am over weight and 2 points away from being in the "obese" category.

    9news Health Fair changed my life for the better. I went there to get my cholesterol checked along with a few other general things and I'm so glad I did not blow it off again this year like I have in the past. 274 total cholesterol and 4.6 for my thyroid. 2 years ago, thyroid was in the middle and cholesterol was 248. My Doc said, eat better or I'll put you on cholesterol medication. She did put me on thyroid medication.

    Three weeks later, my energy is up, I'm more productive and am a better mom to my children, especially my 4-year old.

    The weight loss has been steady 6 lbs in 3 weeks. I know it's mostly water weight due to inflammation but I choose to stay on the positive side because it's still a constant loss.

    My biggest challenge so far is getting the amount of fat in my diet without going over on my protein. I'm doing really well staying under or just a bit over 50g of carbs a day. My protein has been high since I started tracking my totals I range from 64 - 88g a day. My BMI is 113, so I need half of that because I'm not a as active yet as I want to be. So today is the day that I don't go over 56g of protein, keep my carbs just under 50 and the rest fat. How the he...double tooth picks am I suppose to eat that much fat a day without it with protein (my thoughts last night).

    Today so far:
    24g protein
    28g fats
    3 carbs

    I love MyFitPal because I just figured out what I'm going to have for the rest of the day in order to get my % where they need to be. I changed them to 75/15/10. Lets see how the next few days to a week are with me really paying attention to my ratios.

    Prior to the last couple of days I concentrated on fat, but my protein was too high. Carbs are steady. So lets see if this helps with my insane hunger.

    Ratios since I started tracking in MFP - Fat/Protein/Carbs:
    5/29 - 68/18/14
    5/30 - 68/19/13
    5/31 - 69/17/14
    6/1 - 70/19/11
    6/2 - 60/23/16
    6/3 - 63/24/13
    today if I eat what is logged it will be 75/15/10 - spot on!!!!!!

    Starting weight 5/16 - 183lbs
    Today 6/4 - 177lbs

    Also, I'm not the most savviest person on the web but I did do a ton of research to see if there was a blog/journal showing what their progress was with this life style change. How they felt and how their energy was. And if this helps others to know that it is a process, or your ratios need to be "tweaked", don't give up!!!!
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    The last few days have been very busy.

    Yesterday was three consecutive days of working out. Yesterday was by far the best, I was sweaty instead of just having a red face.

    My nutrients has been great with respect to my rations. I stay at or below 50g of carbs a day. I'm a bit compulsive and I'm constantly on MFP to see how where I need to increase or decrease. Soon I will get to a point to where I'm not so compulsive about it. It will be second hand.

    I still miss my licorice! I wonder if that will ever go away.

    A total of 8lbs since 5/16, I have not weighed myself the last couple of days to get away from the scale. I don't want to get disappointed if I go up. I do know that my mid section is decreasing and that's the important thing. It's amazing to me how inflammatory carbs are to your organs. My face is thinner now, I just have a tiny bit under my chin, my jaw line is defined again. My daughter who I share custody with my ex came home and said, "wow mom, your face looks great, I can see your jaw line again".

    I'm excited to see what comes next. I feel great, energy level has gone up and I find myself antsy if I am not doing something. I don't like to just "sit" any longer for a period of time. I have an ebay store and I don't like listing items anymore because I don't want to at sit at the computer any longer.

    My favorite staple in the morning is 1 cup of coffee, 1 Tbsp of Coconut oil and 2 Tbsp of Heavy Whipping Cream (blended w/my Magic Bullet). It's also very filling. That gives me 500+ calories and 56g of fat. It's wonderful, almost like a non sweetened latte. My next cup, I'm going to add a Tsp of unsweetened cocoa. I was having a hard time getting my fat into my diet, not anymore.

    Starting weight 183
    as of 6/6 175
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      Because I'm still hungry all the time, I googled and found some interesting topics on MDA. I am turning a new leaf, I'm NOT going to weigh myself. I saw such a reduction in weight the when I started the 21-day, I got caught up! I thought it would continue...It has not, it's bouncing up and down like a rubber ball (.5 - 2.5 a day). I also need to remember that your 'water weight' can fluctuate 4lbs daily.

      So getting back on topic...The post I saw that was so inspirational was from Griff. If your new and reading this, please read the topic below and his success story. Reading what he wrote put everything back into perspective and the reason why I went Primal. Health!!!!

      Everything else will follow.

      So, ditching the scale, I can concentrate on why I'm still hungry after dinner. I think the reason is is because I get most of my daily fat from 7:30am - 1:30pm. That leaves me with a bit at dinner with mostly protein and veggies. I do usually eat an entire avocado in my salad along with Olive Oil.

      I will have to admit that the weight loss was SO exciting. I don't want it to rule my life and determine how we'll I feel about myself afterwards or depict the mood for the rest of the day. I was getting mad at myself and then obsessing and going through MFP to see what was wrong. Nothing went wrong, I'm doing everything I'm suppose to do.

      So new leaf, 'ditch the scale', continue to eat primal. Keep my total carbs <50g and continue to exercise 3-5 times a week for 30-45 min each time.

      What an Aha moment when I read the above link. Thanks @Griff for writing that.
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        Sounds like a recipe for success to me. Stick o your new leaf plan and I'm not sure you can fail.
        Follow my progress at ->Journal: My Body Revival


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          Thanks PRO, I agree! Sometimes it's all about getting back to the original reason.
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            Yesterday was an interesting day. My belly hurts! When I first started and was eating a ton of fiber it took a while to get adjusted. Bloating, pains, and had an irregularity issue. That was fixed through with me helping it along. Magnesium Citrate. Then I started eating more fat to help grease the pipes. Then OMGosh I became regular for the first time in my life. I'm an 80's child so I did the cabbage patch dance. My husband looked at me funny. He does not get it.

            Upon further examination of my diet (I say that with food, this is not a 'diet tool' temporary for just weight lose). I was not getting enough fat. I thought how do I do this? I can't eat fat from my steak, that will make me run for the bathroom. It reminded me when a person from my past cut the fat off of a sirloin steak from Costco. You all know how big those fat pieces can be. When he pretended to eat it in front of me, I almost lost my dinner, right there! The consistency is my issue. I have to have my bacon a little bit more done than the rest of the family. Ok, I'll be honest, it has to break into pieces when you push on it. I've always been like this. To me its like eating raw egg white on a plate. No way, no how!

            Ok, at first it was a hard transition to make but when I did it became easier. I figured the more 'grease' the better...oh no, not so much! So I've been good about getting around 70-75% fat. A day goes by, I do the head to the side dog thing when they don't understand. 2 days go by and then three. I'm thinking what the H..E..double tooth picks! What is wrong with my gut?! I hurt so bad yesterday that I did not eat. I had my 'Loaded' coffee (8 or so oz of coffee, Tsp to a Tbsp of Coconut Oil and 2 Tbsp of Heavy Whipping Cream) all blended in my bullet. I was not hungry and when I was, I'd have another on. I got calories for the day around 1050, not enough I know. But better than nothing right? As I roll my eyes at myself. Last night I got a headache and drank chicken broth, got ride of it right away, note to self, must have sodium!

            Today, not so bloated but still painful to move in a certain direction. I'm not a wuss when it comes to pain, but this is crazy. I can't even work out with my DVD right now because I get sharp pains. Not that I've tried but just running up the stairs I get the sharp pains going. What an uncomfortable thing to post for the world too. But, there is plenty discussions about poo in this forum. Hehehehe, we all have to do it. .

            So if you are wondering if I'm getting enough water, yep! About 70-90 oz a day. Which is almost or dead on 1/2 my body weight. So, do I have an incurable IBS issue? I think not! I've seen too many people post their recovery from it. I know, I'm still a newbie and it will take my body time to heal. With that being long will it take my body to adjust to the fat? It's good fat too, animal (bacon) mostly crispy, Coconut and Olive oil. Things that make you go hummmmmm.

            Well today is a new day. Maybe I should lay off the cheese for a while because its suppose to be binding. My grandma told me a story not too long ago. When I was a little girl, toddler, I would get like this. She would take a bowl full of sunflower seeds (no shell), put it on the coffee table and tell me that I could not touch it, I would! What a stinker I was. But, it would help move things along and it worked. So this has been an issue for me my whole 41 years of my life. I'm pretty sure I can have sunflower seeds. A trip to the store may be in order.

            On to better things. I've been sugar, grain, legumes, etc. free for 5 weeks now. I do get cravings for sweets and I indulge them with a square of Dove Dark Chocolate, yeah baby! That is my absolute favorite thing in the world. I'm not a white or milk chocolate girl, always dark. I tried Stevia yesterday on a recommendation in my coffee with cocoa unsweetened powder. YUK! I dumped it out and remade it with minus the Stevia and even the cocoa. Coconut oil tastes so wonderful blended in coffee. It's my morning staple!

            I'm really getting tired of logging my food into MyFitPal!

            That's all for now. I hope everyone has a wonderful day.
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              Something else I forgot that I wanted to write. Does anyone else have days where your so happy it's almost like taking a drug, then the next day....flat...nothing! What's up with that?
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