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Journal: My Body Revival

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    Weigh In All Smiles

    Been almost 2 weeks since I posted, but fear not one bit, progress is being made!

    Weighed in at 288.4 this morning. This past week I lost 3.3 pounds, and for the past two weeks (when I posted a weigh-in last) I've lost 5.4 pounds

    Been consistent with my eating discipline; 1500 calories a day of which 50g or less of carbs daily is the target.

    Have been a bit more active; using the stairs more at work versus the elevator. Have done some sessions of push ups and planks. So no, I have not yet engaged an exercise routine into my discipline yet. But soon I shall.

    Progress truly is made one decision at a time. And decisions can be primal healthy and very tasty if you want them to be.

    Hope everyone has had a good two weeks as well!

    Responsibility, gotta do it!
    Follow my progress at ->Journal: My Body Revival


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      Great progress. Good to see you back and doing well.

      Hope you have a great Easter

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