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    Food sounds great! And you will have up days and down days - it's normal to just not be very hungry sometimes, and really hungry other times.
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    "Freedom from fear" could be said to sum up the whole philosophy of human rights. - Dag Hammarskjold


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      My Day: 6-9-2013

      Another fine day here. Made exercise apart of it by putting my YMCA membership. Did some strength training; bench press, squats, pull downs, rows, and hammer curls. Topped it off with push ups and a 35 second plank. For the most part I kept busy this afternoon working in the yard and about the house. Trying to follow the blueprint by staying active versus sedentary.

      The 1573 calories enjoyed today included 107 grams of carbs. The kids grandma joined us today and she brought fresh strawberries and rhubarb with her. Now what does a grandma do with such goodies? She takes over your kitchen and makes strawberry-rhubarb crisp, of course. And, my wife made home made peanut butter cup ice cream, not sure why. So... 35 of those 107 carb grams were from a small piece of that crisp, and 20 from a 1/3 cup of that ice cream.

      Those weren't good choices. Guess I felt a bot compelled to have a bit of the crisp due to Grandma's generosity and effort to make it for the family. The ice cream, I didn't feel compelled, I just went for a small scoop of it while having some crisp.

      Promise to self: No desserts this coming week. A dessert a week is enough.

      The carb flu messed with me for a spell this afternoon. I took advice from many of you and made a broth from a bouillon cube and enjoyed that. Well I also used the broth to swallow 3-aspirin, so not sure which kicked the headache, the broth or pharmacology? It disappeared in an hour, so either way I was happy.

      Weekend is winding down, another work week is just a good nights sleep away.

      Sweet dreams
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        Curiosity for today: FitBit

        My wife, who is amazing beyond comprehension, bought me a FitBit One. Today will be my first day using the contraption. I have it sync'd up to MyFitnessPal where I track my nutrition and exercise.

        Now I wont have to manually enter my exercise into MyFitnessPal, when I sync the two the data from my FitBit will appear in MyFitnessPal; sweet! Apparently it tracks my steps, flights of stairs climbed, distance, and even how long and well my sleeping is.

        I will still need to enter my food intake via MyFitnessPal; wouldn't it be nice if it could magically capture every macro-nutrient I inhale?

        I am all for added convenience in gathering better data on my journey, fingers crossed I get just that. We shall see how this gadget works today.

        Technology, sometimes friend and others foe, but never to be feared.
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          My Day: 6-10-2013

          First day with my FitBit appears successful, here are my numbers for the day...
          FOOD, what I consumed...
          Calories 1922
          Fat 117 g
          Carbs 62 g
          Protein 160 g
          Water 112 fl oz
          Daily Calorie Composition: 13% from carbs, 54% from fat and 33% from protein.
          This was my highest calorie consumption day of my brief 10-day journey my minus my night out with work mates last Thursday. However considering my activity, I should be good with that intake.

          ACTIVITY, what I burned...
          Calories 3282
          Steps 12789
          Distance 5.86 miles (included a 2-mile walk after dinner)

          Weak play of the day, I had a beer with dinner.
          Prime play of the day, getting home at 8pm and resisting temptation to flop on the couch and instead change into exercise gear and head out for a two-mile walk.

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            Congratulations on your prime play. Kudos for ignoring the siren call of the couch! I need to become less sedentary. My step-count would be so low I'm sure a Fit-Bit would be comatose by the end of the day.
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              My Day: 6-11-2013

              FOOD, what I consumed...
              Calories 1340
              Fat 81 g
              Carbs 46 g
              Protein 128 g
              Water 96 fl oz
              Daily Calorie Composition: 13% from carbs, 51% from fat and 36% from protein.

              Ate well today, carbs just under 50 grams, right where I want it in these early days of my journey.

              ACTIVITY, what I burned...
              Calories 3128
              Steps 12067
              Distance 5.53 miles

              Weak play of the day, hard to find one today. If I tracked it, and I don't, I'd see I took in a good amount of caffeine today.
              Prime play of the day, not eating a second monster pork chop at dinner. My eyes wanted it, and a pork chop is as primal as meat can be, but I was honestly satisfied after the first. Decided the added calories weren't warranted.

              After dinner my son and I played catch to get some play time on a day that was all work up to that point. Now my son, he is a 19 year old college freshman. So when we play catch, it is a work out.

              When playtime was over I checked my FitBit stats for the day and had not yet reached my daily goal of moving 5 miles. So, I took off for a leisurely walk about the neighborhood until I reached 5 miles. Hopefully small attitude adjustments like that will ensure I reach my ultimate goal of losing 105 pounds and regaining my active days of old.
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                My Sleep

                Good Morning...

                Per my FitBit, my sleep last night:
                I went to bed at 10:40PM
                Time to fall asleep 7min
                Times awakened 28
                You were in bed for 6hrs 45min
                Actual sleep time 5hrs 48min

                6-7 hours sleep a night is my norm. Until the day I retire arrives, I'm not sure I'll ever be a model PB sleeper. Too busy enjoying my busy family and career life to sleep 8-10 hours a day.

                The FitBit has been telling me i wake 20+ times a night. I certainly am not consciously aware of any of those awakenings. I know I toss and turn during the night; I wonder if FitBit is reading that as my awakening? Not sure, i shall have to do some research.
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                  My Day: 6-12-2013

                  FOOD, what I consumed...
                  Calories 1413
                  Fat 76 g
                  Carbs 72 g
                  Protein 123 g
                  Water 64 fl oz
                  Daily Calorie Composition: 20% from carbs, 46% from fat and 34% from protein.

                  ACTIVITY, what I burned...
                  Calories 3379
                  Steps 8792
                  Distance 4 miles
                  Stairs 32 flights

                  Weak play of the day, ate breaded chicken tenders at the United Center where I enjoyed watching the Chicago Blackhawks win game 1 of the Stanley Cup final.
                  Prime play of the day, stairs, lots and lots of stairs. Certainly aided by the fact our seats for the game were up high in the 300-level of the UC.

                  Considering this day was a day to work and then go downtown for the hockey game, no exercise was planned. I was feeling strong all day so I sought out a few extra flights of stairs at work. And then when I got to the game, lots more stairs to get to my seat, and I navigated those stairs 4-5 times during the triple-overtime victory.

                  Go Blackhawks!
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                    My Day: 6-13-2013

                    FOOD, what I consumed...
                    Calories 1895
                    Fat 124 g
                    Carbs 44 g
                    Protein 154 g
                    Water 64 fl oz
                    Daily Calorie Composition: 9% from carbs, 59% from fat and 32% from protein.

                    Please with my eating with keeping my carbs below 50 grams while eating nearly 1900 calories. My water intake is down the past two days; I'd like to get in a gallon a day.

                    ACTIVITY, what I burned...
                    Calories 3557
                    Steps 13710
                    Distance 6.29 miles
                    Stairs 24 flights

                    Didn't even get in 5 hours sleep last night due to the late hockey game and needing to be at work by 8 am.

                    When I woke up I got down a did 3 sets of push ups and held a 40 second plank. That got my blood moving at proper speed and got me out the door. After work my son and I grabbed a basketball and headed to the school yard. We shot around for about 45 minutes. That activity was fun, felt goog, and got me through the evening.

                    Ok, I am bet, need a full nights sleep so off to bed I go; good night!
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                      Curiosity for today: Gout

                      I have suffered from gout for years. Two or three times a year I'll get an attack which takes 3-4 days to completely abate. Gout sucks!

                      For the past two years I have experienced fewer incidents, and the incidents I have had have been less intense. I attribute that to my daily use of the prescription drug Uloric. It is the only change of note in my life I've made over the past couple of years, so that must be the reason for fewer incidents.

                      For some time now, nearly a decade I have attributed the usual triggers for when I do suffer an incident; bad spells of eating fatty foods or insane amounts of sugary foods.

                      In checking what Mark has to say on the topic, I'm not certain my triggers are accurate. I will admit I have my doubts that fatty / sugary foods have less to do with gout than originally thought. But, I am hopeful that is true. As I intend to stay on my PB approach going forward!

                      Any other gout suffers have experience with gout while living the PB?
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                        My Day: 6-14-2013

                        FOOD, what I consumed...
                        Calories 2085
                        Fat 79 g
                        Carbs 119 g
                        Protein 126 g
                        Water 136 fl oz
                        Daily Calorie Composition: 28% from carbs, 42% from fat and 30% from protein.

                        Went to a graduation party after work today. Overall I was quite restrained compared my pre-PB days when attending parties. My higher carb count was do to a couple of corn tortillas I had with my pulled-chicken tacos and 2-beers. I passed on the refried beans and rice calling my name. Honestly, their call was weak. This being the end of my 2nd week of PB life, my appetite has caught up with my attitude and I'm finding it much easier to pass on by bad choices in my path. The dessert options, weren't even looked at; I knew they weren't going to kiss my lips so no need give them a look.

                        ACTIVITY, what I burned...
                        Calories 2987
                        Steps 6587
                        Distance 3.02 miles
                        Stairs 15 flights

                        No exercises today, just didn't make time. That, and my left knee is flaring with a gout attack. My previous journal post was about gout, which I decided to post because I knew an attack was settling in. Damn gout, a real pisser. My attacks are a mystery as to where they will land; knees, big toe and thumbs are most frequent, elbows and wrists occasionally. Two, maybe three times a year. This is my second of 2013, had a right elbow attack in January.

                        Attacks start weak and slowly rise to full intensity over 24-36 hours. That slow rise is actually convenient as it allows me to react to try and stunt the intensity and duration. Taking in gobs and gobs of water and anti-inflammatory drugs while reducing the fatty/sugary foods. That's been my counter-attack for years and what I'm doing now. For attacks, I didn't learn anything on MDA to suggest handling an attack any differently. Long term, getting healthy and staying there should reduce the number of attack I suffer annually.
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                          My Week: 6/10 to 6/16/2013

                          My weekly Fitbit stats...
                          6/10/2013 to 6/16/2013

                          TOTAL STEPS 70,278
                          DAILY AVERAGE 10,040 steps

                          TOTAL DISTANCE 32.23 miles
                          DAILY AVERAGE 4.60 miles

                          TOTAL FLOORS CLIMBED 114
                          DAILY AVERAGE 16 floors

                          TOTAL CALS BURNED 24,661
                          DAILY AVERAGE 3,523 cals

                          CALORIES IN VS OUT -11606
                          WEEKLY TOTAL
                          24661 cals burned
                          13055 cals eaten

                          WEIGHT CHANGE -2.0 lb
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                            Good stats - congratulations!
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                              NSV: Belt Progress

                              Thought I would share a Non Scale Victory today.
                              I am now, after 19 days on the PB, able to comfortably use the second hole on my belt. For eons I have been first hole, and honestly for a long while I needed to but a bigger belt to wear my trousers in comfort. But now, this belt is all good on hole two
                              belt_1 to 2hole.JPG

                              Ok, that picture may not appear as if I am comfortable as my gut still spills over my belt. But trust me, I am so much more comfortable there than 19 days ago!
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                                Isn't it great to see solid progress! I'll never forget the feeling of slipping easily into clothes that I thought were forever too small for me...and then having them become too large...
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                                "Freedom from fear" could be said to sum up the whole philosophy of human rights. - Dag Hammarskjold