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fibromyalgia and pains for years.

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  • fibromyalgia and pains for years.

    first, please forgive me as english isnt my tongue language, and my posts may be disoriented alittle.
    im 25 years old male from israel, started having pains after weight training almost 8 years ago and been suffering constantely ever since.
    my pains started after weight training actually.
    other then that, almost 3 months ago i contracted ebv and got mono, and on top of that i have persistent acne which just doesnt go away.
    ive been trying a paleo like nutrition while being very uneducated(still am) and even wrote some posts here but failed when craving got the best of me.
    also hunger was a big issue which i understand i can eliminate by consuming more fats. like coconut oil.
    on top of that i believe that carbs withdrawl also had an influence.

    i started the nutrition 2 days ago, and more then it is "paleo" its first an avoidance, mostly of gluten and milk products(other then butter).
    i also started the c25k program yesterday, although my stamina is very very weak.

    2 scrumbled eggs with onion

    coconut milk+dried berries

    chicken liver with canola(brrrr) and onions
    mashed potatoes from sweet potatoes and butter.

    2 scrumbled eggs+bacon

    pork+sweet potatoes and little spinach in olive oil.
    chicken liver(with butter and olive oil)
    coconut milk+berries

    week 1 day 1 of c25k.


    as you can see its not really paleo and i do feel as if im walking of needles expecting something to happen with my pains not sure what i will do after.
    im not trying to learn to cook new dishes and im not sure if its a good way to handle it, as i may just wake up in a few days and feel i had enough of eating the same every day.
    im also not sure how to approach it. should i just make a menu for the next few weeks and stick to it?
    now its easy enough to write everything that enters my mouth but for how long will it be easy?
    i thought about maybe approaching paleo enthusiastics here in my country if i can find them and really want to persist in it.

    feel welcome to offer any advice and would really like to hear from those who treated fibro succesfully.
    how long it took?

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    I started eating paleo/primal to treat my fibro and it absolutely works as long as I don't stray back into sugar-land or eat grains or legumes. For me it took only 3 days for the pains to end - a little longer for the fatigue - like a year. I am now 19 months primal. I also suffer from IBS and am currently trying an elimination diet to see if my troubles stem from fructose Malabsorption. I'm only on day 2 of this experiment. I'm eating nothing but meat/fish/eggs for 2 weeks.

    It is VERY rare for a male to have fibromyalgia. Are you sure you have a correct diagnosis? Have you been tested for tender points and have been found to have at least 11 of the 18 points?
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    2. Eat to heal
    3. Move to live
    4. Embrace today
    5. Live with intention
    6. Respect my body
    7. Cultivate joy
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    9. Meditate on peace in my soul


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      Welcome Talper. Your diet so far looks good to me. Obvious, canola isn't Primal but you don't have to be perfect.
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        well, although i am trying my best those few days, i am starting to slip...
        in the last few days i drank some orange juice, but yesterday i was craving sweets so much i bought kinder chocolate, which suppose to be gluten free.
        today i went and bought gluten free orange cake.
        i had much of a problem with sweets all my life, although im very thin. i just love them and i guess "crave" is the right word.
        i came into this challenge very much unprepered, not sure how to eat.
        although i know gluten may be a big problem im sure its not the only thing.
        the chocolate of yesterday also had some dairy in them i guess so...

        what should i do now? i dont have the strength or the equipment to cook my own food all the time.
        yes tomi, i was diagnosed with fibro by pressure points almost 8 years ago, and had a non stop pain ever since.
        i also have an acne problem and bad skin even though im 25.


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          Don't give up - this is definitely a difficult transition for some people to make. For easy to grab foods try canned tuna, salmon and sardines. I've also seen some pretty decent canned chicken (my elderly mother buys it). I think its Tyson brand. You can also buy already cooked chicken like the rotisserie style. Do you have access to fishing gear? Nothing like catching your food yourself! And aside from a fishing license its free!

          The sweets cravings will subside - but you have to be tough and make it through the weaning off part - that takes time and differs from person to person.

          Have you always had acne or this a new development? Sometimes when the body is cleaning out the toxins you can get some acne.
          1. Love ME no matter what noises are screaming at me, or who is trying to tear me down.
          2. Eat to heal
          3. Move to live
          4. Embrace today
          5. Live with intention
          6. Respect my body
          7. Cultivate joy
          8. Find my passion
          9. Meditate on peace in my soul