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    So here I am, into my 3rd week primal. I am down 20 pounds (10 lost previously). My husband and I made primal pizza over the weekend which was amazing! I need to get back to eating more veggies, kind of got tired of the same big ass salad for lunch and my intake dwindled from there. Probably from laziness! We had kind of decided to be primal all week and allow ourselves our 20% on the weekends. I think this has majorly slowed my progress as I gain about 2 pounds over the weekend and have to work all week to get it back off. I am maintaining my loss but not liking the yo-yo effect! Well, today is another day and another week! Plus I really need to get off my butt and start exercising, that will help a bunch. We took our 4 year old out for a bike ride yesterday, she just got her bike so we walked while she rode and it was alot of fun. Here's to another great week!

    P.S.- Anyone else have trouble with their banana pancakes sticking and hard to flip? The first batch I made were amazing but been having trouble ever since!

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    Welcome! I hope Primal goes well for you.
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