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Castle's Daily (yeah, right) Primal Leangains Journal

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  • Castle's Daily (yeah, right) Primal Leangains Journal

    Well, I know from the past that I have issues keeping daily journals. But I’ll try my best.

    After 3+ months of Primal (with a couple Whole30s along the way), I feel so much more alive than I did last year. Still not where I want to be in terms of body composition, but even if that never changed the mental effects it has had on me would be so, so worth it alone. But I do want that to change. So I’m giving leangains a try while staying mostly primal.

    The plan:
    -3 days/week: Crossfit for WO, aiming for ~2720cal, with ~26% (or more if able) protein, ~52% carbs, ~22% fat.
    -4 days/week: Low level movement/abs, aiming for ~1610cal, with ~45% protein, ~8% carbs, ~42% fat.
    -16/8 IF/eating periods, accomplished by just having a cup or two of black coffee for breakfast.

    This will be continued for ~3 weeks, at which point I’ll be in a summer program that will challenge me to stay primal/paleo (can’t cook for myself), much less worry about macros. Then back to the plan after that.
    It will be mostly Primal on WO days, with the addition of some rice and beans (Grains! Legumes! THE HORROR!). Non-WO days will be Primal/Paleo, depending on whether I have dairy.


    Day 1
    WOD: “Murph”
    -1 Mile Run
    -100 Pull Ups (green band)
    -200 Push Ups (knees for the first 190, then regular)
    -300 Squats
    -1 Mile Run
    I really want to say I did this in just under 40:00…but it honestly could have been just under 50:00. Oh well.

    Food (~2760cal, ~24% protein, ~55% carbs, ~21% fat):
    -2 cups of goat keifer
    -1 slice watermelon
    -2.3lbs red beans, veggies and Crockpotted [new word!] BBQ pulled beef
    -2 cups of soaked brown rice
    -4 cups goat keifer w/6TBSP grade A maple syrup. Mmmm.
    -1 tbsp almond butter
    -.8lbs red beans, veggies and Crockpotted [BBQ pulled beef]
    -1/3 cup rice

    OH DEAR LORD that was a lot of food I just ate. No, seriously. Holy son of a burpee. I was so stuffed after lunch. AND THEN I ATE MORE FOOD.

    In all seriousness, going low-fat (cutting out the most nutrient-dense category) on the high-calorie days is, um, interesting. And by 'interesting', I mean: “You feel like you’re going to regurgitate half a cow? That’s interesting.”

    Anyway. Pretty good. Next time I’ll try to up the protein a bit. And eating less tomorrow? Not going to be an issue. In fact, I think I’d be fine not eating AT ALL tomorrow.

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    Day 2
    -3.6 mile bike ride
    -100 situps
    Drivers are assholes to cyclists. And cyclists are assholes to drivers. Or maybe as both a cyclist and a driver, I'm just an asshole whenever I'm trying to get somewhere faster than a brisk walk.

    Food (~1700cal, ~27% protein, ~20% carbs, ~54% fat):
    -.5 cups goat keifer
    -3/4 casserole with turkey, carrots and bell peppers. RAINBOW carrots, that is. A rainbow casserole.
    -3TBSP Avocado mayo
    -5TBSP Kalona Organic Sour Cream. Note that this was supposed to be 1 TBSP. But I honestly love this dairy more than life itself, so *&$% it.
    -2 Bottles of Kombucha. 50% of my daily carbs. Ah well.

    Mmm. Fat. Dairy fat. So tempted to just eat the whole damn vat of sour cream.


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      Castle, does Leangains ever advocate one meal a day? Or comment on its benefits?

      Good journal keep it goin!


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        Direct quote off the website:

        "22 hour fasts everyday? Not optimal for building muscle. I do not recommend this if increased muscle mass or muscle retention while on a cut is your goal. While it may be fine for Joe Schmoe to fast for 22 hours a day, it isn’t a good idea for muscle gains....I think it is okay if the eating window of 8 hours is shortened to say, 6 hours. However, this is just too short to build muscle. Go ahead, do it, but don’t call it Leangains."

        I don't understand science enough to comment on that (perhaps I should rethink my major?), but I do know that there's no way at this point I could eat the amount/ratio that I want to on workout days with just one meal. If I just cared about calories then sure - nut butter away. But there's not much protein in that. So on workout days it just kinda naturally gets broken into PWO and 2 other meals.

        And thanks!


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          Okay, awesome, that's exactly what I was looking for.

          I don't really look like I need to lose fat, but I really want to. As far as muscle goes, I realize the importance of having it for losing calories. So, I'm a little torn between one, and two meals.