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Perhaps just another health journal? I will leave that to you.

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  • Perhaps just another health journal? I will leave that to you.

    I would like to say something cool to open, but that always appears to fail, or is taken incorrectly. I wanted to join this forum because I reckon I need some friends and a better support group than what I have (which is, at the moment, nothing), but also, really, the main reason, is that out of all the of primal/paleo/grokky/meanie/uppity/opinionated/ or I-am-just-going-to-blast-the-hell-out-of-the-nut-and-seed-oil-industries-in-my-sexy-hemp-clothes blogs, this one, this one is really awesome. Mark's writing, science, presentation of information is bloody insanely fantastic, and I have learnt not just about stuff from this blog, I have learnt better ways of THINKING about stuff from this blog. And that is something that is truly valuable.

    So Mark, on the extremely off chance that you read this, thanks. To everyone else, I am relatively certain with a confidence interval of 0.95, and P=0.001 that you may agree with me regarding this place. (though it is arguable that statistics are not always the best way to go about things, sometimes quoting them at the right time is debatably somewhat humorous.)

    Perhaps to get to a more personal note, there is much progress for me to make. Despite my scientific and critical thinking backing, I have struggled with food for a decent period of time. I am unmarried, and have no children, and am at a university that makes my father proud. (Lucky for me) Great, glad I got that out of the way.

    If we require posts about what we eat or don't eat here, then cool, I can do that. One of my favourite things is to argue about preventative medicine, so if anyone holds good knowledge in that area and feels like having a pubmed competition, let's go.

    To give you a little idea of some of the scientific stuff I have done, I have some grounding in Neurology, biochemistry, physiology, and food science. My favourite paper, and one I actually did the best on I ever have, was one about 'why saturated fat does not cause heart disease' My poor professor nearly had a cardiac event when I proposed it, but all the other topics were boring, see.

    I have a good deal of weight to lose. I competed at international level in one sport, and at national level in another sport, and at state level in a few others along the way. But I quit a few years ago. I was sick, and was tired of the pressure involved in what I was doing. So I dropped out the best way I could, and made myself too weak to compete. (effective, hey? I would give myself a good slap for even thinking that if I could travel back in time, but alas....) I had a car accident a year and a bit back, (classic car opens door into cyclist thing) and I was bed ridden for a while, and severely depressed. I gained lots of weight. Now I cannot do any of the sports I want to do, or did, because I am too fat.

    I have never lost weight from being overweight before.

    Because I have been athletic my whole life, I feel rather upset and trapped in my current situation, and find myself eating copious amounts of primal/paleo foods, because I am scared of SAD foods. Regardless, eating copious amounts of anything can be bad. And I need to stop.

    So please, if any of you are still awake after reading all of my bollocks, I ask for your support on my journey, and will happily write any cool stuff I learn or find out. About all sorts of things.


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    I read your article, thanks for sharing.


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      Welcome KuranK. You're right, this is indeed an excellent site and a stimulating forum.

      I am sorry for your injuries and depression. I'm sure you know from your reading that primal can help with your recovery. I wish you well on your primal journey. What will be your first steps?
      Annie Ups the Ante


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        Lala55, do you speak of my paper about 'why saturated fat does not cause heart disease'? It's not on the internet....


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          Thanks for the welcome Annieh. I've been doing a lot of problem solving on myself and trying to learn what is depressing me so, and how I can work forwards. I eat mostly paleo stuff, that is not the problem, the problem is eating. I need to learn to listen to my body and eat when I'm hungry, and stop when I'm full, student life does not make this easy, with threatening exams and theses and caffeine etc.... I've got myself back to the gym. Embarrassing. I lift heavy and less reps. I'm lucky because I am a mesomorphic type and put muscle on like a dude. (Not necessarily attractive, but certainly functional).

          What sort of stuff would you advise when one is falling into a rut and likely to fall off the eating plan boat? Stopping and thinking? Meditation? Electric shock therapy...? (Kidding, though it is supposed to be effective)



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            Originally posted by Lala55 View Post
            I read your article, thanks for sharing.
            Though, on second thought, if you DO want to read it, I can see if I can upload it...


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              You should put it on the Internet.


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                Alright. I'll see if I can put it up. It's a pdf....