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My Journey Documented. Will update periodically for my own motivation.

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  • My Journey Documented. Will update periodically for my own motivation.


    Hello everyone,

    I am a 20-year-old from Oklahoma and have always struggled a bit with weight. In high school I was very active in sports (football, shotput) and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Following a couple of knee surgeries and the end of my senior year of football, at age 17 I decided it would be a good time to shed my lineman weight (I am 6' tall, and was roughly 275lbs at the time). I have been blessed with a fairly athletic build so the 275lbs probably isn't as bad as it sounds (my lean body mass is just under 200lbs). I did some research on diets of those who lifted regularly like myself while simultaneously trying to lose body fat. I came across some carb cycling diets that utilized ketosis during the week with a full body exhaustion workout at the end of the week followed by a weekend of carb loading. I did this for about 3 months with great success, though it was occasionally extremely difficult (e.g. cravings, brain fog, fatigue). I eventually got my weight down to about 230lbs and was the thinnest I had possibly ever been. Unfortunately this was not a sustainable or desirable lifestyle as it consisted of 2-3 hour workouts 5 days a week and perpetual hunger.

    Fast forward to now after the beginning of my college career (am now a Junior) and I have found myself in horrendous shape, only looking acceptable because of the muscle I had built up in my high school days and athletic build. As a regular reader of, I found myself periodically reading Mark's articles on the site. Given my history of trying to eliminate carbs in the past, I always thought it was a superior approach to the fat-cutting diets that would have been near impossible for me to stick to. Two weeks ago, I decided to begin a Primal lifestyle. I began this journey at 278lbs. Today, less than two weeks later, I find myself at 267.6lbs and still going strong. That amount of weight loss in such a short period of time is quite clearly a huge personal motivator, and not only that, but today I received my copy of The Primal Blueprint. I am beginning this thread partly due to the fact that Mark recommends this forum in the beginnings of his book, but also to provide me with something to really keep track of my progress and to sustain desire and to keep a concrete progress report.

    Currently, I find myself eating quite a large amount of bacon (this is not a complaint in the least, bacon makes me a happy man) and eggs. Steak is also on the menu quite often but is also quite expensive, especially on a college student's budget. I am starting to get into eating more fish and I often eat fruit when I get those carb cravings (something that had been restricted on previous diet attempts). I am trying to keep my carb intake below 40g/day to maximize fat loss. I do allow a 'cheat' meal, but rarely. I have only done this twice in two weeks, so I feel I am keeping the 80/20 philosophy in check.

    I plan on updating this thread on a regular basis, hopefully once or twice a week. If you wish, feel free to keep up with me. If you do or not makes no difference, I will be updating this for my own personal gain. If at any point anyone wants to chime in and provide insight, constructive criticism, or otherwise, please feel free. If anyone has questions throughout this process, please shoot them my way as I would be more than happy to answer them. I really believe this lifestyle change is something I can keep up with for a lifetime, and I am deeply and truly excited to see the results.