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    This is the 3rd day of my second week. Down 20.6 pounds and feeling great! Last night for dinner I made the highly recommended banana pancakes for the first time. They were "Amazing!" I couldn't live without my pancakes and since they are yummy sweet, there was no need for syrup. Hubby loved them and my daughter too! This makes me so very happy, I know I can do this with great alternatives like this.

    Went to several stores last night, bought organic non-sweetened coconut and ordered tapioca flour and coconut sugar so I can make the Coconut Chocolate Scout cookies. I am sure they will be yummy, I will post to let you all know. I love to cook and I love to eat so these new recipes have given me new hope. Last week and weekend was hard but I feel so much better now. Going to use the tapioca flour to make the torillas that have been mentioned on here, that will open up even more opportunities for cooking. Wraps, enchiladas, whatever!!

    Until tomorrow!!