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UK off season postgrad triathlete - Primal time!

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  • UK off season postgrad triathlete - Primal time!

    Great to see everyone's progress on here! Especially as I'm going through the transition alone - the forum looks like it could be a great aid.

    Ive been PB for around 4 months now, however due to triathlon training and an increased amount of workouts in the last month it has been very hard to manage PB - as a result of constant training and, admittedly, a lack of will power I've been on and off for around a month! Although was strict for 3months, and felt much better for it.

    How do you find dealing with stressful situtions with minimal support? Recently Ive had LOADS of additional stress work/with studying (Im a full time postgraduate student in part time work) and am finding it increasingly difficult to stay focused on anything.

    Ive decided to go all out on PB by listening to my body more and get out of the 'compulsive training' feeling that's arisen as a result of training. Currently very apprehensive and know I'm going to stuggle, however hopefully my mental and physical health will begin to improve. Updates to follow!

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    So yesterday went as follows:

    Breakfast - Egg, banana whey, coconut, cocoa nibs, blueberry and raspberry muffins
    Lunch/Tea - Garlic & rosemary Lamb neck, cabbage, spinach, leafy greens
    Snacks following - Nuts (far too many), toasted coconut, almond butter
    Workout - 40minute run with sprints

    I'm without a doubt eating far too many nuts and toasted coconut - mainly for the crunch and coconut sweetness. Ive always had this problem, however never fully addressed it. The easiest thing to do would be to cut them out for the time being, however they're my comfort PB foods..

    Does anyone have any alternatives just as good?!
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      And today:

      Breakfast - bacon, egg, spinach, leafy greens
      Snack - Nuts & coconut
      (Didnt have lunch)
      Tea - Smoked haddock, mackerel, chili, butter, broccoli, leafy greens
      Snack - Almond butter, cocoa nibs, coconut, MORE NUTS

      Energy levels have been really good today - although I have had a lot of green tea!


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        Saturday seems like a bit of a blur in terms of foraging wise! I went for a 45 minute cycle with a couple of HIIT moments, and just seemed to 'potter on' throughout the day. Saw a friend, played in the the park, laid in the sun and did a little work! I do remember the couple of glasses of wine I had though - these went to my head rather fast (note to self: order small from now on).

        Yesterday I went outdoor climbing with friends, it was amazing to get out again as I havent managed to have time to climb for a few months. Managed to do it all on two eggs and 3 pieces of jerky style bacon I had rehyrated - got home and made a pork stir fry with lots of garlic, veg and butter followed by two more eggs. No nuts though! Wehey!

        Just back from a short stroll around the park with my coffee, going to work on some research today with the occasional walk between breaks. Outdoors definitely brightens my mood - without a doubt!


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          Yesterday I did a 10k with some sprints in there - I love getting out and about running, and enjoy long running sessions. Although was sure to keep it under 1hour. Saying that, I did a 45m weights session this morning and have been an eating machine! Yesterday was as follows:

          Breakfast: 3 eggs, almond milk, coconut butter, coconut, mixture of greens, peppers
          Snack: Coconut and seeds
          Tea: Huge tuna steak, coconut oil, green leaves, avocado, toasted coconut
          Snack: Strawberries, raspberries, cocoa nibs

          I realised now this certainly wasnt enough to supply my body with running replacement fuel/enough fats, especially after a fasted work out this morning. So today is as follows:

          Breakfast: 2 sausages, 1 rasher of bacon, 1/2 avocado, lettuce, peppers
          Snack: 2 rashers of bacon, pumpkin seeds, almonds
          Tea: 2 Mackerel fillets, various greens
          Snack: Cocoa covered mulberries, strawberries, raspberries, dark chocolate, cocoa nibs, hot chocolate (raw powder), 'comfort cauliflower'

          Its been a rather snacky day today as I've primarily been at home, although had a couple of hours walking. Discovered a new comfort food though!

          Cauliflower comfort

          Fry in coconut oil for 5minutes:

          Cauliflower florets

          Add for 2 minutes:


          Add almond milk or coconut milk, simmer for 2 minutes - add cinnamon/preferred flavour.



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            Had a crazy mad day on Sunday, resulting in some homemade shortbread and cake - needless to say I felt truly horrific on Monday and Tuesday. Despite that I continued eating normally, and even had an accidental fast day yesterday. Had one large meal today and not feeling particularly hungry despite lifting for 50minutes.

            So today is as follows:

            3 rashers of bacon
            2 slices of roast pork
            Cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms

            Followed by:

            2 eggs
            10g protein
            1/3 cup of berries
            1/3 coconut
            1/4 cocoa nibs

            Feeling good today! Was rather lethargic earlier due to my body being hungry but not having the hunger feeling - I knew I was hungry when I started to get a bit afternoon sleepy. Time to have a relaxing evening!


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              Pork and meat bake
              Cocoa Nibs, sunflower seeds
              Curried eggs
              Slow cooked pork and avocado in smokey tomato sauce

              Managed to have a nut free week (rejoice!) apart from the odd sunflower seed - ive discovered buying shelled nuts/seeds causes me to take more time to eat them, making me less prone to over indulging and theyre way cheaper.

              'Play lifted' a little today, so rather than sticking to strict set times just did a few basic compound movements to keep me going a little. Trying to have a calm day as its the weekend and I enjoy spending time with myself for a few hours, my body feels like it would like a rest too. Meeting up with friends tonight though, so should be lovely!

              In terms of triathlon training, I've stopped the intensity (2 cardio session a day, 4/5 days a week) for now to fully embrace the primal lifestyle and attempt to get my body back on track. Id like to be a lot calmer and stress free, generally appreciating life more!

              Did some weights earlier though as I aim to build strength!!
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                My body keeps having some minor issues with low carb - so the past couple of days ive included more fruits (blueberries, bananas and strawberries) and sweetpotato. I keep getting odd fuzzy heads, which I think may have some relationship with not enough water, eating too fast and not realising that although I may not be physically hungry my body needs more calories at the moment. I still want to keep my fitness to a high standard and work on my cycle for next year/this summer season (if i enter anything else) however doing that on less than 50g isn't the easiest. Regardless, I'm having some brilliant moments of heightened altertness and have embraced barefoot running (well, NB minimal shoes, so not quite fivefingers!).

                Todays meals/fitness:

                13mile cycle (45minutes, sprinting)

                Breakfast: Half a mackerel, broccoli, lettuce, pork crackling
                Lunch: 2 eggs, steak, broccoli, mushrooms, lettuce, cauliflower, goats butter
                Snack: Toasted coconut, banana
                Tea: Sweet potato, bacon, mushrooms
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                  Good luck with the training and races, I did some triathalon prior to going primal last year. I doubt I would manage without plenty of bananas, potatoes and other natural carbs. Have you tried using dates at all?
                  Healthy is the new wealthy.