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    To borrow from my intro, I'm a 34yo woman, mom to 5 kidlets and I've been obese for a long time. I've seen paleo and primal mentioned here and there on the forums I visited, but never paid much attention to it. I went very low carb last year and managed to lose 12kg (27.5 lbs), but fell off the wagon after indulging in tons of cake and carbs at my son's first birthday party. I gained back 6kg (13.2 lbs) from the end of September last year to the end of April this year. On 29 April, I took the plunge and started cutting carbs and refined sugar again. I was / am kind of following a plan, but not nearly close to perfection. During my internet wanderings, I stumbled onto Mark's Daily Apple and started reading. What I'm doing is pretty close to primal, so I got the book and started reading. I'm almost 200 pages in and enjoying it very much. I can't wait to learn more about primal and even find a way to streamline my diet to optimise weight loss.

    Starting weight : 116kg (256 lbs) - my heaviest weight was 122.5kg (270 lbs), which is listed on my ticker
    Current weight : 111.8kg (246.5 lbs)
    Goal weight: 75kg (165 lbs)

    My greatest reason for wanting to lose weight is just to be able to walk into any shop and buy what I like. Trying to find plus size clothing and having to settle for clothing I don't like is just mind numbing most of the time. A very close second is to just be in better physical shape and to be able to do more physically than I'm capable of doing right now. Third would be to have other people treat me like a person instead of a number on the scale or a body they see as disgusting. Fourth is that I'm struggling with a lot of back and neck pain lately and I would like to be in better shape so I won't be in pain anymore.

    So far, I'm not finding no sugar that bad. My biggest obstacle is that my husband likes to snack and he's been eating chips and dip, ice cream, chocolate, etc at night. Last night was hard, but I was glad that I didn't give in and eat with him. Today, I've been giving a lot of thought to having him join me. I think it would be good for him to cut all the refined carbs and junk, especially since he woke up with a terrible migraine again.

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    Hi there, i love your reasons for wanting to lose weight, they are all good and will help keep you motivated. After a while, I expect you will find that they change in order of priority though, and that will be pretty funny.

    Well done on ditching the sugar and resisiting your dh's treats. If you have been well nourished during the day, those supper snacks will barely tempt you.

    As for having him join you, great idea if he wants to so I hope he does. Otherwise, just do your best to shop and cook primally and he will be halfway there at least. What man would turn down an extra serving of meat for dinner, or bacon and eggs for breakfast?

    Good luck.
    Annie Ups the Ante


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      You're right Annie, apart from an occasional craving and moment of salivating, his snacks really aren't all that tempting. I guess it has more to do with habit at this point and retraining my brain not to want the same routine. My dh is in good shape and doesn't need to go on plan with me. I'm definitely not going to drag him kicking and screaming! Haha! But I hope he'll come to see that he's not doing himself any favours by eating so much junk.


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        So far, I've had a pretty tough week. I felt a UTI starting on Sunday and woke early Monday morning with pain in my kidney. So, I ended up in the ER with IV antibiotics and a 10 day course to take at home. I'm feeling much better, but I'm having tons of ups and downs. One minute I feel like I'm on the mend, the next moment the pain is back. Very frustrating, but hopefully the antibiotics will take care of it. Not that I'm happy about the meds, mind you. I'm looking into ordering some supplements to support urinary function and kick out any future infections without having to resort to antibiotics. My one shoulder is in agony and I have no idea why. I woke up from sleeping on my back and felt an ache in my shoulder muscle, must have pulled it in my sleep I guess, but it's not getting better. Grrr! I feel like a decrepit old woman at this stage.

        Eating has been good this week. No cravings and it's easy to stay on track. My husband came home last night with a stack of chocolate. I made the decision to indulge without guilt and ended up having about double the amount planned. I'm ok with it. Seriously, if one chocolate indulgence throws my whole effort out of the window, then I've got bigger problems than eating chocolate. Anyway. I don't regret the indulgence, although I was surprised at how fast I reached a point of having enough. Sugar is my serious weak spot and I can have tons, but after eating only a fraction of what I normally eat I felt too sweet. It would have been a better indulgent moment if I stopped with what I had planned. That way, I would have enjoyed it without feeling like it became too much. My only gripe is that I craved chocolate this morning. Got up, made sure everyone was fed, including the husband. Then ate one and a half sausage and two fried eggs. Immediately after, I craved chocolate. This is truly a learning curve for me. I'm satisfied with a lot less food than I thought I'd need, but it's hard to see how easily the cravings come back.

        Down 1.1lbs from last week this past Monday and I'll see how it goes with numbers this coming Monday.


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          I've actually had a good couple of weeks. The UTI from hell cleared up and the husband took some vacation time. We did celebrate his birthday with cake. I've been doing a lot of reading on nutrition and I'm currently working through Primal Body, Primal Mind, as well as a couple of books on Intermittent Fasting. Last week was my first week with two fast days, on Tuesday and Thursday. The first day was super hard and I felt very hungry. The second went much better. I decided to keep it up this week and did a fast day on Tuesday. Yesterday was good, but for some reason I went very low calorie. I had oatmeal for breakfast, not very primal, I know. For lunch and dinner I had roasted chicken, paired with roasted broccoli for lunch and with a tomato, lettuce and goat's milk cheese for dinner. I felt hungry before bed and woke up hungry. Today was supposed to be a fast day too, but I hopped on the scale and saw a very big loss since Monday. In just 3 days, I lost 1.8kg (4lbs). I got scared that I was getting close to putting my body into starvation mode, so instead of fasting I had two eggs and a large field mushroom, both fried in coconut oil and a cheese wedge for breakfast. I'll think about adding a fast day tomorrow, or maybe skip the second fast day altogether this week.

          I reached a small milestone this week. It may not be a big deal to thinner and fitter folks, but I finally dropped my BMI into the obese range. As of this week, I am no longer considered morbidly obese. It feels good. A long way to go, no doubt, but a small victory. My next goal is to get down to 235.4lbs. It's just a 4lb loss from my weight on Monday and I actually saw it this morning, but I'm not going to fixate on it this minute. Although it's a small goal, it's a significant one for me in the sense that I haven't weighed that weight since 2009. I still remember it, because someone else made a big deal of "catching" me and then weighing less than that at the time.

          So today, I saw a lot of discussion about the fact that Obesity is now considered a disease. Oh Lord have mercy, not that! So, here are my thoughts, from my obviously obese perspective. From everything I've read in the past couple of weeks, obesity is the first outward signal of some internal imbalances. You get fat, it's probable that your body is fighting to maintain an internal hormonal and nutrient balance. For a long, long time, I didn't know that grains were actually bad for you. That is something I learned recently. There is a large scale perspective that if you're obese, you eat lots of processed food and lots of fast food. You live on cookies and sweets. I'm not going to claim that I never ate sugar. That would be a lie. Once a week, we bought snack food for the family. It was usually a pack of cookies for the kids and a pack of cookies for the big people. We'd buy a 70% chocolate block about twice a month. Ice cream was a huge thing and we usually had an ice cream once a day. But processed, boxed foods? No. Never bought it. We also never ate fast food. We bought some subway sandwiches about 3 months ago and it was the first time in almost 18 months that we ate any fast food. The biggest imbalance that I saw in our eating, was that we bulked up evening meals with lots of rice, pasta or potatoes. All of them cheap, all of them filling. We also had lots of bread for lunches and occasionally for breakfast. Since dropping the carbs and sugar, my weight has come off without much effort. Despite the fact that I weighed 270lbs last year, I have never been sick or been to see a doctor for a weight related issue...ever. I have never suffered from high blood sugar, I don't have diabetes, I don't have heart problems and I've never used any kind of prescription medication. "Managing" my obesity costs me exactly $0 extra a month. Maybe, where I am even though I'm obese, skews my perspective on weight related illness. I'm having a tough time seeing "the obesity epidemic" as this money pit of illness and prescription medication I see proclaimed everywhere, mainly because I'm obese and I'm not sick.

          All in all, obesity is not where I want to live. I think fat shaming is pretty despicable, since you don't have any idea why that person is the way they are. If someone walked up to me and tried to talk me into losing weight, I would have been livid. I had to get to the place of making a change on my own. That is what nobody seems to get. Quoting statistics and trying to scare or shame somebody into losing weight is NEVER GOING TO WORK. I know exactly how fat I am and certainly don't need anyone to shame me for it. For a long time, I knew I had to lose weight, but was paralysed to make the changes. Once my mind clicked in, I could take those steps. Sometimes the journey ahead seems so long and overwhelming, that I consider it too great a challenge, even if just for a second. But I had to get to that place on my own and it was a change that needed to happen in my head more so than in my body. It was not a change that happened because someone embarrassed me hard and long enough. It was kind of like a switch clicked over and my mind said "Right. Let's do this. NOW." And every day, I hope that I can just keep doing it until I get there.