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  • Primal Journal -Viky - former CW loyalist...

    So.... I've been quite the vocal loyalist of CW for quite some time. It made sense to me, even as I followed the dietary requirements and gained weight. And more weight. Until this year.
    As each year rolled over I'd make a new pledge to lose the weight I had gained since meeting my gorgeous fiance, and then the weight I had gained since giving birth to our DS 3 years ago. I stepped on my WiiFit on Dec 30 and made a promise to weigh in every day, to track what worked and what didn't. I quickly discovered in the first 2 months eating 'healthy' and exercise didn't work. My weight fluctuated between my all time high of 102.5kg, and 99.5kg. No treats, or all out family blocks of chocolate made no massive difference in how I felt.
    Middle of March I made an appointment with a doctor. I had had the birth control implant less than 2 months after our son was born, and although I probably understood at the time, I forgot it could contribute to severe weight gain. He was very happy to remove it, and prescribed me with Duramine, essentially legal methamphetamines to assist my metabolism to 'fire' up again. I wanted to lose 40kg to get me back to a more sustainable weight for having another child, so since I could only have these tablets for 3 months something else needed to change, or I'd just get back to being fat again.
    (I must thank a guy from high school for pointing me in this direction, and give him an apology! Being the complete CW loyalist I was (did I mention my youngest sister is in her final year of Dietetics?) I always had to put forward an argument any time his posts didn't meet up with CW. How naive of me!)
    So here I am. Complete change of thinking, and cutting back the grains has improved the behaviour of our son too, which has my fiance eating less processed food as well. Walking at least 35km a week as well.
    The Duramine made eliminating grains very easy, as I had no appetite for the first 4 days, so no nasty cravings to deal with. Soft drink tastes yucky now, and even the primal birthday cake I made 2 weeks ago has me feeling sick if I think about it, it's much too sweet and feels 'processed'. 4 blocks of chocolate sit in the fridge since before Easter, I have no desire to eat them.
    I weighed in on the Sunday of starting the tablets at 101.5kg. Today, I weighed in at 87.1kg. In 65 days, I have destroyed over 14kg!

    I don't like taking photos of myself, or having them taken, but I have been taking a snapshot of the statistics on the WiiFit, so maybe I'll post them up instead (until I'm confident!)

    Thanks for having a read, I think I'll post in here to keep track of what I'm eating, so I know when I hit a plateau

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    Just after lunch time here, and I'm ready for a nap. I've been trying the 19hrs intermittent eating, but when I don't eat for that long food makes me feel nauseous, even thinking about it! I don't have an appetite for anything at the moment, not sure if it's the tablets. I switched up from 30mg to 40mg a week ago, still didn't have the sick feeling when I first started though.
    Weight loss has been 100g in 3 days. It's not a gain though, so it makes me happy breakfast was homemade rice pudding with cinnamon apples and Greek yoghurt. Eggs make me sick at the moment. Snack of a pink lady apple, and I just had a smoothie with a small banana, half serve of Cadbury drinking choc powder and 400ml of full strength milk. That would be enough to get me through today, but I'll have some chicken and veg tonight.
    Brain feels foggy and tired except when walking, nauseous, low tolerance for idiots... might go see the Dr for a pregnancy check lol!


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      A better loss today of 400g (86.7kg, down 14.8kg) last time I recorded in at this weight was Nov 2009, when I was 4 months pregnant. Wow. 3 and a half years of obese fatness. Even cardio slaving last year didn't get me below 91kg.

      Nausea still persists, I had a can of tomato soup with cream for dinner. Even the smell of sausages was off putting, but my boy had to eat!
      Breakfast was watered down 'breakfast juice', and eating an apple now. Saving the smoothie until dinner.
      Bought fish oil 1500 today, I never eat seafood so I would have to be lacking in my omega 3s? See how it goes. Found out my Swisse multi has gluten in it, so they're out now.

      Not much exercise today, but delivering junk mail first thing tomorrow.


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        Ok, yesterday was great, with a 1.2kg loss, although I did my catalogues first thing. 11.2km delivering up hill and down dale, was nice
        Still felt nauseous, managed a fantastic rump steak with sweet potato for dinner though.

        Up 0.3kg this morning, seems to be my pattern though - big loss around the kilo mark, then Sunday Monday pick up around half of it again. Kinda screws me around, but since I know it's gonna happen it doesn't worry me too much. Good news - I'm only from being simply overweight, not obese!!

        Got to wear my skinny jeans comfortably today, have never been able to do that! They were really too small when I bought them, I am glad I held onto them in the sincere belief I would wear them one day! Chris pointed out that he can really tell how much I've lost when I wear them, not so much the usual tracksuit pants or loose fitting dress pants I prefer. Gosh it felt nice ♥ reckon he might get lucky now lol!

        He bought me some gluten free pizza today, the frozen kind. I truly appreciate his thoughts, it might be my 5% treat, with cornflour and soy in it. I haven't had any in 10 weeks, so I think I'll be ok....


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          OVERWEIGHT!!!!!!! Never thought I'd be happy to say that I was overweight, but I can now say that I am not obese! Hip hip hooray! What a wonderful feeling, to be working towards my ideal weight using real food, not shakes or bars or ridiculous rules.
          Have had a few friends asking me how I'm doing it, but then I ask if they're looking to lose weight or if they're just curious. If it's curiosity then I'll tell them, if they want to lose weight I schedule a coffee catch up at mine to go through it more in depth. I've found that telling them the basics without explaining it all really puts them off...