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    I'm a bit of a newbie to the whole posting arena, but I have been a passive participant (reading, absorbing and loving) of MDA for about a year now. I have really enjoyed reading the articles and forums for ideas and motivation. I am currently in the process of transitioning into the Primal Lifestyle. I have tried going Primal 100% a couple times but the efforts have not lasted more than a few days, so I think gradual is best for me. For example, I didn't go to my usual 6am MMA class today, and I didn't feel extremely guilty or stressed (I'm a bit of a workout fiend). Although, I did do a quick 20 min interval workout instead.

    So my goals are to try and go completely Primal in June, which gives me a little over a month to transition into it. The 2 hardest things for me to accept is more fat and less cardio. This will be especially hard for me during the summer season because I usually train for my annual race, the Army Ten Miler (ATM) all summer and into the fall. This will be a good experiment, can I still run the ATM under 1:26 on the Primal plan?

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    Wrap up of yesty: I only had 2 meals! This is a HUGE deal. I am usually in constant hungry mode, even when I eat 5-6 small meals a day, I am always hungry and thinking about when I get to eat again. I just assumed, I had some sort of hungry hungry hippo gene. I'm not sure if it was because I didn't do my long cardio workout or if it was because I upped my fat/protein slightly. I will have to continue to experiment and see what works best.

    B-Coffee w/Protein powder, 3 slices of TJ uncured bacon, 1/4 of an apple w/ one tbs of Amond butter (weird combo, I know)
    L-BAS w/chicken thighs I coated with organic coconut and ground almonds and 2 strips of bacon I crumbled up

    My late lunch was around 3pm and I had a handful of almonds around 7pm and that was it. It was insane, I could not believe it. However, I stupidly decided to do kickboxing this AM.

    B- Coffee w/Protein powder, 3 slices of TJ uncured bacon...

    I guess I'll see if I goofed. It's just so hard to quit the cardio when I have been doing it for over 10 years. One day at a time I guess.


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      Day 5 of my transition to Primal. I am loving it! I have done much better than I thought. I have cut my 5/week Kickboxing routine down to 3/week and upped my Lifting from 2/week to 3/week. I need to incorporate yoga or pilates into the mix but I haven't motivated myself enough to do it yet. As for eating, I have been pretty Primal, except I still eat Dairy, as I don't have an issues with it. I also eat Grass Fed Dairy only. Yesterday I had a sweet tooth craving so I blended a frozen banana, almond milk, almond butter, flax and protein powder together for the best FroYo I have ever had. I was worried about eating the banana but it did the trick.

      My sister and I are in a Biggest Loser competition. She is doing the Insanity workouts as her main weight loss method and I am going Primal. We shall see who does better.