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    Today is officially Day 1 of the 21 Day Transformation. I have been eating gluten-free since February, but still have some of the issues that I want to see changed. Namely dropping excess weight (my guess is about 20 lbs of fat, if some of that turns into muscle I am not so worried about the overall number) and no longer having achy joints. I cut out legumes and all grains except rice for a little over a month and saw improvement in stomach bloat and the achy joints. However, I have let beans and corn creep back into my diet and am having the same achy problems again. This is why I am giving primal a try. I would love to have the energy and fitness levels that many of the people on these forums talk about.

    However, I worry I am setting myself up to be disappointed as I read the success stories and was very excited/intrigued. I wonder though how realistic those success stories are for people not quite as overweight, people who already are not eating much of a SAD diet or people who have not been as athletically inclined in the past. I have ran 2 1/2 marathons and played sports here and there, but I have never really considered myself an athlete. Instead, I would say I am great at pick-up games and playing. I also think a challenge for me will be adequate sleep. I have a 20-month old that is a pretty crappy sleeper. Maybe a change in diet will be good for her also, although I do not intend to do much except mostly remove grains (except rice) and legumes from her diet. She will still be consuming dairy and fruit regularly. So, this is the start and we shall see how things go.

    Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs, 2 slices of ham (not nitrate free, but it was left in the freezer), 1 babybel cheese, apricot black tea plain. If I had had more time I would have had some sauted spinach or kale also, but I did say "no" to fruit this morning.

    I will try to post later tonight to see how the slow movements frequently went today. Planning to try to get an hour walk in with the little one after her nap and I will of course be up and constantly moving while taking care of her this afternoon.

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    Well, as I suspected, the walk did not happen. Too many other errands that had to get done. I had pretty low energy in the afternoon. I am sure it is because lunch was virtually carb free. I did have a little bit of molasses in my salad dressing, but otherwise it was meat and veggies. The low energy meant that I had 2 pieces of chocolate (88%) with some nuts in the afternoon. I also had 2 bites of a Popsicle. Dinner included some sweet potatoes. I am not sure about my thoughts regarding sweet potatoes. I sort of think I should avoid during this 21 day period. If anyone is reading this, let me know your thoughts. I think I will get some cabbage to sub for myself for this evening and let the hubs and the little one eat the sweet potatoes.

    Today, meals look like they did yesterday. I need to read through the information and action items for today, but overall, I feel "cleaner" if that makes any sense. Hoping my energy after lunch is better today as I get used to not eating as many carbs.


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      Still did not get any extra walking/moderate exercise in and I wont tonight either. Too much cleaning to do before visitors for the weekend. Meals went pretty well today. I did have 2 bites of LOs Popsicle it had sugar in it and fruit, but at least it had coconut cream in it as well. Also had the last bite of her banana b/c she was done with it. Need to just throw that stuff out, but old habits die hard. I didn't make it to the store, so no subbing of cabbage for the sweet potatos. Energy was good and no mid-morning nor afternoon crash. I like that very much! I also felt skinnier today, probably bloat or water loss. Will look at the evening recommendations and see what I can make happen there.


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        Damn, could barely find the thread back!! I will have to post more often so that I can actually find my journal.

        The diet continues to go really well, but the lifestyle side has been much harder. I still am not getting enough movement in my daily schedule. I think I am going to just back off of that for the rest of the weekend and if I get it in, then I get it in, if not I will work to come up with a new plan starting Monday. I know I will get a longer urban walk in tomorrow, but today I think I will mostly be getting slow movement activities in with my daughter this afternoon. I also am loving how "clean" I feel. I was pretty exhausted yesterday, but it was different than fatigue from the past. This was from not sleeping enough the last week b/c of little ones rough nights and then my own insomnia issues. I think I also did not get any naps in the last few days b/c my energy has been better so I haven't had crashes in the afternoon and thus taken a nap during her nap. We are going through some sleep training, I just need to finish getting our "plan" down and get the hubs on board.

        Definite pluses 4 completed days into this journey:
        1. No afternoon nor morning sugar crashes.
        2. My sugar cravings have dropped dramatically and I've been able to say "no" to various temptations here and there (although I have really limited the temptations!).
        3. The hubs told me my stomach looked smaller and asked if I had lost weight.
        4. I saw 125 on the scale this morning, it was before breakfast and sans much clothes, but I haven't seen that in a very very long time!! I have not been below 127 even with the above since before my little sis's cancer!! Woohoo!!
        5. My face looks more like my face...not so puffy! Yea!!
        6. I feel better, no sugar or preservative headaches!

        Ok, looking forward to continuing this through the weekend and see what I can say about my first full week. I do still have some nutrition questions that I need to figure out as well.