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    Hey guys/gals!

    I've been going 80:20 and cheating somedays to 60:40 paleo for quite some time now and figure it is about time to start writing things down in an open source format!

    I will keep this journal and open up a blog that will include more posts within my expertise (outdoor survival, elite fitness training, and all things related to injuries/treatment/ and rehabilitation) to start exercising that brain muscle!~

    So here is the plan, daily i will post my food intake (good, bad and ugly) and post on a blog (to be made) on the above topics (including a C&P of this journal) at least a couple times a week. On top of this I will complete (SUCCESSFULLY) the following challenges over the summer:

    1. The Burpee Challenge: day 1 do one burpee (chest to the deck and jumping with full hip extension and hands clapping above your head), day 2 do 2 burpees... day 100 do 100 burpees. if a day is missed make up the missed burpees the following day. I am current on day 22 and plan on not missing a day!

    2. Run a Day in May: run/jog/brisk walk for a total of 24hours over the course of this month. Not too challenging, just a way to add a bit more outside time this spring! looking forward to the spring air.

    3. 30 day Strict Paleo... start date TBD mostly bc i dont want to add too many challenges on my plate at once. May screw one up unintentionally.

    4. Try a wierd and wonderful recipe/fruit/veg/animal/food once a week!

    5. Complete a fitness challenge workout once a month. These I will post May/June/July/August. These fitness challenges will true marathons of human endurance. some will be for completion, some for time. for example, for April my endurance challenge was as follows.
    For Time/Completion "The Longest Mile"
    400m Walking Lunges (knee to ground, and high knee follow through)
    400m forward Bear Crawl (hands and knees, as low to the ground as possible, trunk parallel to ground, no piking allowed during forward movement)
    400m backward straight leg bear crawl (hands and feet with straight legs, parralel to gorund, no piking during movement, arms propell you backwards [feet first])
    400m Burpee Long Jumps ( perform a chest to deck burpee but instead of jumping vertically jump forwards. No forward motion alowed other then the long jump)
    * Note strongly recommended to wear gloves... i bled... lots... no jokes

    My time, 59m33s of brutal hell. try it!

    so those are my goals! hope you enjoy my journal, I will try and post workouts as well but those can be found on my blog TBA.

    meal posts to follow during the next couple days.


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    july 23

    last night had bbq, some grilled peppers and zuccini and some jerk chicken legs. Unfortunately the chicekn had double wong written all over it.... the jerk was a dry rub but was alot saltier then i like. I didnt notice until today and i feel dehydrated and my low back/kidneys kill. second... i dont think our bbq master cooked the meat enouhg. i didnt notice bc of the spice but im hurting a bit today.

    Last night I didn't get the sleep we need, but playoff hockey and triple overtime will do that to a guy! here is to an xtra large tims! (coconut milk as creamer omnomnom).

    Breaky today was eggs and bacon, with a few asparagus spears. running out of food (market is open tomorow) so i may just IF a bit and have an apple shortly before my workout so i don't crash too hard.

    speaking of which today is fitness testing for work. we have to maintain a higher standard (which isnt too high) then the people we train, but i like to go out until i puke or pass out. Legere 20msr and a bunch of sit ups/push ups... ill post my testing times, maybe ill re run the test in a couple months, ill prolly run a FRAN and a 2.4K/1.5mile and some lifts to keep track of progress too. Hell why not right!

    heres to IF till tomroow breaky... unless i cave and have a steak tonight during the montreal game... IF is so hard during playoffs!


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      This weekend was a good rest. went for a few long walks but other than that not too much. fasted a bit not by plan on saturday, and had some deliscious young coconut with my rum over the playoffs on saturday night... oh hockey playoffs... my will power does not exist arround you!

      sunday some little highlights include fresh strawberries and coconut milk, pork tenderloin with a crushed pepper dry rub, and coconut curry chicken stir fry.

      today bfast was little more then an egg and 5 slices of bacon... bacon was going dry in the fridge so wanted to eat it before the fats didnt cook as well om nom nom. currently sucking back a banana coconut smoothie... frozen overripe banana, and some frozen chunks of mature coconut, water for the liquid bc i dont have anything else at work :P

      todays WOD 10km for time, will post later


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        IF today, but will need caffein in large quantities!

        did not manage to do much sleeping last night.... MTL Canadiens won their series over Ovie and his Caps so i celebrated ... lots of beers, guacamole, and bacon chips

        had a banana at 530am after an hour of sleep just to get my arse out of bed, IF till breakfast tomorow. mmm bacon and eggs, avocado and maybe some asparagus cooked in bacon grease (i love how it crystalizes in the head of the spear...)

        back to the gym today after a few days off. unfortunately i've been a bit lethargic lately. its definately caused by lack of sleep... RE: Playoff Hockey, but may be cause by my inherent lack of high fatty snacks at work. All i can do is nut butters (cashew), almonds, maccadamia nuts, avocado from time to time (if the GF hadnt eatin it all in guac form the night before...[isnt primal]) any thoughts? or better yet any breakfast ideas other than eggs? id do the HB eggs for snacks but i try not to eat more than 4 a day... based mostly on my grandmother reeming into me "too much of a good thing is never a good thing!" this comming from a woman who basically ate primal other then homemade pies, and some tubers and forced us to take fish oil everyday and exercise lots...

        any ideas?


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          having a brutal cheat day today... not because i want too but because i want to kick off tomorow in the right fassion by hating everything i do today! makes no sense i know!

          so here it goes... hittin the bottle hard tonight, gunna have nachos, prolly some other crap that is poison; but.... and its a large BUT... tomroow starts 30 day PB challenge AND run a day in May (run a cumulative of 24hrs over the month) should be an interesting 31 days!

          wish me luck! now please excuse me... theres cheese in the fridge that needs to be eaten along with other non-strict things :P


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            day 1 30 day challenge, day 1 run a day in may, and day 31 burpee challenge... am i on crack?

            day off the gym today bc i cant feel my toes (wierd vascular thing due to trauma) but nothign serious just nice to feel it in case i break it...

            food today.. mixed veg with bacon for breakfast. used some bacon grease to fry up some pieces of mature coconut (this happened by accident.. one fell in.. but ya sooo tasty!) snack 2 hardboiled eggs, lunch macadamia nuts, a banana, HB egg, avocado, snack on the road/dinner most likely to be a salad or something... snack over the mayweather/mosley fight tongiht hmmmm loads of guacamole? ya... ill dip brocoli in that delish green goop


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              Alrighty! so 30 day challenge over... ok so here is the deal, just got picked up for a football team this summer. I cant recover quick enough in ketosis. unfortunately carbohydrate storage in muscles post-workout is too important;but this doesnt meen not paleo... this just means not PB R'xd. oh well i'll keep things up to date on menu and such the best i can

              so FOOTBALL!!! yea!! i thought i was just gunna play again this fall in a 18-24yo league (my last eligible one with them) but got picked up for an adult league so pretty excited that i get to play again. been 4 long years without hittin anyone!

              tongiht before practise im picking up a few kgs of sweet potatoes some spaghetti squash, and some bananas and going to enjoy every minute of it!!!! will be on PB after fall season of football for off-season work when I have more time to recover and glycogen stores arent as important (CP is all that matters at that point)