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  • The new adventures of the radio control aviator

    Here's my background-they get lost fast in the introduce yourself topic:

    47 years old, always been a "little" overweight. Never tried too hard to lose weight when I was young. I did lost about 13# in my early 20's just by switching to diet sodas...but that was about it.

    Then, some years ago when the atkins diet was the popular thing to do, I tried it and went from 235# to 190 simply by following the plan and walking for exercise. That was the lowest and healthiest I'd been in my adult life.Then the holidays rolled around and I rolled off the tailgate of the wagon.

    Ballooned up to 245#. About 5-6 years ago, I decided to try triathlons. Spent the first year mostly getting into shape, but did get to finish a sprint tri that fall. Next year, I did 4 more. I at the conventional wisdom for athletes way, and did my daily workouts of swim, bike, and run. I averaged about 205-210, and couldn't seem to get off that plateau.

    3 years ago, we decided to gut the first floor of our home and remodel it. As the summer wore on, I spent less and less time working out, as the home was requiring more and more of my time. Then I stopped working out completely, and got into bad eating habits again. I'm a night shifter, so I often found myself stopping for fast food on my way to work. almost every day. Probably that was the biggest contributor to my latest weight gain. Today, I sleep with a cpap machine due to sleep apnea. While I did have some problems sleeping in the past, it was probably magnified by being overweight. I was at 254# when I decided to do something about it again. First I read The Paleo Diet, then Primal Blueprint.
    Both have slight differences, but I decided to go with BP partially because BP seemed to keep it a bit simpler, and mostly because of this forum.

    I "officially" went on BP on May 12, 2013. The day before, the wife and I went grocery shopping as usual. The difference was that I bought a lot of fruits and vegetables, meats, spices, and the like, that I had gleaned from primal recipes. We went WAY over budget on that one, and none of it was organic, grass fed, or locally grown, simply because we couldn't afford it yet.

    My weight on that official start date was 250.4# (I'd already cut out the fast food that week). As I write this, I'm at 243.7.

    Incidently, my wife has decided to get serious about this also, but she "doesn't believe" in primal, as she thinks grains are supposed to be part of a diet. She's gonna do the weight watchers routine, which she has done before.
    I'm going to try to persuade her to read the BP or PD books, but I think I'll have to show evidence of it working first.
    Also, we got a little bet going, whoever can lose 15% of their starting bodyweight by the weekend before thanksgiving. Pushing it a little, at 1-2# per week, but I think I can meet that.

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    My first week so far:

    Monday: 3 scrambled eggs, 2 strips of bacon, and a piece of 65% dark chocolate afterwards (best I could find when grocery shopping). Snacked on some walnuts, a few pieces, and the remains of the unsalted cashews I had in my lunchbox. Had a piece of skinless boneless chicken breast, and a slice of tenderloin from a PB recipe, plus hard boiled egg, more nuts, jerky. Banana, 2 apples. No workouts, still getting meals cooked in advance.

    Tuesday, 2 eggs fried, 2 strips of bacon. and the square of chocolate. Plus jerky. For dinner, the pork stuffed green pepper...I don't think my taste buds like this, but I wonder if my body wanted junk food and the taste buds haven't adjusted yet. NOTE: I've never been one for much in the way of veggies in my life. Even on Atkins, I tried salads, but just had to stop after 2 weeks cause they got boring...not much leeway in the way of stuff to add on that program.
    Felt full though. Had a strawberry. Apple and Banana. More jerky and nuts.

    Wednesday, 3 scrambled eggs and 2 strips of bacon again...what can I say, it's quick and easy!
    I packed a varied salad, and 2 pieces of flank steak, about 6oz pre-cook. I had the steak with regular ketchup (there's the 20%). But then I felt full, so I didn't eat the salad that day. Nuts, strawberry, jerky and baby carrots for snacking.

    Today, I made a 4 egg omelette, with onions, tomato, and green pepper. and 2 strips of bacon!
    I actually couldn't finish the omelette, I felt so full.
    I plan to make the salad my main dinner dish tonight, with a piece of the tenderloin as the 2nd course if needed. Plus the same things as yesterday for snacking.

    My weight this morning was 243.7#.

    I find it surprising I'm eating relatively little. I don't know what the carb count is, I haven't set up "my fitness pal" for these foods yet, so I'm not sure where I am carb wise. Nor have I figured out what my lean mass should be for protein intake.
    I'm also surprised I'm eating just 2 major meals a day, breakfast and dinner. Sure, I have snacks in between, but I often stop to think if it's hunger, craving, or habitual snacking that drives me on snacks. I try to avoid the last two.

    I'm not sure if I'm having a craving for carbs or not, but I seem to have very good willpower in avoiding the junk food that is still around the house, or grabbing a glass of milk or something whenever.

    Oh, and for exercise, I only managed to finally get out today for a 30 minute walk with the dogs. I should get more in as I get PB foods/meals "stockpiled".


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      Friday: Started with a 3 egg omelette...still couldn't finish the whole thing. Snacked most of the rest of the day, and checked out the local trader joes.

      Cheated a little today. This being my towns festival weekend, and being in WI, I had a brat, with bun, ketchup and onions. And a bottle of water. so, half "bad" stuff.

      Worked in the garden (lots of crouching) and mowed the lawn for a workout.

      Weighted in at 242.8 this morning. I know it's water weight, but I like it.


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        I think the carb flu hit me today, after a week and a half.

        Or maybe I didn't eat enough this afternoon.

        I had the primal pancakes (2 eggs and banana) this morning (about 10-11AM, being a night shifter), and snacked on stuff most of the day...nuts, carrots, piece of 72% chocolate, strawberry, boiled egg, etc.

        By evening I'm dragging, in spite of snacks. At dinner, I have some flat iron steak (small piece), a slide of pork sirloin, and a then I'm feeling full and not hungry at all.

        30 minutes later, and even now as I write this, I'm dragging. I want this day to be done so I can go home to bed.

        Exercise-gave the primal workouts a try. No way am I going to be ready for pullups/chinups anytime soon. No upper body strength anymore, possbily a lot of infleunce from the triathlon days.

        Planks is hard! I could only do 1 minute, and I had to push myself. Situps and squats were easier, but certainly didn't do the full set.


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          Hit 239.8# at weight in yesterday. That's just over 10# lost in two weeks.

          I also lost about 1" in each of my measurements, except for my right thigh, which gained an inch. I may have measured the first time wrong possibly. I say "about", as I mean to make official measurements only about once a month.

          I have learned, or rather confirmed, something about food: Fried pork never seems to taste good when it's leftovers. Even if it's a same day left over meal, or something cooked and frozen, like homemade sausage patties.

          As a contrast, I've got several 1" thick slices of pork tenderloin that I smoked last weekend. Froze them, and I've had em twice now...still taste good as if I just pulled em off the smoker.

          Also picked up an olympic barbell set. 300# set for $189 from Dunhams with a coupon. A smoking deal, if you will!
          Time to mix it up a little more.

          ETA: I also have ordered a couple pairs of shoes to start transitioning into barefoot style. One pair of ordinary looking "sneaker" type shoes (sorry, I still can't get over how funny five fingers look! ), and a pair of sandals that aren't really barefoot, or probably even minimilist, but close as I could find to the open sandal type I prefer.
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            1 month ago, 5-11-13, I weighted in at 250.8 pounds,.
            Left bicep 16"
            Right bicep 15.5"
            Chest 45"
            Waist 46.75"
            Hips 44"
            Right thigh 25.75 (may have mismeasured)
            Left thigh 27

            Today, 6-8-13, 234.8#
            Left bicep 14.75
            Right bicep 14.75
            Chest 44
            Waist 43.5
            Hips 42.25
            Left thigh 26.25
            Right thigh 25.0

            In onemonth, I've lost 15.2 pounds, 8 inches, and started fitting into size 38 jeans, down from 40.