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  • Primal Journal: Seasoned

    16 May 2013

    I'm in the planning stage so here goes...

    I joined Weight Loss Resources last year in order to lose weight and get in shape. Everything was going fine and then I stopped smoking. The binges on sugar started - well basically anything that was high fat, high carb, processed junk. I've gained quite a bit of weight and some health problems too.

    When I was on the site, there was a member who looked amazing and she mentioned 'Paleo' and Mark's Daily Apple. I was quite shocked when I first had a look and baffled! My degree is in Sports and Exercise. I am now studying an MSc in Health Research and this just flew in the face of what I had been taught.

    So I did some digging. First stop - Native American Indians and Eskimos - they were the most recent hunter gatherers that I knew anything about. And there it was; Smithsonian Institute - detailing the low carb, high protein diet along with the infamous tales of how healthy the tribes were except...

    The ones on corn who apparantly had cavities, shorter stature and more health problems.

    I'm still not sure about it all, that is to say, where to start. I have just bought Marks book along with one by Rob Wolf. I've made a list of food that I could eat and I've started to journal my current intake which is not good.

    I've chosen next week to start and I am very nervous.

    Current weight is 10 stone 12.5 1bs at 5'1 - 36% B/F
    Underactive thyroid
    Swollen ankles
    Afternoon bloating
    Dry skin
    Muscles locking in legs when walking

    17 May 2013

    For some reason I seem to be panicking and eating more sugar/junk/overeating. I think it's the fear of change. I mean I'm excited but there is that sense of 'Can I do this?'

    When I was on WLR, I constantly struggled to stay in calories given. I was just so hungry and it kept me awake at night. My insides felt sore and I was retching all the time from the hunger. Everytime I had some fat, it all ceased. Everytime I went low fat, high carb it started up again. Everybody said it would stop but it didn't. I started taking notes and noticed a pattern developing. If I tried to fit all that I was supposed to fit on a plate, it didn't work. It couldn't because I didn't have enough calories to cover everything. If I took the carbs out, then I felt fine, got all my nutrients and everything worked. If I put the carbs back on, I had to shave off the fat and protein which definitely didn't work. I got worried that I should be having more carbs. Oh I felt so bad!

    This place makes sense of that experience. It's the hunger that worries me then. In my job I have to concentrate and work on a lot of numbers. On traditional diets, I found I couldn't do my job well and I kept losing my temper and feeling really out of it. I know that if I eat right then the weight should come off naturally. Yet it hasn't before which just didn't seem to be logical. I actually gained weight which I still haven't been able to work out - water gain from carbs? Anyway a part of me gave up eating healthily because it just didn't work - I felt worse!

    So I thought I would try this for two weeks and see what happens. Not sure if that's long enough. I keep reading and learning.

    My reasons for primal eating/living:

    To lose weight
    Reduce bodyfat
    Eliminate bloating and swelling on an afternoon
    More energy
    Soft skin
    Improve internal condition of body
    Improve thyroid (research suggests low carb has a positive effect on an inefficient thyroid)
    Sleep better
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    19 May - Sunday

    It's 7.19am Sunday morning and I am excited about my food. I don't do computers on a Sunday morning so it shows my level of motivation.

    I went shopping yesterday and just bought chicken, steak and fish along with a trolley full of veg and a bit of fruit, some nuts and almond milk. The fridge is chocker block full. Still scratching my head as to what I do with all this stuff. As a junk food queen, this might as well be food from Mars for all I know about it. Today is D-day, clean out cupboards and give the stuff away. I am planning each day in advance for food and thought I might look on the net for some recipes. I also remembered we have a farm shop over the road (I live in a village just out of York) where they sell fresh veg and eggs so I might amble over there later and take a look. Had a look on the web and there is a grass fed beef farm that delivers. It's cheaper than the supermarkets so that's a good move. In fact, I'm amazed at what there is around me that I didn't realise.

    Dragged myself out of bed this morning, my back hurt like it always does when I first wake up and try to put my slippers on. I had butterflies when I thought 'I'm doing something about all of this!'

    Menu thoughts for Monday:

    B/fast: Chicken and Broccolli Stew
    Snack: Fruit and nuts
    Lunch: Prawns and mixed salad with avocado
    Snack: Fruit
    Dinner: Not sure yet, need to know how to cook squash and if that goes with tuna and salad?

    Drinks: Cup of tea in morning/Lemon and ginger tea for work/Water/Black coffee at work

    I'm not sure that I can do the morning cuppa without milk this week. So that might be one for next week when I've got the hang of this


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      20 May - Monday

      Day One
      Ok well, I got out of bed and felt strange - 'lost' I think. Like I was heading into new territory and suddenly felt scared, wanting to turn back. What an odd reaction to change. Or maybe fear, not sure. Had nightmares last night about it all as well. I mean, I want this, but it’s such a departure from how I’ve been eating.

      Very light-headed and feel very sleepy. I have been up nearly seven hours so I suppose my body has realised something's definitely different about today! Feeling constantly hungry and the food is not filling me.

      Found myself absolutely starving at the end of the day and had to practically eat half a large bag of flaked almonds to satisfy the hunger.

      Tea: 4
      B/fast: Chicken, broccoli and courgette stew
      Snack: Almonds and strawberries
      Lunch: Prawns and mixed salad with olive oil and lime juice
      (Quite bad bloating after lunch and felt dreadfully tired. Not a bloody normal carb in sight so not sure what that is about)
      Snack: Almonds
      Dinner: Steak with blue cheese and chicken breast, large mixed salad
      Snack: Almonds and coconut milk


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        Hi Seasoned....liking your journal so far.

        It's bound to take you a wile to get used to things. As you alluded to earlier in your posts - you seem to do better on a higher fat intake so if you're feeling hungry go for fat (and/or protein). Make sure you include good fats in your meals too, and plenty protein - then you'll not feel so hungry. I generally go for fattier cuts of meat - especially because they're cheaper.

        I've heard quite a few people talk about incessant hunger when they first start out (although thankfully I didn't experience it myself). Remember that there's likely to be a detox effect as your diet has been quite poor for a while...your body is likely screaming out for nutrients so I wouldn't try to hold back too much just now. If you're genuinely hungry, eat.

        Good luck.