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    On the precipice of my first "primal" anniversary I find myself looking around. There is a fair amount to examine, really; me, of course, my environment, and my tribe. Maybe more, I guess that's why I'm here: to think out loud.

    To begin with, there is what is now and what was. Then there is what is to come. Should we talk about it all? Probably. What is to come is the question I want answered but I've learned that "now" and "was" can't be separated from it.

    Let's not start at the beginning, though. That would be tedious. Maybe it's enough to say that once upon a time I thought things were the way they were and that there was not much to be done about it. I was who I was and my relationship to my environment was fixed and the world smiled upon me with benign indifference. One moment was all it took to learn that I was wrong about everything. At the time, and due to the extreme circumstances leading to my realization, this did not appear to be a good thing. In fact, it did not appear to be survivable.

    And now we are in "was" which is the same as "is" and "will be" but which I didn't want to get into. But that's the deal I'm making. It looks like I'll have to ponder "was" more next time, but I'm done for today.