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  • primal Journal: Jade

    Yay, its my first day back on primal. Im really excited! I did primal for three weeks at the start of the year, but various celebrations and my lack of will power caused me to go back to eating SAD foods. I then tried the Dukan diet, had success at losing weight but after only a few weeks i began to feel sick, depressed and very low in energy. If you have done or know about the dukan diet you may no what i mean. I would like to lose weight but i also love the concepts of the primal lifestyle and am really keen to give it a good go. My husband has also agreed to do it with me this time!

    A bit about me. Im 28, 5"4 and weigh 69.6kg (153 pounds).
    I have two children who are 14 months apart, so keep me very busy. The youngest is about to turn 1 and still wakes several times in the night. I feel like im constantly tired and hoping a change in diet might at least give me a bit of energy.

    Hoping this journal keeps me accountable and on track as i know if i can just stick with this for a few months it will become a habit!

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    At the end of my first day i feel it has gonexwell. Im confused about a couple of things. First is dairy products. Are they primal? I have been doing some research and it seems like some people have them, some dont. A few things i read said not to have dairy if you want to lose weight... Think i may need to do more research on this one.
    The other thing is chocolate. I had some dark choc tonight. What i want to know is should this be a very occasional treat? How much is ok to have.
    Apart from these things i have done well today. Looking forward to tomorrow!