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  • The Shrek to Grok Plan

    Ok here it goes. By way of background, I'm 30 years old and I started this plan at 209 pounds. (Full disclosure: I've been eating primal for 7 days, but I need some motivation to keep it up so I decided to start a journal). During high school and college I was pretty athletic - I hiked and backpacked a lot and lifted 3 days a week like clockwork. At one point, I weighed 175 and was benching 315.

    However, in college I also started to drink. A lot. I gradually became less and less active and my eating habits went down hill. Now, I'm 30 years old and I've spent the last 10 years surviving almost exclusively on pizza, Chinese food and booze. I'm hoping to turn my life around and if not erase the last decade, at least increase the odds that I'll make it through the next one.

    So, with that in mind, I have been chowing salads and steaks for the last week and am down 4 pounds. I'd like to get back into the 175-185 range at least. I ordered some vibram five fingers (if you're gonna go grok, you gotta go full grok!) - they're supposed to arrive on Wednesday so I'm excited about that.

    Anyway, enough blabbering. Here's how my day went:

    7:30am: protein shake.
    9:00am: string cheese, baby carrots.
    11:00am: protein shake and a handful of almonds.
    12:00pm: salad with grape tomatoes, sliced cucumber and grilled chicken (awesome).
    20 minute walk
    3:00pm: protein shake, string cheese.
    5:00pm: 6 slices salami, some pumpkin seeds
    6:30pm: 4 slices bacon, 3 eggs scrambled, extra sharp cheddar cheese

    I also probably had about 6 12oz cans of sparkling water and 6 cups of coffee.

    That's that for day 1.

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    Why do you eat so many meals?


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      It actually hasn't been entirely intentional. I've been trying to drink a protein shake on the way to work to get my metabolism started but then I get ravenous within an hour of doing that. By that point I'm going in and out of meetings etc. so I just grab 100-200 calories where I can (this past week I relied on a lot of string cheese, nuts and carrot sticks to get me through the day). I've been thinking about doing IF in the mornings instead to see if that would help.


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        I would suggest starting to consolidate your meals. Larger meals will keep you from being so hungry between meals.

        Quite a few years back I did protein shakes and found the same thing, they made me ravenous. I suggest real food, like a hunk of chicken breast and an apple.


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          Thanks eKatherine - I tried to do things a bit differently today and it worked much better (it was kind of a pain eating every hour). I still did the protein shakes but tried to eat some real food with them/make more of a meal of it.

          7:30am: protein shake, nuts, string cheese, couple slices of salami
          11:00am: protein shake, salad w/ grape tomatoes, cucumber slices, chicken + feta cheese
          2:30pm: more of the salad from earlier
          5:30pm: string cheese, pecans
          7:30pm: hamburger, broccoli

          Had 6 cups of coffee and 6 cans of sparkling water spread throughout the day. All told felt pretty good today - I had a lot of energy and no real carb cravings to speak of.


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            That still seems like a pretty small amount of food, scattered all day. My typical first meal might be 6 slices of bacon, 1/2 pound of meat, 6 eggs, and a bunch of veggies all cooked in butter. I might not need to eat again for 8 hours depending on the day.

            Have you tried a huge meal yet?

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              wow that's a lot of food. I'll give it a try tomorrow and eat as much as I can for breakfast. I know I have to do something because I'm eating less than 20 carbs a day (according to Fitday I'm eating 50% fat, 37% protein, 13% carbs) and the scale is just not budging.


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                You've gotta get rid of that scale! Once a month at most. Doing more forces a short term mindset. You're also making the mistake of mixing conventional wisdom with primal.

                Add a lot of fat too, my man! I don't eat till 3pm everyday at this point and I'm not even hungry. When I do eat, its a pile of pork, butter, greens and water. Avacado and fatbombs help too. Those mini meals just keep insulin spiked, perpetrating more hunger pangs.

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                  Thanks mdmoore - I'm still working on finding the right approach - I have been adding more and more fat to my diet each day this week. Today I had fewer meals but more carbs (partly intentional as I had a homemade berry shake in the morning; partly unintentional as I went out after work with my new co-workers (just started a new job) and had a few beers). My Vibram Five Fingers arrived today (very difficult to put on...) so I'll give them a whirl tomorrow morning and follow it up with a serious meal to get the day going.