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    Had an interesting food day today, trying to increase carb consumption and celebrate DH's birthday. Breakfast was oatmeal, followed an hour later by Boston Cream Pie (gluten free and dark chocolate). The cake was actually a bit overwhelming for me. Lunch was a polish sausage with onions at the Sox game, followed only by a few fries covered in cheese, bacon, and sour cream. So very good I was amazed! Dinner was lunch meat, deli cheese, and a bunch of watermelon. And just now I had a small piece of cake, much better as a smaller version. Will be interested to see how high my weight is tomorrow morning and if it comes back off quickly or not.

    Also got in today's lifting. I'm very tired from waking up at 6 (for no reason) and then being at the park all day. So I accidentally did 5 reps on the first set. But I finished everything else and did 7 reps on the last set. I only stopped because I couldn't hold the bar anymore. Back to working on increasing my grip strength I suppose. Kind of weird since it was only 130lbs on the bar. Leg lifts felt pretty good, nice big stretch and working to build my ab muscles even more. Looking forward to finishing this round of lifting tomorrow.

    Will be monitoring my mood after this carb reefed, but I feel like I'm in a better place than I was just yesterday. Perhaps because now that the surprise for DH's birthday is over I have absolutely nothing to be stressed about. Time to relax and see what life brings!


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      I'm up 3lbs today, to 174.0. Hopefully most of it is just water weight from all the watermelon last night! I woke up feeling fairly sick though as well. Very possibly too much sugar yesterday. However, my mood and thoughts seem to be much better. This week is going to be a tough one since Thursday is DS's birthday which means there will be cake Thursday and again Saturday. I'm also not sure what I'll do for dinner tonight as we're supposed to be doing pizza for DH's birthday which was yesterday.

      I did get in my lifting this morning and felt fairly strong. Got up to 8 reps on the last set. I should easily be able to push my maxes higher for the next round. I feel like I'm getting stronger and feeling more solid all around which is good. Hopefully I'll continue to see the scales moving this week. If I can get this weight gain gone my Wednesday I might be able to see 169.8 by June 1st and that would be awesome.

      Here we go!


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        Well, the scale is still WAY up. Food was okay yesterday, but dinner was a struggle. I only had 2 pieces of pizza (small, squares) and those weren't even worth it. Next time DH wants to get pizza from there I think we'll have to investigate their crustless deep dish. Still likely high in carbs due to the cheese, but probably tastes better. Today I've been back on board food wise, although I had a couple bites of cake that DS didn't finish. The scale reading kind of depressed me, since I was doing so well at the end of last week. I was hoping it would be down a little from yesterday but in fact went UP. Hmm, not sure what to do at this point. DS's birthday is Thursday so tomorrow I'll bake his cake and have a small piece on Thursday. I think the low carb thing is kind of out the window until I get through his party Saturday. I also think it's killing my mood. I'm wondering if all the weight I lost last week was water weight as well. I know I can't do low carb indefinitely, so I'm not sure if it's worth it at all. I'm pretty frustrated right now. It's looking more and more like I'm heading for a whole 30 starting some time this fall.


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          Back down to 172 today, has me feeling a bit better about this low carb cycling. Last night I played 2 soccer games. It felt good to get out there and really run around. I honestly felt faster as well, which was somewhat strange. I was able to out sprint some people I couldn't before, which was really cool. I am going to sub, but play almost full time for a second team this summer. So I'll likely be playing 2 games each week that I go. That will be a lot of fun to do again.

          Got in today's lifting, starting week 3 of this round. I can't remember if I posted the plans for this week's lifting. I'm not sure if I'll get in sprints on Saturday with everything else going on.
          Warm up 70 2x5
          95 3x5
          110 3
          120 9!
          Lunges 3x16

          Onward, and hopefully downward. I did have a piece of cake for DS's birthday today. Gluten free and I cut my piece the same as for the kids. Hopefully won't be too much of a set back. Hoping to be back down to 171 tomorrow so I can see a new low on Saturday before possibly making that this week's reefed day due to DS's party. We'll see how things are going though.


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            DD spent the day complaining of a sore throat and with a fever. Managed not to need to any motrin though, a sign she's getting bigger I think. DH stayed home so I could take DS for his check-up. Definitely my little guy at the 25% for height and weight. He jabbered away for much of the appointment and did a great job peeing into the cup. The new doctor was really nice and when I informed him we're still doing whole milk didn't have a problem with it. I liked this guy more than the woman DD saw and I'm sure we'll see others. But hopefully we'll have another great year and not return there until next April when DD turns 6.

            Got in my lifting today and it felt pretty good. Was able to do 8 reps on the last set, which is real good. Felt the lat pull downs in my upper abs, just below my rib cage. I'm getting a little nervous that something is wrong because that's where I feel winded during sprints as well. But with no soccer this week and DH's last week of school for the year, I'm trying to ignore it. We also postponed DS's bday party until next weekend with DD sick and MIL in the hospital.

            Today's workout:
            Warm up 45 2x5
            70 3x5
            75 3
            85 8
            Lat Pull 70 3x12 - very tough to finish the last couple


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              So frustrated. This is just not working for me. It appears that any time I exercise I stop losing weight, no matter what I eat. So do I stop lifting while I try to lose some weight? But then will I just lose muscle mass and retain the body fat? I don't feel any skinnier and my stomach fat is still definitely there, no matter what I eat. I can't get back to the low I hit last week, and life keeps getting in the way. We postponed DS's birthday until next Sunday. Tomorrow will be the last day of his birthday cake, so I'm thinking 1 final push to see if this meat and eggs idea can work is in order. Tomorrow will be a carb up day, with shrimp fried rice for dinner. Then I will eat only meat eggs for the rest of the week. Have fish planned for later in the week. Hopefully having everything planned out will make it work. Will have to decide if I'll keep the fruit with breakfast. Perhaps just downsize the amount I've been having.

              Did not sprint today as I'm just having a down day. Instead I took DS to pick up some tomato plants from my dad. We also picked some strawberries, spinach, and radishes from his backyard. I have major envy of his backyard garden. I have dreams of what I can do with the space in our yard here. Just have to figure out what areas get enough sunlight to plant food. I think there's definitely one more patch that we'll look to expand into next year. My dad might give me some of his strawberry plants in the fall, which would be awesome. I would love to find some perennial fruit/vegetable plants so we don't have to restart every year. Maybe we could replace some of the bushes with berry bushes. Although I worry about the thorns for those with the kids. We'll see where life takes us and what we can afford to do. Next up on the list is the plumbing, and then sorting out the mud pit area in the backyard.


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                Feeling very tired today. I suspect it is related to the many days of rainy weather we've had. Today was also colder, so we were really stuck inside. I had a carb up day as well, although stayed completely primal as long as I ignore the sugar in the cake (gluten free). Breakfast was banana, egg, cinnamon pancakes. Probably won't do that again as the effort to make them was much greater than the other gluten free pancakes. Lunch was lunch meat, potato salad, cheddar cheese, and carrots. Snack was the last of DS's birthday cake (homemade, gluten free). Dinner was shrimp fried rice (shrimp, white rice, green pepper, onion, bean sprouts). Might finish it off with a small bit of ice cream and fruit tonight, depending on whether I'm hungry.

                Got in my lifting this morning as well.
                Dead lift
                Warm up 80 2x5
                105 3x5
                120 3
                135 8
                Leg lifts 3x14

                Felt really pretty good with the workout, will be interesting if I feel it later. I'm trying to decide what I want to do for the summer in terms of a lifting plan. I have about 8 weeks where I could do whatever I want because DH will be around. Not sure if I want to do some cross fit type things, Olympic lifting, or stick with the straight strength training. I like the results I'm getting in terms of strength and speed for soccer. But I wonder if Olympic type lifting would give me more benefits for weight loss. And then I wonder if I should just drop off to body weight for a while to try and lose. Anyone reading this know what's the most effective strength training to maintain muscle mass while focusing on weight loss?


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                  So the scale wasn't too horrible for the day after a carb fest. Likely because this time I ate real food instead of tons of sugar and ballpark crap. So I'm hoping I'll be down a bunch tomorrow and see a new number by the end of the week. I did some different things with food, mostly out of necessity. But it ended being practically a 0 carb day!

                  B: 3 eggs cooked in butter, most of a can of tuna, berries leftover from DS's plate
                  L: Salami, 3 HB eggs
                  D: Brisket and 7 baby carrots

                  I also got in my lifting, end of round 3 today.
                  Warm-up 45 2x5
                  55 3x5
                  60 3
                  70 5
                  Push-ups 3x12

                  Workout felt pretty good and not feeling too sore today. I think that the major decrease in stress with work ending for the summer helps as well. I also cleaned DS's room today, which included washing his floor on my hands and knees. Didn't take me very long. I am hoping to get a nice clean house to start off the summer, and then spend lots of time outside with the kids to keep it clean for a while. Of course, we have some projects we want to work on as well that will help to give the house a fresher look. Ready to start making this place truly ours by taking down some window coverings and painting.

                  Tomorrow is a day off from exercise as well as any plans with the kids. If the weather cooperates, perhaps we'll walk down to the far away park.


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                    Scale was friendly this morning, down to 172.2! Makes it look like I could realistically be down below my 171 low by Sunday if I can stay on track. However, I slept horribly last night. I was up for a portion of the night feeling nauseous, but couldn't do anything about it. I got up and used the bathroom and forced myself back to sleep and was feeling better when I woke up. Perhaps my body doesn't do so well going from super high carb to no carb? My bowel movements definitely slow down majorly when I'm eating low carb. Making sure to drink a bit more water today to ensure I'm not getting dehydrated as well. Food is going great today so far.

                    B - 3 eggs, leftover brisket, DS's leftover berries
                    L - brisket, 2 HB eggs
                    Dinner will be burgers

                    Hoping for a lower number in the morning, by stomach actually feels a little flatter. And if I'm not mistaken, by boobs might be shrinking. DH won't be excited about that, but if I could get down to a 34D (currently 34I), I would be happy. Maybe then I could wear bras left often and be okay.

                    Time to put the kids down for their nap so I can work!


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                      New low weight on the scale this morning of 170.8! I can see breaking through the 170s in reach. Had some stomach issues last night before bed, but didn't bother me through the night. I actually slept pretty well until DS crawled in bed at 5:50. I know that won't last much longer, so I don't complain about it too much. He was super snuggly today too. After a good breakfast and short trip to the library, we spent a good portion of the day cleaning up the playroom. Only 2 rooms left in the house to get sparkly clean for the summer and DS's party on Sunday. I just hope the playroom can stay clean until then!

                      Today was another day off, since Wednesday is usually my soccer night. Tomorrow I'll start week 4 of this round of 531. It's basically a maintenance week, so should feel good. Looking forward to tomorrow being DH's last full day of work for the summer as well. I wonder if I'll see another new low on the scale tomorrow. I did have a few almonds (10-12) and some dark chocolate (85%) tonight. But considering I basically ate 0 carbs otherwise, I think I should still be fine. Interested to see what the next few days lead to with Sunday as another carb refeed.


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                        It's been a while since I wrote, but I have been doing pretty well. Weighed in yesterday at 169.8. It was great to see that number under 170. Except today I was back up to 171. Not incredibly surprising since I also started my period. And actually, to only go up 1 pound I was pretty happy to see it. Have been struggling a bit with food lately because I haven't planned as well. And part of me is like, well, we're going on vacation next week and it'll all get messed up then so who cares. I would, of course, like to see that number under 170 again before we leave. I've backed off working out as well. Have spent the last 2 days painting the kids' bedrooms and played 2 soccer games last night, so that should count for something. We didn't have any subs last night either, so I played a full 40 minute game and then about 30 minutes for a scrimmage.

                        I feel like now that I've seen 169.# I could see myself in the low 160s again. Will get more serious again once we return from vacation, in 1 week.


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                          It's been a while since I wrote because I became quite discouraged after vacation. I managed to basically maintain while I was gone, which was great. But when I returned the numbers on the scale seemed to be random. So I've abandoned the steak and eggs trial, especially since I was getting sick of the hardboiled eggs for lunch. I'm eating a nice, big breakfast which is 3-4 eggs, some leftover meat, and a couple handfuls of berries with water. My lunch is typically lighter, some sort of leftovers or a little lunch meat and cheese. I've been trying some new recipes for dinner out of Everyday Paleo. The kids haven't been excited about the spiciness, so I will need to omit the cayenne pepper in the future. But last night's zucchini "lasagna" was pretty good. I've developed a new weight training program that I think will keep me interested for a while and I'll actually feel like I'm doing something. A mix of the standard lifts, some Olympic lifts, and some cross fit body weight moves. I'm going to lift just 2 days a week and play soccer once. I think my body needs quality recovery time.

                          I saw 169.8 on the scale again this morning! Even with my "eff it" attitude about losing weight lately, I'm at my lowest in over 6 years. I think I had slipped into not eating enough because I wasn't excited about food any more. With the occasional treat as a family of ice cream I think I up the calories every few days to keep my body guessing. But I also think I really rely on a solid, large morning meal to signal to my body that there indeed is no famine and it can go on ahead with its business. In this I am also generally fasting 14 hours/day, which I remember reading as a good fasting window for women. So here's to seeing where life leads in the next few weeks and if I can get firmly into the 160's!


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                            168.6 on the scale this morning! If I can get down to 167 I can confidently declare myself as permanently in the 160s since I do have a 3lb or so fluctuation, especially as my period approaches.

                            Got in an awesome workout today too that felt good and showed strength gains.

                            Squat 105, 110, 115 5, 5, 10
                            Incline Pullups 10, 12, 20
                            Bench 80, 80, 85 5, 5, 10
                            Box jumps (onto step) 12, 14, 20
                            Snatch 45, 50, 50 5, 5, 10
                            Pushups 10, 10, 14