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    Last edited by SugarfreeLife; 03-05-2014, 06:24 AM.
    Everything changes, but nothing is truly lost. - Neil Gaiman

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    Fantastic! Well done :-)


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      Is there a reason you keep your protein low?

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        Welcome. It looks like you are off to a good start. Don't worry about the little ups and downs in weight. These come and go.

        I love mascarpone but I never thought of combining it with banana before.


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          Great pictures.

          My advice on IFing is to let it come to you naturally and not force it. Before you know it you will be skipping meals not because you are holding yourself back but because you look at your watch and say, "Wow, I totally forgot to eat lunch. No biggie."

          Any plan that has you watching the clock and saying, "Can I eat yet?" is crazy making. The stress is not worth it.


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            Originally posted by SugarfreeLife
            I'm not that kind of person who is able to naturally skip a meal. I love eating and food too much But if I tell myself, that this or that day I will have only dinner and that's it, I'm fine with it, no stress. I'll try and will see
            Not yet, but you may find it happening. Ketosis has a funny way of changing you. As long as you aren't doing the white knuckled stressing out, that's good.

            I tried doing the warrior diet thing before going primal and it was a total bust. I ate enough for the whole day in one meal and then some. Now I only eat one main evening meal (with maybe some coconut milk in my tea or a glass of kefir in the morning) and it just comes naturally.

            Leaves you lots more free time too.


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              I'm sorry you were feeling yucky and hope it's all better now.

              You mentioned stress and anxiety. I can't tell you how many times I have seen otherwise "perfectly" Primal peeps de-railed by those together with lack of sleep.

              All of the "other" Primal laws, the ones not about food and exercise tend to get forgotten but they are just as important. It's a package.


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                Originally posted by SugarfreeLife
                Dear body, whole week of up-and-downs, with the same result as at start. So, I would like to see large whooosh - soon. Me.
                Dear Sugar Free Life, hang in there. You probably have some healing to do before your body will feel confident enough to give up the extra.

                p.s. those kitties are just too cute and that frittata looks good enough to make me lick my computer.


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                  Hopefully a whoosh is coming!

                  Love the pictures in your journal


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                    Those sausages looked so good!


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                      Hi sugar free life, I've just read through your journal and wanted to say well done.

                      Some of your recipes combinations are things I wouldn't have thought of... I'm certainly going to give your halva alternative a go :-)

                      One suggestion I have is to maybe stop weighing yourself daily. My worry is that being a slave to the scales causes undue stress and upset when your weight moves in the wrong direction. Do you think you could weigh weekly or fortnightly instead?

                      Just a thought :-)
                      If you're interested in my (very) occasional updates on how I'm working out and what I'm eating click here.

                      Originally posted by tfarny
                      If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least


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                        The eggs in your photo showing breakfast look fantastic. Your photos look like the meals I put together!


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                          New floor looks nice!

                          How do you make that almond/egg white cookie?

                          I have added heavy cream to the shopping list to try your frozen strawberries and cream ice cream... Thanks for that idea!


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                            Ha! I found it:
                            Almond orange florentines | Two Spoons
                            Everything changes, but nothing is truly lost. - Neil Gaiman

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                              Hello Sugarfreelife,
                              Have just had a read through your journal. You're doing great! I'm going to subscribe right now in the hope of seeing more yummy food pictures and cute kitten pictures (don't know which are better!).
                              Also love L Cohen and, funny coincidence, used to have the same Sandman quote in my email sig years ago (think it's Ovid originally?)
                              So I'll be reading and cheering you on.
                              Well and happy - Journalling a primal life in London