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    I may as well waste some quality government time while I'm deployed. I figured I would use this as a way to track my fitness and diet. I have already reached my goal weight over the course of the last 11 months of being primal. I am currently at 200 lbs, down from 245. I would like to drop some more BF while keeping my current muscle.

    Most of my meals are in the dining facility here on post, so the quality isn't always great. I do get out onto the local economy for food as well, which is an improvement. The locals love their meat here.

    So, for today:

    Breakfast - bacon, sausage and some kiwi.
    Lunch - 3 hamburger patties with swiss cheese and onions with a salad.
    Dinner - TBD

    Workout today - did a 3 mile run in the rain, barefoot with a 35 lbs rucksack on my back. Felt great, although I was a bit water-logged when it was all said and done.

    That's it for today.

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    Kudos to you, XYZ!!!
    Thanks for your service, and for keeping us safe back here<3<3<3


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      Thanks, Kuno!

      Dinner was braised ribs and salad. Not bad, but then again, not great. Getting ready to kick my feet up and have some water and Lindt 70% cocoa chocolate.


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        Breakfast today was 3 fried eggs and some bacon.
        Lunch was the local version of a Caesar Salad with chicken. No Caesar dressing, tomatoes, cucumbers and some odd sauce. Had them add extra chicken. About half way through, I noticed I got a little extra protein in the form of a really tiny slug on my cucumber. That ended the solid portion of my lunch and I opted for a nice macchiato minus slug.

        Dinner is pending.

        Workout today - Shoulders and arms at the gym.
        Over head press
        lateral raises
        bent over lateral raises
        Dumbbell upright rows
        Over head extensions
        Dumbbell curls
        Incline dumbbell curls

        Completed in 29 minutes.

        Weighed in at 197. Need to increase my food a bit to stay right around 200.


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          Dinner last night was some amazing goulash, kebab meat and grilled peppers at a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant. The goulash was just chunks of meat in a wonderful fatty broth. I did have a little of the fresh baked bread to sop up some of the broth. I also had a piece of baklava with turkish coffee afterwards. I couldn't resist. Well worth it.

          The great thing, after eating primally for almost a year, I don't get the sugar crash after a little treat. I'm sure it would come back if I made it a regular thing however.

          Breakfast this morning:
          2 fried eggs with cheese, bacon and ham. Machiato.

          Salad and 3 hamburger patties with swiss cheese and onions.

          Handful of cashews and a low-carb Monster. (I was really dragging ass due to lack of sleep lately)

          Planned workout today:
          6 mile run with 35 lbs rucksack.

          Dinner TBD.


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            Dinner last night was 3 polish sausages with 'kraut and some cauliflower.

            My workout was great. I ran 5 miles in my VFF with a 35 lbs ruck. Dropped the VFF's and did a mile barefoot with the ruck. Dropped the ruck and did another mile barefoot. Stepped on a darn rock. Hurts like a grumble grumble.

            Breakfast this morning was bacon and 3 eggs and a machiato.

            Leg day at the gym. Bleh.


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              Originally posted by XYZ View Post

              Workout today - did a 3 mile run in the rain, barefoot with a 35 lbs rucksack on my back. Felt great, although I was a bit water-logged when it was all said and done.
              That's awesome that you ran 3 miles in the rain. It is dreary here with lite rain and I must be honest... I feel quite lazy. So this motivates me to go out and run a bit!
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                You're such an animal!!!
                Be nice to your sore paw, and stay away from further slugs <3


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                  "35 lbs rucksack on my back"... haha, wow! I skipped over this part.

                  Thats a tough workout!
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                    Glad to motivate you a bit, Dosenberry. The rucksack does add a bit more effort to the runs.

                    Thanks Kuno. My moderation switch is still broken, so you get my day today.

                    Lunch was 5 pork chops with collard greens and cauliflower.

                    Got talked into doing a half marathon next week during my lunch. I was then challenged to do a 12 mile run today which I HAD to accept.

                    Due to my competitive nature, that turned into a 14 mile run in my VFF's on non-stop hills around the perimeter of the base. Needless to say, OUCH!

                    Dinner was 2 hamburger patties with onions, spinach and swiss cheese. Getting ready to have some 70% cocoa Lindt chocolate and pass out.


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                        14 miles? That's crazy talk. I will never run 14 miles in a single day ever in my entire life...

                        I hope not at least I enjoy 5K runs (3.1 miles) and plan on doing a few 10K's this summer too.
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                          I never thought I would run that far either. Just kind of happened though.

                          So today was a rest day. Had a late breakfast of eggs, bacon and chicken thighs. The chow hall does brunch on Sundays. Skipped lunch. We did a BBQ back at our rooms. I grilled 4 kilos of kebabs, as well as about 3 kilos of ribs. Also sauteed some fresh veggies in coconut oil with some seasoning. I stuffed myself with about a kilo of meat and a small helping of the veggies. Mmmmm.

                          The folks got a cake at a local bakery as well. So, I did have some of it. Pretty darn good I must say. It was more of a chocolate mousse cake with what tasted like a crust made from mainly nuts. I know there were grains and sugar in there, but I'm not going to fret over it. Especially after my run yesterday.

                          No workout today.


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                            Good idea to take a rest crazy person, you.


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                              Sunday is usually my rest day. I did some sort of activity monday through saturday this week... The round of golf on Tuesday counts

                              Eh, a small piece of dessert on a relaxed sunday will do no harm
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