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    I'm an injuneer by eddication, so appreciate those novel redneck solutions.
    My stand up desk is a similar kludge, I took an old el-cheapo kitchen storage hutch we were going to trash after moving, had to re-work the shelf and put the whole thing on bed-raisers to get to a good height for keyboard and screen. For working at my table-desk, I sit on a large exercise ball and put my pc on a wire rack to get the screen up to eye-height. Pc is a laptop and I have a separate keyboard, and move both components between table and hutch as needed.
    The Buck stops here. I am responsible for my past and my future. So for today: I choose to be happy. I will seek wisdom. I will be a servant to others. I will greet this day with a forgiving spirit.


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      I read MDA daily but rarely check the forum. Sorry!

      I'm still considering getting into the Primal Health Coach program. I've been busy the last two years with my karate training, finally passed the latest test. While I wouldn't say I'm going to relax now, I can say that I'll be spending more time at home for a while. Thus I might be able to clear the decks for a continuing education.

      I have noted in the past that the Primal lifestyle suits my martial arts perfectly, and the past couple years have cemented that opinion. Every few months we have an intensive weekend of practices. In the winter and spring it's 12 two-hour workouts over 36 hours. In the summer a similar program is spread out over 74 hours. As you can imagine, in the winter and spring there's little time for rest and food. What I've found is that on Primal it's easier to fuel up, leaving more time for rest. And fueling up isn't so urgent as it was on a non-Primal diet. Of course there's the long-lasting energy bonus.

      Changing subjects a bit...last week and this weekend were fraught with social situations where Primal wasn't really an option. I did my best but being part of the group and enjoying myself were much more important than avoiding non-Primal foods. I had a great time, but I can already feel the extra weight. My personal task for the next couple days is to adhere more strictly to the diet so I can get back to feeling my more Primal self.

      I tried stand-up paddleboarding on Thursday! It was easy getting started and, since we were all sharing the use of 2 boards, I just cruised around the area at the lake where we had set up our "camp." Once I had my sea legs, so to speak, it was time to find some speed. I found it to be a good arm-and-back workout, but others complained of tired legs after their session. I guess it depends on your individual fitness levels.

      My last item: I bought a scythe off Amazon. It's a Seymour, with aluminum snath (the bar and handles) with wicked-looking blades made in Austria. I bought one weed and one grass blade. The weed blade is shorter and thicker than the grass blade. I've been sharpening them, and hope to give it a try this weekend in my "back 40" - a 2-acre field with areas I can't mow with the tractor. Having watched some scythe videos on YouTube, I'm fairly certain it will give me a good Primal workout!