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    Hello to whoever might be reading this.

    I am journalling here in order to get some accountability for the next leg of my health journey. Also to chart any benefits I receive from my plan so as to assist others.

    Current goals:
    To lose 1 stone approx. (10 pounds down already)
    To complete a gut healing protocol
    To manage all aspects of my lifestyle responsibly so as to eliminate remaining symptoms

    I have been dong very well with health improvements in the last few months but have allowed certain problem foods back into my diet "every now and then", which soon morphed into daily additions. Fortunately I gained no weight back but I have noticed my energy levels drop, my sleep has suffered, cravings have returned, dry skin, and an array of minor symptoms.

    I have had significant health issues over the years, much of which was undiagnosed by doctors, was offered antidepressants which seems to be the UK GP strategy when they do no know what the problem is. PCOS was diagnosed a long time ago, but I suspect I also have had thyroid issues, which a holistic doctor suggested too, I have had some quite severe joint issues, digestive problems, very poor circulation, eczema, debilitating cognitive issues when my hormones were out of balance (felt as if I had had a lobotomy, would do things like go to turn off a light and forget what I was going to do whilst walking across the room), and anxiety in the last year (probably partly hormonal and partly due to the cumulative stress of dealing with health problems). All this left me unable to work intermittently over the last few years and prevented me from really living life to the full. Not really optimal at 26!

    In the past several months I have had several sessions with a QiGong practcitioner and have resumed practicing QiGong (similar to Tai Chi but specifically designed for healing), which has helped immensely, cleaned up my diet, and started exercising regularly again (had stopped for some time as energy was too low), using a breathing exercise device once a day called the "Frolov Device" which improves body oxygenation and benefits a host of conditions, and been very regimented in my sleep, cultivating a positive attitude and brain training in order to restore my mental function. I have also been using various tools to eliminate any chronic infections in the body. I am glad to say that I am now able to work easily again, my cognitive function is generally as it was pre health issues, and due to the training I am doing, has improved in some aspects, joints problems much better, digestion is no longer a process I am aware of thankfully , I am at a healthy weight although ideally I would like to lose another stone to be at a BMI of approx 21 to really keep my PCOS symptoms at bay, and my mood is much more stable, anxiety is very infrequent and I feel as if my enjoyment of life is being restored. I am also a violinist, and had to stop for several months as my joint problems were too severe, and my focus too impaired, but I am now able to play as I used to.

    The one obstacle preventing me from getting any further is my weakness for COFFEE! With lots of CREAM! Although it's not a problem for a lot of people, it seems to impact me negatively in several areas: I believe my adrenals are a little out of whack because too much caffeine or lack of sleep can make me fall into a zombie like state for several weeks. Cream also seems to cause my PCOS symptoms to get worse.

    I am cutting it out for 3 months in order to do a gut healing protocol, and really focus on balancing all aspects of my lifestyle. I have made so much progress this year, that I believe if I really clean up my act for the next several months I can eliminate the majority of my symptoms completely.

    However, certain substances like coffee have become emotional crutches for me as this has been a trying time of life, so I need to be a little more structured in my approach, hence the need for a journal. It has been my intention for some time to start a blog detailing my experiences and what has helped me as there are so many people out there at a loss for solutions when facing chronic health issues, so this can act as a warm up.

    Anyway, that is it for today. Have a good weekend!

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    Emily! I wish you good luck with getting back on track, eating healthy, loosing the last pounds and managing the symptoms.
    I am also diagnosed with PCOS and try to fix it with nutrition now... Do you take any medication or supplements?
    All the best, Paleoqueen


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      Hi Emily --

      Best of luck with your goal! I notice too that coffee & cream really starts my day off badly, it just throws me off. Tea is OK but it's just not the same.

      I'd like to hear more about your skin stuff ... that's why I've started the PB and progress seems to be slow.
      Starting weight: 195.8
      Weight at end of 21-day challenge: ???

      Goal: To free myself of food obsessions and maintain a healthy weight without DIEeting


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        Hi Paleoqueen, thanks No, not on any medication. Supplements: D3, K2, some fish oil if I eat lots of nuts or eggs, Magnesium, Vitamin C. Currently doing some probiotics and periodically will take some coq10.

        I found HIIT, both sprints and with bodyweight exercises to be great too providing I get adequate recovery and sleep, and mind body therapies like QiGong or yoga to be very helpful. I have completely put my PCOS into remission previously through a combo of the above with diet, it was only after a very stressful period, when I also became ill with glandular fever and other problems then arose did the PCOS return. There is lots of hope for you, I eliminated majority of excess hair growth to extent where it was no longer bothersome to me, acne disappeared, was really slim, so there is lots of hope! All the best with your healing.


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          Hi SeattleSlim,

          I think lots of people who try the Primal diet experience remission of skin complaints in a short period of time because the rash was caused by wheat or dairy intolerance, but if this isn't the case, I believe healing a leaky gut and investigating possible infections to be important. I believe my eczema came from gut issues and a possible gut or systemic infection, as the rashes completely healed and didn't return for 3 years when I took a rather controversial therapy called MMS which is a very strong oxidizer that kills bacteria, fungi and viruses. I did this whilst following a high fruit paleo diet very strictly, and believe that in doing so I healed my gut and eradicated any infections that contributed. I prefer a higher fat, moderate carb diet now, but I was just transitioning from a stint as a raw vegan, so I was basically high raw fruit and greens, some nuts and lots of fish.

          I would not take MMS again as it has some nasty side effects and potentially negative health consequences, so I am trying a gentler route to heal gut, high doses of very high quality probiotics, l glutamine, grapefruit seed extract, colloidal silver and a few other things to detox from bacteria, candidia etc, and a totally clean diet for several months, to heal the gut wall, get out the pathogens and repopulate the gut with healthy bacteria to prevent recurrence, which was a step I didn't take seriously enough before. I believe this is partly why my eczema returned, as it did so after a period of high stress, slightly compromised diet, and being ill with glandular fever, and I believe the fact that I had killed off a lot of the good as well as bad bacteria in my gut left me more vunerable to critters returning.

          I also found doing liver flushes every 1-2 months (I don't believe these purge gallstones from the liver in the majority of cases, only that they stimulate the liver to release stagnant bile and other debris, but whatever the mechanism, they improve my skin) and drinking chanca piedra tea or using the tincture to be a great adjunct.

          Rather a lot of information there, but I hope it's of some use to you! All the best.


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            So in recent news I have started the Shangri La Diet. Consistently focusing on reducing food intake, through portion control or calorie counting has the tendency after a couple of months to promote binges in me. Too much thinking about food not healthy!

            So chugging down the coconut oil in the morning, then eating only when hungry throughout the day. I am keen to see how this transpires after the success I have read about from others on here. Seems a stress free way to lose weight. On Day 3. Mild level of appetite suppression noticed.