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  • Skarlett hipchecking in..

    Well,hi, my name is Skarlett... I did post in the meet and greet section a short while ago but I plan to keep myself accountable and find support in the form a journal.

    I'm a full time working mother of two. My hubby(35), me(30) and our two kids(10 & 7) have started on our primal journey just this week.

    My job includes a lot of desk work but also it includes time on the water and climbing gangways.When I'm not working, I'm running the kids to school or off to after school activities, doing the homework with them...and in my spare time (oh the irony!!) I play rollerderby but I think you get the picture I'm constantly on the go,quick and easy meals were the norm but were usually loaded with carbs.

    Hubby and I decided to go primal for multiple reasons, my own reasons include the fact I have been overweight a majority of my life due to side effects of almost lifelong medicating and I have tried almost every diet known to man, yes some worked but only temporarily.

    Up until November last year I was walking 5kms every morning and attending 2 x 2hr derby training sessions a week, unfortunately I suffered a severe ligament injury in my ankle. No walking, no derby = Unhappy Skarlett and unwanted kilos sneaking back on.

    However, I am now back on my skates,have started walking on a daily basis again and have changed to a primal way of life. Long story short, I just want to be fit, healthy and happy!!!

    My start weight was 94kg (207lbs) and I am 5'9. I would be happy to get down 80kg (176lbs) I havent been that light since high school.

    A step back in time might be just what I need for a healthier future.

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    Welcome to the forums! I hope your journey will be a successful one!
    “There are only two options regarding commitment, You’re either in or your out. There’s no such thing as life in between.” – Anonymous

    "Das Beste oder nichts" - Gottlieb Wilhelm Daimler


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      Hi Skarlett, I knew you were a derby girl by your "hipchecking" post title I love derby, I tried to do it but my 50 yr old knees couldn't take it. I wish I had started when I was your age! You sound like a very active person, great that your hubby is going primal too! I wish mine would.

      Good luck on your exciting journey!


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        @Primal Primate, thanks! 5 days in and I am already feeling better and the work pants aren't so snug.
        @Cave Bird, I love derby! I have only been doing it for almost 12 months well 9 months if you exclude the three months off due to injury. It was actually my hubby who suggested we change to a primal lifestyle. I had heard about it as one of my derby gals have been primal for quite some time now.


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          Day #5 on the primal trek...just a quick post to keep myself accountable.

          Breakfast was yummo...omelette of sorts with onion, carrot, capsicum, broccoli and beef fillet strips - prepared my hubby. Followed by one black coffee.
          Lunch was simple but fulfilling...salmon, avocado and baby spinach with a couple of medjool dates.
          Snacked on some dried apple and goji berries.
          Few cups of green jasmine tea.

          After work, derby training for two hours all in preparation for what the weekend holds......ROLLERDERBY BOOTCAMP!!! We have two reps from our state league visiting our small town league to drill us for two days. (And no it's not that type of drilling! ) I'm a little excited can't you tell.

          After derby training, it was back to work for a couple of hours (I work a really weird roster) luckily hubby had packed my dinner which consisted of marinated chicken breast (skinless, of course!) and steamed veg.

          Well, its 1130pm here and I need my beauty sleep so I can have my gameface on for bootcamp tomorrow.

          G'night all ~ Skarlett


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            Enjoy that bootcamp! Sounds like a blast! Skating is so much fun, and such good exercise. Maybe as I start to get stronger, i'll put my skates back are my derby inspiration!

            Skate on, girl!


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              So, the weekend is done and dusted but oh my gosh - AWESOME!! I have walked away from derby bootcamp with no significant injury other than a bruised tailbone, few bruises and exhaustion. A few new skills under my belt and happy to say my small league had its first scrimmage and my team coming out on top for the win.

              Foodwise, stayed primal on Saturday -
              Breakfast - Protein shake with chia seeds and banana
              Lunch - Cold meat and salad
              Dinner - Roast beef with a salad of silverbeet, roasted carrot and beetroot .(My husband is very creative with salads)
              Snacks - Fruit(honeydew, kiwi fruit and orange) and nut & seed mix.

              Sunday(Mother's Day) -
              My kids cooked me a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs with a side of spinach, avocado, chilli and cashews with black coffee.
              Lunch - Cold meat and salad
              Dinner - Roast chicken and veg.
              Snacks - Banana and nut & seed mix
              My kids havent quite switched or fully understand primal and bought Mum chocolate for Mother's Day. So I will admit I had a chocolate with my coffee in the afternoon after bootcamp.
              Hubby and kids made their own beef jerky yesterday, 2 different batches, one without chilli for the kids. Extremely tasty, I must say, good effort for thier first attempt.

              Today I am doing my first IF since converting to a primal lifestyle and end IF with an evening meal.

              I jumped on the scales this morning for the first time since choosing to convert to a more primal diet and I was happy to see I have lost 2kg (4.4lbs) in the past week and I feel great. I think there was only one day last week when I woke up and felt like I was experiencing what some describe as the "carb flu".

              Well, I better get back to work. Grok on!



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                Great job! congrats on the 4.4 lbs and your fantastic skating weekend! Your food sounds so good...How did your hubby make the beef jerky? Do you need a dehyrdator? I would like to try doing that too.


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                  @Cave Bird, thanks! Yes, we purchased a dehydrator a couple of weeks ago. Before the jerky I had dried some banana and some apple.

                  Homemade Jerky

                  Hubby purchased some blade steak(beef) then sliced into strips approximately 5-6cms long.
                  Marinated the strips in the below over night -

                  Tamari Soy sauce
                  Tamari Oyster Sauce
                  Roasted Cumin and Fennel seeds
                  Fresh Red and Green Chilli
                  Garlic cloves

                  Hubby then placed beef strips in the dehydrator, set it to the highest setting and allow to dry for 5-6 hours. Yummo!!!!


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                    Yeah, I know I havent checked in for...I dont know a week maybe. Things are going super on my family's primal trek so far. Tonight I made spaghetti with zuchinni noodles....delicious. My son(7) was trying to pull a swift one on me, "I'm full". "Dude, you love Mum's spaghetti." "Oh, that what it is." Needless to say he ate the lot.
                    I have some silverside in the slow cooker, to cook overnight and I'm happy to say my Paleo Slow Cookbook arrived in the post today. I don't know if I have mentioned it, my family and I we live in a small remote town so I have to order a lot of my dry goods online. They have been arriving in dribs and drabs...coconut oil one day, almond meal the next, cacao's like Christmas Day every second day when I get home from work.
                    Since our primal trek has began hubby and I refound our love of fresh herbs, so much so that hubby and the kids have started growing their own herbs, even attempting to grow a few vegetables including carrots, tomatoes, chilli and brocoli. All in pots mind you, the soil in our town is just too dry and dusty to be grown straight in the ground.

                    Stepped on the scales this morning, halfway through our third week primal...I'm down 7lbs now but most importantly I feel good.
                    I'll admit I'm pretty exhausted today but that's from not sleeping well the past two nights, my daughter even told me how tired I look today. Kids, they are always blatantly truthful.

                    I'm off to try catch some zzzzz!! G'night Skarlett