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  • One last time.............

    REALLY..I am only doing this because I know what I know, and what I know is that my health has to be the driving edge in whatever time I have left here.

    I am 66 years old, and was recently diagnosed with Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. I had some pain in my upper left abdominal quadrant, and thought I might have either pancreatitis or something worse. I went for all the tests, including a liver biopsy. Thankfully, they were all okay except for the biopsy. It showed some large fatty deposits. So hence...another return to sane eating, exercise and living with the idea that life can be fun. All terrifying thoughts!!

    I have been a Dentist for 40 years, and also work 4 other Wellness jobs helping recovering health professionals. All these are rewarding. All of these stressful. All of these have opportunity for nutrition abuse and sugar sucking comfort food abuse.

    Anyway, in another time, 56 years ago, I weighed 164 lbs in a 6ft.4 in. Frame. By the time I was a senior in Dental school I weighed 301. I yo-yo dieted and exercised for for 20 years. I kept two closets with two complete wardrobes. My kids joked about my Fat clothes or my skinny clothes.

    Being a scientist by nature, I investigated Atkins, even read louis early on, but settled on CRON as the means to keeping my weight off. I managed to get to 200lbs and maintained that while weight training and some cardio. I WAS NEVER, NEVER HAPPY, AND EVERY OUNCE OF MY BEING WAS DEVOTED TO KEEPING MY WEIGHT OFF.


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    You can do it mikegee! Its never too late to turn things around. One of the things about his lifestyle I love, is that I don't feel deprived. You can enjoy delicious real food and not feel restricted. Best wishes on your journey!
    My journal:


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      Hey mikegee2,

      First off welcome to the forums! Having read your opening journal entry it strikes me that you are coming at this from a place of desperation and there you are not alone - I think many of us turned to the Primal Lifestyle in the same circumstances. I think it is great you have already started doing some research into the lifestyle and the eating habits. I would suggest picking up a copy (if you haven't already) of Mark Sission's book Primal Blueprint and also looking into some of the other bodies of work on the topic - Robb Wolf's book The Paleo Solution and Dean Dwyer's book Make Shi(f)t Happen are both really good as well. I would also suggest that you keep to the guidelines in terms of eating and such until you are really comfortable with the lifestyle and then feel free to tinker with all the other stuff. Also remember you know your body better than anyone - pay attention to how you feel and you will do just fine in this lifestyle. Again welcome to the forum and I wish you well on your journey!
      “There are only two options regarding commitment, You’re either in or your out. There’s no such thing as life in between.” – Anonymous

      "Das Beste oder nichts" - Gottlieb Wilhelm Daimler


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        OKAY...... So about 2 years ago I suffered a pretty bad family tragedy. I guess all of these are bad. I was overwhelmed emotionally, and began to eat everything I had not had in 2 years. I disregarded my own spiritual council as well as the opinions and concerns of family members. I was back up to 285 last November, 2012. That's when I became symptomatic. I knew that I would be unable to continue the CRON, as I was left with too many cravings. I visited my old books that Louis had written, and eventually found MDA. I was EXTREMELY SKEPTICAL about any scientific basis for PLAY in my new thinking, but even more than the nutritional lifestyle changes which i had have over 30 years of experience in, this FUN concept has changed my life. Not all at once, but it has had the most impact. It has had the most effect and has made the rest not only palatable, but interesting. I am still obsessed with weight, as I am trying to lose, and I am still obsessed with obsession itself. Babysteps

        November 2012 285 lbs 46 inch waist
        May 9, 2013 241 lbs 42 inch waist
        But Best all.Serenity level 8.5/10

        more later


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          Thanks for your kind encouragement !


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            One of the things that impressed me with the foods available for this way of eating and the nutrition involved is that I was able to control my binging urges. I still have them, but they seem to be controllable. I am hoping that they may fall off over time as they cause me worry, and the worry always caused me to seek out sugar.

            Exercise is helping this time, and I am trying to vary enough exercises to keep it fun. At my age the chair is always calling, and I have to fight the urge be still.


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              Well Mother's day came and went with the same fanfare that it always entire family goes to this fancy smorgasbord for lunch. It was easy to eat "primal" with plenty of bacon eggs, shellfish, veggies, etc. But the desserts! I was weak, and paid for it by being full and bloated. This is different from satiated, which is how I felt before the dessert table!. I didn't eat supper except for a red grapefruit, and am still bloated and full today. My intent is to stay hydrated today and eat as little as possible, with my exercise restricted to slow walking this afternoon.

              Failure is not an option..just my mantra for this day only.


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                Well, an interesting thing happened yesterday. My CATCAT, a feralblack male about three years old with a HUGE lion mane refused to eat his Kibbles and Bits. He just looked at me and sat, then want to go back out. I saw him catch devour a substantial lizard at the screened in patio. He really loved that thing, even picking up the still wriggling tail off the stone and eating it as well. I had been eating some raspberries and put a few on his plate to entice him to eat the cat food I sat out. He did not. I threw the berries out into the grass. A while later I saw him eating the raspberries. This proves nothing, except cats WILL eat anything if they so choose. But it got me thinking...I seldom think about not eating a biscuit, or a potato casserole. I migrate towards the simple, easy to fix (meat) and berries. Mostly the meat. So after watching him and thinking, I ate half of my wife's filet that was marinating in a little red wine...RAW. It was simple, tasted good I was satiated. Thanks CATCAT


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                  I couldn't get the cats to eat leftover egg whites, so now I throw them away instead of feeding them to my boyfriend.


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                    Well I weighed while ago for the week and found that I had broken the 240 barrier that I had been up and down on for a wile. While it's only 239.5, I am buoyed at this plateau break as it took me a month and a half to eat through 240. I am shooting for 190, where i was comfortable for so many years. Now that I Know I can =, I can again.


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                      Originally posted by eKatherine View Post
                      I couldn't get the cats to eat leftover egg whites, so now I throw them away instead of feeding them to my boyfriend.
                      Funny thing about eggs...... I am losing my taste for the. I cannot figure out why.
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                        I have really enjoyed PaleoBird's thread on carnivorousness. What was interesting to me is her eating pattern. I eat three meals/day, as habit only. Large meat and eggs at about 9:00 am, then usually some chicken or pork thingy with a few carbs at noon, then a light supper small portion meat and veggie foe supper at 6: then nothing after. I have no idea why I do this. I am never hungry in between meals, and don't snack.

                        My wife eats CRON, and has for years, and she is truly a BIRD sized woman. In fact I call her "mon petit oiseau". ANYWAY: she says I eat too much. I am wondering, are my lifetime habits causing me to eat too much? What would my my life be like on say, a grazing all day diet? would I over eat? What if I ate only once a day? Would I overeat? Obviously I am over thinking.


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                          Lotsa good stuff this weekend about how to eat. But this am, I am going for a bike ride after church with some pals in an old park. SHould be fun. I am preparing by taking a KIND bar with me and and some jerky. I feel foolish taking food with me, but I know my body well enough to know there will be some small need for it either during or immediately After.

                          I am trying to use my wedding ring and my belt instead of the scales. I would like to lose those last pounds, but I am trying to be positive and just review my daily plans for having a little fun in the face of work, and trying to eat as I have been taught and as I have continued to learn


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                            I ate some fresh coconut this am, right out of the broken shell. It filled up my throat and I thought I would choke on it. Feel pretty ful. Ate 1/2 of a small rack of ribs cooked yesterday about 10:30today. Today is my day away from the gym, and over to the track. However, I am just climbing the steps on the stadium entrance to do my cardio for today.