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    Yes, the longer I eat this way the more and more I notice the quality (or otherwise) of the food available for purchase. And the more it seems worth either spending the extra money for the better quality or the time to produce it myself. I bought an apple tree today - that's a longterm investment but in future will give us apples that grocery money cannot buy. I hope.

    Sorry bout the sunburn, and the wheat reactions. I have eaten cake over the weekend (my dd made it and I did not choose to resist it). i admit it was delicious, but now I am so glad to be back to grain-free eating.
    Annie Ups the Ante


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      I agree, Annieh -- our tastes have certainly changed since we started eating good food. It's affected my sense of smell too.

      What kind of apple tree did you get? I've been reading good things lately about heritage apples and people who are trying to save them...


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        It's an Egremont Russet. Supposed to be fairly easy to care for with a good crop, so that sounding like a good starter tree for me.
        Annie Ups the Ante


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          Here's the recipe for the homerun granola I made for the family:


          This morning, inspired by MasterChef, I made some Eggs Stacy. (We were out of spinach, and used bacon instead of sausage.) It was delicious, but I would have been eliminated on MasterChef because the hollandaise sauce broke twice! More practice, then!

          It's kinda cool because 2 months ago, I could barely cook. It wasn't for lack of skill, rather it was because I felt overwhelmed and sick. Now things are very different, and we are slowly learning how to manage meals now. It's much easier to pop into the kitchen and make something!

          For our third month Primal/Paleo I need to find more "cold" recipes since it's so hot outside. We need to whip our food budget into control, since the "learning leeway" we have had up til now is almost gone. Our family is also going on a trip, so I'm hoping we can get through the trip with good food.

          Breakfast: Eggs Stacy
          Lunch: Bubbles N' Squeak (planned)
          Dinner: What's-in-the-Fridge Soup (planned)


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            We took a trip to visit family, and it was an interesting experience staying Paleo while traveling. The hardest part was helping our kids not feel deprived. We ate out a lot so they were faced with their favorites like pizza and hamburgers without GF bread.

            Our next trip, we'll make sure to pack a cooler and fill it with GF bread when we go out to eat. A trip to Whole Foods at the beginning would have saved us more time and trouble with the kids.

            I also found myself eating more chocolate than I care to. The food I had either wasn't enough in calories or didn't have enough good fats in it. My skin was puffy from not drinking enough water. Next time I will pay more attention to what I'm drinking and be sure to have a bottle with me at all times.

            We did manage to borrow an electric skillet from my parents and cook a few hotel room meals. Steak and salad, eggs and bacon -- but we were so busy on the trip I barely had time to do that. Next time we'll make sure to have a rest day or something.

            My parents were skeptical about us going paleo but mom tried her best to cook good Paleo meals when we visited. It didn't come naturally to her but I'm proud of her putting in an effort.

            Now that we're back, I appreciate my kitchen so much more!! It feels so good to be back with my tools and my familiar foods!!


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              This past week was horrible. I


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                Eh, hard to type on iPod :P --

                This past week I was under so much stress from working that I couldn't work, and I didn't have the energy to cook either. It was awful -- I ended up eating a lot of sugar from quick GF treats. It was a self-defeating cycle.

                Now it's clear that I need to learn how to manage the stress side of my health. Fortunately I work as a freelancer so I'm able to decide what I take on. Hopefully this coming week will be better!


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                  Cutting out sugar is working well so far. I'm feeling more myself every day!

                  I still eat fruits but go for whole ones, not dried. Today was a bit carby and light since my husband cooked and because yesterday we stuffed ourselves on chicken. :P

                  Breakfast: Frozen banana

                  Lunch: Beef Applegate hot dog spinach salad with homemade mashed potatoes

                  Dinner: Tuna and leftover rice stir fry

                  Snacks: carrots, beef jerky

                  It's been frustrating finding a good bag of baby carrots at the store. They seem to always be moldy when we get them. I tried getting regular carrots but tend to forget to cut them up. My husband said that when he was younger, his grandmother would keep cut carrots soaked in water, so whenever he was hungry, they'd be in the fridge.

                  Next time we go to the food store I should prep the carrots as soon as we get home so I don't forget.


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                    I'm still alive! The job I have now is really stressful. I had to take a timeout.

                    We're still eating primal/paleo but I haven't been in the mood to cook new recipes for weeks. Our meals are usually simple salads, meats and veggies although gluten-free bread and rice is in our diet.

                    In the future I'll make sure that the freelance jobs I take on have a timeline that gives me more time to cook and brings less stress for us!