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    Seems like it's my turn to suffer the virus that's been making its rounds here. :/ I had a 5 hour nap today and still feel pretty icky. My appetite has been waxing and waning all day -- yet I don't feel as bad as other family members still eating grains and sugar. Interesting.

    It also seems we don't have enough meat on hand for all of our needs. Per-primal we would have one type of meat a day and make do for other meals. Now we're really feeling the missing calories from pasta and bread. Maybe we should add one more "lightweight" protein for lunches (deli meat, jerky?) and depend more on veggies and "good" carbs to stretch things out.

    I wish healthy food was as easily accessible and affordable as SAD food. We'll find a way to make this happen somehow. I don't want to return to how I felt 3 weeks ago :/

    Breakfast: Navel orange
    Lunch: Leftover chicken curry with rice
    Dinner: Piece of ahi tuna steak with romaine salad and homemade mayo
    Snacks: Cucumber with guacamole hummus


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      My immune system seems to be improving -- I feel pretty good after only one day of sleeping a lot. Other family members still on SAD fared much worse. Hope to get them fully on board in time.

      Someone (Mark? It's late :P) recently wrote that its very important to bring kids on board to eating well because they need the foundation. That's our struggle -- not having enough food for everyone without resorting to cheap calories from grains. Meat is so expensive and the kids hate veggies.

      Maybe I should try baking the tapioca pizza crust and cutting it up as a "loaf" to keep on hand? It's tough because a lot of Paleo kids' recipes online tends to have "cheat" foods like sugar or other things mixed in. It's not a bad thing but surely there are other flavorful ways to satisfy their palate?

      One great thing that's been happening is that I enjoy cooking much more now. Eating good food makes me feel good, and more motivated to cook!

      Breakfast:Sir-fry steak and eggs (very filling!) (1/3)
      Lunch: Green Food Protein "shake" (one of the trial packets we harvested from the store. I would still rather eat my calories not drink them.)
      Dinner: Big Salad (turkey hamburger, red bell pepper, spinach, avocado, pickles) Luscious Banana Shake (Didn't get enough calories during the day so was ravenous.)(2/3 for hamburger. We used Lipton Onion packets for flavoring)
      Snacks: Almonds and carrots


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        This morning I got hit with a headache. I thought maybe I was hungry so made some coconut whiskers (recipe link coming soon). It was pretty good - 2 out of 3 kids liked it. I used about 1/4 c coconut sugar instead of the 1/2 cup the recipe asked for. The headache became a migraine so I gave up and took meds. The rest of the day didn't go too well, was moody and grumpy.

        We went out to eat and I had a hard time finding something I liked. Almost everything at the restaurant we went to was overpriced and had at least one thing I wasn't supposed to eat. Finally I ordered seaweed salad, which had rice vinegar but by that point I didn't care anymore.

        By evening chocolate and sweets cravings set in so I had some leftover cake and frozen bananas. Someone said that watermelons are nature's candy. I think bananas are too, especially frozen.

        It's probably carb flu. I need to plan ahead a little better. Tomorrow I just want to cocoon and cook good food.

        Breakfast: Coconut Whiskers and Fried Egg
        Lunch: Failed Texas Ribs (learning experience!) and Big Salad
        Dinner: Seaweed Salad, Frozen Coconut Choc Cake and Bananas
        Snacks: Almonds, Carrots, Cucumber with Guacamole Hummus
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          Today was a dreary, cloudy day, with a matching mood for me. I didn't feel like eating much. All I want to do is go outside in the sunshine.

          Breakfast: Failed banana almond meal pancakes (skillet temperature was too low, and I broke the recipe )
          Lunch: Dried pineapple and 3 bites of dark baking chocolate
          Dinner: Coconut chicken fingers (3/3, finally! Feels good to have a recipe succeed.) plus spinach broccoli slaw salad with homemade dressing.
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            We've hit 4 weeks of Primal! It's been a great ride so far and I'm thrilled that we've been able to go outside so much more. I only had to use my inhaler twice for asthma this month.

            This month's positives: More energy, better health. It's like the saying goes -- cooking well and feeling good is a positive feedback loop.

            Challenges: Getting kids on board, not breaking recipes, $ investment in new food and kitchen equipment.

            Goals for next month:

            - Stay on budget for food
            - Find 5 recipes the kids like
            - More filling, complete meals during the day so not hungry at night

            Today's meals:

            Breakfast: Luscious Banana Smoothie
            Lunch: Baby Carrots
            Dinner: 2 Slices of pizza with the FTC Crust and Cucumbers with Guacamole.

            (I need to eat more during the day, since I get hungry at night. It's too easy to put off food when working.)

            Onward to the next milestone!
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              What a tough week! I ran out of 5-HTP (serotonin precursor) and my mood took a dive with the rainy, dark weather. My body started gaining weight and craving sweets. I don't have a scale but can tell by how my belly feels/looks. (TMI alert: Having twins left me with loose skin there, so it's a pretty good 'meter.')

              Time to 1) stick to my supplements and 2) ditch the calorie counter! I was eating too few calories over the long run and not listening to my body when it sent hunger signals. The counter helped me learn what nutrients/foods were needed but it's time to take the training wheels off and ride on my own.

              Breakfast: Luscious Banana Shake (0/3)
              Lunch: Bok Choy Stirfry (0/3)
              Dinner: Applegate Stadium Hot Dogs with Spinach salad (3/3 but kids ate them with buns)
              Snack: Coconut Biscuits, Baby Carrots and Guacamole (discovered that with the right seasoning avocado is delicious on its own!)


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                Ayumi, I LOVE your journal and so happy for you to be enjoying the health benefits of primal as well as the getting into the cooking side. Thanks for posting all your recipe experiments, there are so many great ideas there.

                I have been following primal almost a year and only just starting to branch out more now. Today I made fake cornbread muffins, my daughter ate three so maybe your children would like them.

                That chocolate cakes has NINE eggs!! Was it really like cake? My muffins had two eggs in just six muffins so they were definitely primal but also seemed more like quiche than cake if you know what I mean.
                Annie Ups the Ante


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                  Annieh I'm glad you enjoy reading so far Do you have the recipe for the cornbread muffins? My kids might like them. I tried other recipes but they were too eggy and the kids didn't like them.

                  The cake wasn't too sweet at first taste but I figured out that strawberry filling adds pop to the chocolate. The texture is like a sponge cake and freezes very well. We used the hot fudge as "frosting" - yum!


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                    Yesterday I learned that it's possible to overdose on paleo baked goods, even if it's in the interests of bringing kids on board. Woke up with a puffy face this morning... :P Back to delicious meat and veggies!

                    Yesterday's meals/snacks: Coconut whiskers, tapioca flour pizza, parsnip hummus, GF bread with paleo rhubarb strawberry jam and some other stuff I can't remember now.
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                      Originally posted by ayumi View Post
                      Annieh I'm glad you enjoy reading so far Do you have the recipe for the cornbread muffins? My kids might like them. I tried other recipes but they were too eggy and the kids didn't like them.

                      The cake wasn't too sweet at first taste but I figured out that strawberry filling adds pop to the chocolate. The texture is like a sponge cake and freezes very well. We used the hot fudge as "frosting" - yum!
                      Paleo Cornbread Muffins (Cornless Cornbread!) - Empowered Sustenance

                      Ayumi, here's the link to the recipe. I added some cinnamon and substituted lemon juice for the vinegar and they were ok, but be warned my family found them too eggy also.
                      Annie Ups the Ante


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                        Thank you for the recipe! I like the applesauce used as sweetener. The picture doesn't look too eggy. We may try it sometime soon!


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                          Things have been really busy so I'm finding less and less time to do the journal!

                          My sons decided to go without wheat or gluten for three days, starting today. I told them to try one week but one week is apparently forever for their age. So far they're holding up pretty well! It's forced my husband and I to think what snacks will tide them over to meals. So far we're relying on dried fruits, jerky, and making sure they get plenty of food in their meals.

                          I also promised them GF brownies if they make it through three days. Hope they keep their eyes on the prize!


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                            The boys made it to 3 days! The brownies were delicious but definitely a paleo "cheat" -- first ingredient was cane sugar. :P

                            Here's a picture of the buffalo femur we had for a snack today. Everyone was a little suspicious of it, so I ate up what they didn't want and put the bones in the crock pot for buffalo stock.

                            photo (18).jpg


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                              The buffalo femur made fantastic broth! All nice and gelatin-y after a night in the slow-cooker.

                              Yesterday I thought something was wrong when the larger femur bone and half of the medium bone didn't go gloopy in the middle. Later I realized that the bone near the tip of the femur had more "infrastructure" to support weight. Next time we'll get more marrow bones from the midsection. This was a fun culinary adventure!

                              Since our boys finished the 3-day paleo experiment, they said they weren't sure of they wanted to continue. I asked one of them why, and he said it was because he wanted to eat bread and cereal. I told him that there's lots of different gluten-free breads and cereals. He seems ok with it so far, but we have to be on top of our game in feeding them.

                              It's challenging because they ask for the baked goods that they liked before, and it tends to be sugary. I have a hard time turning down what I cook for them -- it's usually no problem because I know it'll make me sick, but chocolate GFCF brownies is very difficult to say no to. I had two or three yesterday and I'm not supposed to eat chocolate. (It makes me break out and those boxed mixes tend to have lots of sugar.)

                              It's hard to keep exercising self-will all of the time, especially when under stress. That's why I would rather they continue with GF foods even though they might be expensive -- in a weaker moment it's still ok for me to eat and cuts down on cross-contamination. We will see how long we can hold off on wheat.

                              We are also still figuring out how to plan a menu. I figured out that having a plan makes it easier for my husband to cook meals while I'm working. Tomorrow or Sunday we'll probably sit down and figure out a week's menu...

                              Today's meals:

                              Breakfast: Mixed fruit smoothie with homemade coconut milk and avocado
                              Post-exercise snack: 1 fried egg
                              Lunch: Personal pizza with tapioca crust -- red peppers, onions, and pepperoni topping.
                              Dinner: Big Salad with rotisserie chicken and Bubbies pickles
                              Dessert: 2 GFCF blueberry muffins


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                                The boys wanted to eat regular bread and cereal so we bought some about 2 days ago. Yesterday I noticed their behavior had changed for the worse and that some physical symptoms were returning. We're going to slowly phase out the wheat again, hopefully they won't feel too deprived this time around.

                                I also had a tiny bit of wheat bread yesterday and the effects were immediate! My head hurt for a few minutes. I'm not sure if I was imagining things but I'm not up for trying it again.

                                We went shopping at Trader Joe's Sat, picking up a few things. My husband remarked that he noticed that the bananas and other things were of a lower quality. TJ's has good prices but how they reach those prices in terms of food quality isn't good.

                                I've been throwing out some freshly bought TJ stuff already because it tastes cheap. It was a bit surprising to realize that. I guess after going to a good co-op for a while now we are spoiled.

                                Today I actually got sunburnt on my shoulders! We were outside at the park playing and then laid out in the sun a little. I guess my shoulders bore the brunt of it -- oops! Been putting coconut oil on the burns for relief. Hopefully it won't get too damaged there :/

                                Breakfast: Luscious Banana Shake
                                Lunch: Deli Lettuce Wrap with homemade mayo*
                                Dinner: Ground Chicken Curry

                                Snacks: Grapes, Cashew Trail Mix, Pickle, and Carrots/Celery with Guacamole Hummus

                                *Homemade paleo mayo is fun and easy to make! Just toss 1 egg with 1 tsp mustard in a blender, turn on low, then dribble in 1 cup extra light tasting olive oil as it blends. Add salt to taste. Pour it in a jar, close tight, and refrigerate. Keeps for a week or so. I like the sardine version as well!