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    Hi everyone! I'll properly introduce myself in the other thread, but in the meantime, my name is Kristen. I'm 26 years old and ready to finally make some serious changes in my life!

    A few weeks ago I bought the Primal Blueprint, 21 Day Total Body Transformation, 90 Day Experiment, and the 30-minute meals cookbook. I started reading through a little of everything and noticed I was educating myself (which is great!) but I haven't been acting on it! Thus, yesterday I decided to start the 21 Day Total Body Transformation while I continue reading. I'll post my entry for day one below, and then in a separate post I will continue with today's entry:

    Day 1 Journal

    Success Score (1-10): 8

    Kitchen/Pantry Purge
    Hardest Part: Living at home with my parents doesn't allow me to purge ANY of the food in my house
    Best part: Identifying the foods I need to avoid
    Comments: A little overwhelmed at the idea of working hard to avoid the SAD foods in my house

    Restock Preparation
    Primal shopping resources: Local grocery store (have yet to look into farmer's markets, etc.) - will start to do some research
    Comments: I spent $70 on healthy food that should hopefully get me through this week (hot sausage, chicken breast, spaghetti squash, diced tomatoes, various fruits and veggies, etc.)

    Increase Daily Movement
    Ways you can increase daily movement over the long-term:
    1 Add movement in during my work day (don't sit for long periods of time)
    2 Continue going to CrossFit 3-5 days per week
    3 Increase running and cycling
    4 Start going for walks with my family
    5 Increase mobility with stretching and foam rolling

    Describe today's movement endeavors (morning, mid-day, evening stroll, etc.):
    1 Two-mile jog
    2 CrossFit strength skill (Olympic Snatch & Olympic Clean & Jerk)
    3 CrossFit WOD (which included another 1-mile run with a 25# sandbag, handstand pushups, and double unders)

    Primal Essentials
    Items acquired today: Used my 30-min meals cookbook
    Comments: I didn't really aquire any Primal essentials. I already have a ton of workout clothes, two pairs of Vibrams, kitchen basics, etc. Now I just need to put everything to use!

    Summary Comments
    Daily energy levels 1-10: 7
    Hunger level between meals 1-10: 6
    Satisfaction level with meals 1-10: 10
    Struggles today with Primal efforts: I ate "perfectly" all day except for a Lara bar and Ben & Jerry's Half Baked ice cream for dessert (I probably had one serving). UGH! Starting Day 1 with a bang...::sarcasm::
    Benefits noticed from Primal efforts: Felt satisfied with extra protein
    Daily highlight(s): Cooked dinner for my boyfriend and myself, and had my lunch cooked the day before - I felt prepared for a change
    Daily needs-to-improve: No more ice cream (and have a Lara bar as an emergency snack, even though I know it's not Primal).

    I'm going to start posting what I eat. I can't remember everything I ate yesterday but here is what I can remember:

    L- Chicken breast with avocado, bacon, spinach, tomato, and a little mayo
    D- Spaghetti squash with hot sausage, diced tomatoes w/ garlic and basal, and spinach
    Snacks- Lara bar, pistachios/almonds
    Ice Cream
    I also drank coffee w/ SAD creamer

    Little by little I will make some major changes!
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    Day 2 (a day late)

    Day 2 Journal

    Success Score (1-10): 8

    Primal Shopping Spree
    Stores visited: Hannaford (went a few days ago)
    Hardest part: Figuring out how much food to get without wasting any throughout the week
    Best part: Satisfaction of knowing I bought healthy food!
    Comments: So far I'm taking things very slowly. I haven't been able to branch out and start taking advantage of other Primal shopping opportunities, but I will make it a point to do it soon!

    Moderate Duration Aerobic Workout
    Location/Activity/Duration: 5 minute light row and CrossFit
    Comments: I didn't get a chance to get an MDAW in today because I didn't look at my Day 2 Challenges until 4:30pm! I went to CrossFit this morning though and since it was a skill day, I only rowed lightly, worked on a lift, and did sit-ups. I'll try for more tomorrow!

    Calm, Relaxing Evening
    Suggestions you followed: Dimmed the lights
    Hardest part: Getting off my lap top and turning off my iPhone
    Best part: None
    Comments: I didn't allow myself to unwind after a long day. I stayed glued to my computer until my eyes were burning and then fell asleep. Definitely need to make some changes in the Calm, Relaxing Evening department!

    Summary Comments
    Daily energy levels 1-10: 7
    Hunger level between meals 1-10: 5
    Satisfaction level with meals 1-10: 10
    Struggles today with Primal efforts: Relaxing before bed, getting a good workout in
    Benefits noticed from Primal efforts: Only two days of primal eating and I am already feeling better!
    Daily highlight(s): My morning smoothie
    Daily needs-to-improve: Turn off all electronics after a certain time!


    B- Smoothie w/ 16oz almond milk, handful of spinach, half an avocado, small banana, less than a cup of blueberries, less than a cup of raspberries, and probably at least 3 tbsp almond butter (I went WAY overboard)...and then proceeded to spoon the rest out of the container and eat it while my smoothie was blending.

    L- 3 eggs with onions, mushrooms, spinach, and tomatoes; 4 slices of bacon; cup of Kombucha Raspberry Chia (I don't think this is Primal)

    **I drank at least 4 cups of coffee w/ SAD creamer** (need to cut back)

    Snacks: Lara bar, pistachios, almonds

    D- Chicken fajitas w/ onions, yellow & orange peppers, and spinach; 1 cup of gingerberry kombucha