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    You are probably right Katherine that she is not doing it on a conscious level. It is also up to me to be more mindful of what she is doing.


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      Day 8 - Wednesday 15 May

      Another good day today and fully primal. I woke up feeling quite chipper this morning and even managed to walk to work albeit slowly with a few stops on shops on the way to buy birthday cards. I felt quite good all day too, not hungry in between meals. I must though drink more water. I find that when I get busy at work, I tend not to drink so much as I forget and then wonder why I have a headache and dry mouth!

      Breakfast: 3 boiled eggs, 2 slices of ham and large tomato
      Lunch: two turkey breast steaks that I had marinated in tikka paste before cooking and two large tomatoes (I bought quite a lot of those tomatoes I can tell you)
      Supper: smoothie made up of berries, 2 tbsp greek yogurt, water and a shaked of dessicated coconut for a touch of sweetness)

      Water, tea and herb tea throughout the day.

      I had to visit the doctor's surgery today an action which I particularly hate. I had had my blood pressured measured at the gym at work and it was quite high. I decided to go to the docs to get some tablets to bring it down as I would like to do more exercise but don't want to put myself at risk at the same time. The doc also asked me to go for a blood test for liver, kidney, blood cholestoral etc as I had not had one for years (I don't go to the docs very much). I also have to have an ECG at some point.

      Well she has put me on blood pressure tablets which obviously I am not happy about but requires urgent attention. She said I could get side affects (another reason not to take pills) like a dry cough and dizziness which will be something for me to look forward to . The doc also said to see her again soon to see how I am getting on with the pills and, if they are causing me problems, she will look at another type for me.

      I suppose it comes to us all but I would like to get myself healthy so that I won't have to take tablets. I am guessing the next round will be to put me on statins which I am not going to do just yet. Going primal should help with lowering my cholesterol naturally.
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        Day 9 Thursday 16 May

        An odd day today. I had to go to the local hospital for blood tests. My doctor wants the full spectrum so that she can assess my "healthy-ness". The man who took my blood has left me with the most enormous bruise in the crook of my arm. I have given blood to the transfusion service for donkey's years but never have I been bruised like this. Anyway, I got to work feeling very hungry as I had fasted from the previous evening after having not too much to eat (a smoothie) and thought I had better eat something quick.

        Breafast (at 11 am): two slices of ham and a small piece of cake
        Lunch: tikka turkey steaks with some salad
        Supper: small bag of unsalted cashews, 4 small spicy chicken kebabs, 6 small meatballs (I was hungry!) I also had 3 small bottles of cider due to my rebelling against having to take the pills.

        I had the cake as it was my friend's birthday and I also felt I needed the sugar as I was feeling quite light-headed. The cider I did not plan but I have such a rebellious streak and felt I was being told what to do by the doctor. I get told what to do all day at work (I am a secretary) and I hate being told what to do in my private life. The pill has made me feel like shite and I expect I wanted the cider to make me feel better. The one good thing is that, although I over ate, it was all primal food. Normally, the cider would be accompanied by a large bag of kettle chips and probably some other crap as well.

        Went to bed quite early but did not sleep well probably because of the cider but I think the pill has something to do it it as well as one of the side effects is restless sleep. I hope that my body adapts soon as I hate not having good sleep.


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          Day 10 - Friday 17 May

          Feeling tired today due to restless sleep and dry mouth (could have been the alcohol or a side affect of the pills). Dragged my sorry arse out of bed and went to work. I had remembered to take my lunch but not my breakfast so I had to go to the canteen at work. They do quite good breakfasts if you are having carbs: lots of bread, bagel, muffins, beans, fried bread, hash browns.

          Breakfast: three sausages and a slice of ham (left over from yesterday)
          Lunch: last of the tikka turkey breast with the last of the meatballs (cooked yesterday)
          Supper: one of my smoothies

          I had a dark chocolate from a box for elevenses - again another birthday but I didn't have any more and stayed well away from them!

          I feel pretty rubbish again today and quite "whoozy". It's like the feeling I get if I take Night Nurse or something similar: completely out of it. This is a known side effect of the pills I am taking but hopefully I will adjust soon.


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            Day 10 - Saturday 18 May

            Slept quite well last night but feeling a bit tired as I had gone to bed rather later than I normally do but got up around the same time. Had a busy old day today. Went to see my mum and step-dad and then to see my mate, Sharon.

            Breakfast (at 11 am): 10 meatballs in tomato based vegetable stew.
            Snack: small pack of continental sliced meats.
            Dinner: chinese meal: some egg dish with pork, chicken and cashews, beef with water chestnuts. I managed to avoid the rice but went a bit ott on with prawn crackers while watching "Ted" on dvd. Had 3 small bottles of cider.

            I bit of a so-so eating day but the worse thing was feeling ill in the night. I had dreadful acid reflux and ended up being very violently sick around 3 am. I HATE being sick and my body felt so sore afterwards as the acid had burned my throat and my back was so stiff. I will never understand how bulimic people can make themselves sick. I full understand the compulsion to overeat as I have binge eating disorder but I could never make myself sick like that. I crawled back into bed but did not sleep very well.


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              Day 11 - Sunder 19 May

              What a yukky day for me. I felt so crap after being sick in the night. I could not speak properly as my throat was so sore, my back was very tight and it hurt to breath and on top of it I was completely cream-crackered. I did not get out of my pyjamas all day! I also did not eat until the afternoon and then decided on a blow out meal.

              Lunch of sorts: 2 large eggs, 10 small chipolatas, 6 rashers of smoked bacon (couldn't move afterwards!)
              Supper: small greek yogurt with some berries.

              Sharon has booked up to to go to Spain in mid September. I am not a big fan of the heat and don't like big holiday complexes but she has a timeshare there so it will be free for me . Sharon has had a terrible start to her year: her mother was very ill, then her husband dies suddenly and on top of that, she finds out she has breast cancer and had to have one of her breasts removed. The holiday in Spain is because she wants to just chill out in the sun for a week so I happy to go along for her sake. I am sure that it will be OK as the apartment we are staying in is quite luxurious. One thing I am panicking about is my size, from the squashing into a tiny aeroplane seat, showing my body in a swimsuit and generally being hot and sweaty. I have four months until I go away and really would like to get my primal eating fully in place so that I can lose some weight. I am still having problems with my knee so am finding exercising hard. Ho hum I shouldn't be so hard on myself but I can feel me getting tense about it.


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                Gluten is a major cause of heartburn. I eliminated heartburn by stopping gluten and evening eating.


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                  Days 12-14 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 20-22 May

                  Well what a palavar! I had computer problems so could not get on the forum. Also had problems with my eating. I am fine when I am work but as soon as I get home the old demons arise and I start binge eating and drinking. I am so SICK of it. I have been reading a very good book by Jack Trimpey called "Taming the Feast Beast" which is about training your brain to avoid binge eating. The message is quite easy but putting it into practice is very hard. He basically says that our "animal" brain or lower brain is what governs our bodies' basic needs: food, shelter, water, temperature control etc. Our higher brain (our ego/self) is above our animal brain and we can train our higher brain to listen to the lower brain nagging for food and then ignore those signals if we are not hungry. That is a very basic description of how it works. I think I am going to have to read it all again until it sinks in.

                  Anyway onto food - during the day mainly meat, water, tea but the evenings have been a mixture of wine, cider, crisps, nuts, ham, Bombay mix, samosas. Not a very good diet although the nuts and ham aren't too bad I suppose.

                  I am not in control of myself and I really have to sort that out before I can move on. I have pondered what has led me to my binging over the last few days and have worked out what it was... I weighed myself on Monday morning, thinking I would have lost a few pounds not one had shifted. I was still the same weight. I couldn't believe it as I had cut a lot from my diet and the waistband on my trousers was slightly loser. Weighing myself was a big mistake and I will only do that once a month as I was so disheartened. I think I am also rebelling against having to take blood pressure tablets as I hate taking big pharma drugs. I guess the next thing will be the doc wanting to put me on statins but I am avoiding that at all costs.

                  As I have hit rock bottom, the only way is up so get a grip Kathryn


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                    Hi Mousecatcher
                    There are bound to be struggles in the beginning, especially if you're also dealing with stress. Don't be too hard on yourself - in time it will come together, and once your body has adjusted you probably won't even feel like bingeing. And I'd focus on the waistband result, not the scales. Good luck!


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                      Hi Emma - thank you very much for your kind encouragement. I am really struggling at the moment as I am feeling very stressed. Stress is not good for me as it raises my blood pressure and makes my body feel full of "inflamation". But you are right, I am being far to hard on myself and I need to calm down a bit!!



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                        Thursday 23 May - Thursday 30 May (Days 15-22)

                        Wow I can't believe a whole week has gone by! I have not been on the forum much as I have been very busy at work and when I work all day on the computer, I don't feel like turning it on when I get home.

                        I have not really been very primal for the last week: again, it is the thing where I do primal meals at work and then get home and eat crap . Has been happening all week and if I wrote down all the crap that I have eaten, I will just get upset and eat more and so it goes round again. I think I need to look at posts and read Mark's words every day to keep me on the straight line. I am going to do that right now!