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  • Kuno1chi's Guinea Pig Journal of Discovery

    So...I've never had journal before, because I usually feel that what I'm doing is not all that interesting. I've been Primal since August 09, and have never felt better. Although I feel fantastic, and all my labs agree with me, I still want to lose some fat, so I am going to try a litle experiment.

    Within the PB, there's lots of room for personal variation. You can go Carnivore, and very low-carb, and eat lots of fats and proteins. You can be more of an Omnivore, eat more veggies, and keep fats and proteins a little lower. Different plans work for different people, and both of them work for me. I've noticed that when I switch from one to another, though, I do best in the first week or two, then return to kind of a status quo. So my question is, "What if I switched up more frequently, like every week or two?" Hmmmm.

    So I've been a primarily a Carnivore for the past week, and it's been awesome. I have worked my way through some Roasted Lamb Leg, some Pork Belly, some bacon, etc. Yum. Tarlach would be proud of me :-D Tomorrow is Farmer's Market Day in San Francisco, so the plan is to re-stock on veggies and start Omnivore tomorrow.

    I'll post my start weight and measurements (gonna be painful), what I eat, and try to plug it into FitDay for some kind of accountability. At the end of the week, I'll be looking to see how things proceed...maybe stick with Omni, or switch back to Carni.

    BTW: I'm a 51-year old female, 5-9; fairly active, but with a knee injury which prevents me from doing squats and lunges. I currently unemployed, so money is tight and had to put my gym membership on hold. I do bodyweight stuff at home three times a week or so, and walk up and down hills a couple of hours every day.

    Thanks for stopping by <3

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    Yay Kuno! So glad to see you start a journal. It'll be interesting to see your experiment. All the best to you.

    I'm planning to make your spinach tonight, but will sub swiss chards for the spinach and liver for mushroom. Lol - the end product won't look anything like yours but I'm sure the mixture of spices will make it yummy nevertheless.


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      I'll be checking out your journal so maybe that'll help for accountability.

      I find I do really well on the Carnivore...less cravings, etc. But I don't think I've kept my fat high enough.

      I am about to restart my journaling myself and my Fitday. For accountability.

      Good luck and am here with you!
      Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!


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        @maba: I know your version will come out beautifully!!! I think the liver will be brilliant with the combination of spices. You can probably take the amount of Ghee from 1/2 cup to 1/3 cup, though. Remember, I was the Queen of Pork Belly last week, so I was having a love affair with fat (the leftovers were alarmingly congealed the next day). Hey, thanks for your support <3

        @jr: Let's be accountable---together :-D


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          Kuno1chi, I'm so glad you started a journal! I love lurking on journals and yours will be true lurky goodness. What you're doing is interesting to a lot of us, I assure you. I'm particularly interested to learn more about how your carnivore/omnivore cycle goes. Go go guinea pig lioness!


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            "Lurky Goodness".

            I think that's gonna be my new Facebook status. Thanks!!!


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              I am very interested to see how this goes! It should be interesting. I like the idea a lot!


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                I'll try to do a good job of keeping track, Diana :-)


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                  Yay! I'm so glad you're going to journal your experiment.

                  I've found myself doing a couple days carnivore, then I really crave a BAS.
                  The more I see the less I know for sure.
                  -John Lennon


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                    You have the best journal name EVAH! :-)

                    I look forward to reading what's going on!
                    sigpic "Boy I got vision and the rest of the world is wearing bifocals" - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid


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                      BTW: I went to Walgreen's and bought a cheap-ass bathroom scale. I had been borrowing the Cardio Queen's from down the hall, but she's out of town for awhile. This is how serious I am about this experiment...must say I'm really not looking forward to what is says tomorrow, for I ate salt today :-(
                      Ah, well. It's just a number, right???


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                        Let us know how the guinea pigs taste, and what recipe you used.


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                          Mmm...guinea pigs. The kiddo got 4, (1 mama and 3 babies). I'd offer up 2 of them but their scrawny!

                          Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!


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                            Let's let them grow up a little first?
                            I think DR has a recipe :-D


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                              Okay. In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have eaten so much salt yesterday, right before I was going to weigh in today :-(

                              But I promised you guys a start weight and here we go:

                              Weight: 160.5
                              Bust 39"
                              Chest (just under boobs) 34"
                              Bicep (relaxed) 13"
                              Waist 32"
                              Hips 42"
                              Thigh 24"

                              My goals for this week, or maybe longer: 60 gms protein, 50% cals from fat, 50-60 gms carbs, 1,400-1,500 cals. I'll post my food for the day tonight, and keep track of everything on FitDay to see how I'm doing.

                              I am gonna need your help, though. The reason I "de-fenestrated" my bathroom scale shortly after I started PB, is that I have in the past gotten pretty hung up in the if I start sounding weird to you guys, just let me know? When I weighed myself four days ago on Cardo Queen's scale, it said 153 (which is why she probably keeps that old piece of crap). So, I'm a little bummed today, even though intellectually, I know it's okay?

                              Having a cup of coffee for breakfast, same as always...will walk down and check out the AWESOME veggies and eggs at the Farmer's Market.
                              Let the Games begin!!!!