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  • In search of a better life.

    Hi there,

    I have actually been mostly primal/paleo since the start of January, with my share of slipups and successes.

    After playing around with low carb, IF, JUDD and vanilla paelo I recently decided to start a Dr Kruse style Leptin reset.

    Why, you ask? My experiments this year, and the n=1 wisdom I have gathered over years of dieting, is that 1) when I eat high GI stuff I crave more of it, and it ends up with overconsumption, and 2) i do better with breakfast, even though I have successfully skipped breakfast without suffering, I still prefer and and my body prefers to eat breakfast.

    I started one week ago - after an attempted IF to dinner day ended in a sugar binge. Yup. Clearly that does not suit me.

    I have been eating the same breakfast most days. 160-180g of pork&beef mince (roughly 1/3 of a 500g packet) and three eggs cooked in fat for breakast. Bacon sometimes.

    Lunch varies, yesterday was left over roast beef and roasted butternut with a token amount of salad and some leftover coconut cream. The day before was just a 100g packet of prosciutto and I didn't get around to having anything else. Other lunches have included grilled fish and salad, or homemade basic laksa with just vegies and meat.

    Dinner has not changed from what I was eating before - grilled meat and veg, stir fry, roast. Every few days includes a few ingredients that aren't 100% paleo (eg, some tamari and sugar in the stir fry) and I am not worried about that. I normally drink alcohol about 5-6 days a week, but last week I managed three days, and one of those was only one glass. Hope to improve this.

    So how has it been going?

    January 1 weight - 93.6kg.
    Starting Leptin Rx weight - 89.8kg
    Today's weight -86.6kg

    Day I. I was hungry. Could have eaten twice the breakfast I put on my plate, even thought that is a big serve. Had a big lunch and dinner, and went to bed feeling starvingly hungry. Normally I snack after dinner, but I managed to avoid it with effort.
    Day 2. Still hungry, but breakfast felt like it was nearly enough. Big lunch and dinner again. Took an effort to not snack. Went to bed and noticed an odd thing - my stomach didn't feel hungry.
    Day 3. Really didn't feel like eating all my brekky, but did so without difficulty. Smaller lunch. Struggled to eat all my stir fry at dinner - actually left some!!
    Day 4. Breakfast went down fine. Smallish lunch. Had one glass of champers at dinner. Didn't really feel like having any more. Felt like I had overeaten when I went to bed.
    Day 5. Breakfast was fine, made a nice fish and salad for lunch - felt it was a bit low in fat. Stir fry for dinner, with half a bottle of wine (and a small brandy).
    Day 6. Bacon and eggs -yummy. Small lunch. Roast for dinner. Half a bottle of wine. Received some bad news - 2 glasses of Cointreau.
    Day 7. Small hangover. Weight had gone up a bit. Brekky was fine, leftover roast and salad for lunch. Basic dinner. No interest in snacking.
    Day 8. Big weight loss. Normal brekky, and we haven't got to lunch yet. Interesting thing is I seem to have more energy today.

    I realise this is more detail than you need - the detail is for me.

    Summary so far:
    The initial weight loss in the first few days was just fluid. That doesn't excite me What is much more interesting is the half a kilo I have lost over the last four days. That takes me down to a number I haven't seen for a while and I consider it 'real weight loss'.

    The big breakfasts stop me feeling hungry. Previously I would eat two eggs for breakfast and I tended to be hungry by 11am. Now I get to 1 o'clock, and eat because I am supposed to, not because I am all that hungry. I do tend to be a little hungry just before dinner - probably from seeing DH prepare it. After the first few days, I really haven't felt like snacking.

    Oh, and I am drinking vast amounts of water and finding it takes an effort to reduce my pee colour.

    This could be an interesting trip. Stay tuned for the next installment.

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    In the past week, eating has continued pretty similar to last week. A big breakfast, mostly cold meat and salad for lunch, normal dinner - typically grilled meat and veg. Alcohol on three nights.

    My weight dropped down steadily to reach 85.8 last Saturday, but then increased to 86.8 the next day. I had started getting my swellings (hands, feet, digits etc) on Friday, and that has continued to plague me since then. weight has dropped to 86.2 today. But I am still swollen, so the numbers are meaningless.

    I would love to know what caused this reaction. The only non-standard foods I ate were some bacon which had dextrose on Thursday night, Saturday and Sunday, and some smoked chicken which might contain dextrose on Thursday, Friday and Monday. Other than that it was all the same foodstuffs as the previous week. Actually, I ate the same bacon last week, but they changed to manufacturing in the meantime so the newest batch has dextrose when it never used to.

    Am not hungry, which is great, and waking up refreshed etc, slightly more energetic than normal etc. But I have to wait until this inflammatory flare is over before I can see what my weight has done.

    If nothing else, I have relearned that a decent size breakfast controls my hunger for the whole day.


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      Not feeling so good right now.

      Had some stressful events last Wednesday, and resorted to a bag of GF lollies after dinner. No surprises, the next day I was craving sugar big time, and ate chocolate and biscuits at lunchtime (almost primal in both cases - coconut macaroon biscuits and dark choc). That was followed by social events on Thursday night, all day Friday, and Friday night. Being a bit of a loner that was all too much for me, and I actually ate fried Fritz (bologna - GF) with GF toast for breakfast on Sunday morning!

      The inflammation problem just hadn't given up either, and the physical pain was getting to me as well as being stressed. And now I have a sore throat - think I have got DHs cold.

      On the up side, the inflammation feels like it might be finally starting to drop today. I can make a fist with both hands and only one hurts a bit, and my shoulders and neck aren't sore at all.

      Weighed 87.9 yesterday, 86.9 today.

      Have been sticking to my big breakfasts. They really reduce hunger during the day. But otherwise I just need to be kind to myself at the moment, as I can feel the body fighting hard against this stupid cold. So I am not going to fuss about snacks if I want them. The main motivation for eating right now is stuff that makes my throat feel better.

      Also, was reading about iodine so decided to try some nori. YUCK. Can't even bear the smell of the opened packet in the room. Think I'll have to find tablets if I am to try that.