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  • Hey - I came across this journal and was surprised to see you eat wheat. But pleasantly surprised - I started eating wheat again recently, and contrary to everyone else's experiences, my digestion is a whole lot better when I add a bit of bread etc into my diet. But I was beginning to feel guilty about still eating wheat and still frequenting a Primal forum!


    • Originally posted by lucy1984 View Post
      But I was beginning to feel guilty about still eating wheat and still frequenting a Primal forum!
      Lucy, why on earth would you feel guilty of something like that ?? Damn, BP is not a sect or whatever closed circle with dogmatic rules, it is a set of loose principles that you choose to adopt at your own convenience and level (from 100% if that's your ticket or less). Eat wheat if you feel it is good for you, why the guilt ??? Wheat has nasty effects on me so the biggest and best change in my lifestyle has been to ditch it completely. I have no interest in bringing it back, not because I follow the BP guideline (actually I do, sort of) but because I see it as a toxin which is not worth (I mean, it has a poor nutritional content at the same time as it has a high amount of crap in it). But guilt ??? Damn, I eat xylitol, one of the most processed item, certainly not "primal" unless you eat truckloads of plums and cauliflower (which I do not ...). And I can assure you, I am not feeling guilty. It is actually an excellent prebiotic. I also enjoy the occasional sheep milk yogurt, French raw milk cheeses, etc. Nothing primal. What about dark chocolate ? Absolutely non primal. Well, I can go on ... feeling guilty eating something is not a good thing, enjoy EVERYTHING you ingest!!


      • I think I will need to reduce my fruit intake. This past week I've been feeling like crap. Very tired, awful dark circles and, guess what, acne has started to creep back up

        I was freezing cold today, within 30 minutes of waking I had the heater on my feet. (Sitting in the sun helps warm my toes too!)

        I'm wondering, would it be better to eat cereal (gluten free only) and goat milk for breakfast instead of fruit? Milk is very warming and nutrient dense. This with cereal is much more dense than fruit and honey. I'm looking at rice cereals but if I have to, I could eat oat cereals. I'm fed up with being ill all the time and just want to recover as soon as I can. I'm almost lost for words with what I've essentially done to myself for the past several years with dieting. It's really upsetting and I feel like I wasted a lot of money and my youth with restricting my food so much all in the name of "being healthy" and trying to clear acne.

        I may have sourced some goat milk ice cream too. The company are looking to send it out by mail order next week (after a lot of demand) so this will be great for me, as long as it's not a rip off.

        Did you ever bother with taking your temp Zach? I remember taking mine almost a year ago and it was around 35C upon waking.

        Thank you so much for helping me out. You know what it's like to be in the position and I hope that I can recover just like you did.


        • Yea i think cereal would be a better choice. Even just rice krispies.

          Only times i had temp taken was at the docs. When i was at my worst it was in tge 97s. I actually bought a nice therm for my kid a month ago, recently i have been above 98.6.

          You will get the combo, man. Chill on the fresh fruit and go heavy on the dairy, cheese is awesome! Also chocolate.


          • What a coincidence, I have been craving rice cereal and plan to pick some up (I was mildly obsessed with cinnamon rice chex when I first stopped eating wheat) but I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to try milk.

            Speaking of cereal, do you think there are any hot cereals worth eating? I always liked Bob's mighty cereal (the corn, sorghum, rice mix) but I remember you saying that was all just bulk. Hot rice porridge might not be bad.
            Is it weird in here, or is it just me?


            • Oh yeah, rice krispies! They are cheaper than the gluten free version but have 2 lines of ingredients, including barley. Most added stuff is vitamins... Wow, Kellogs brings back memories! I haven't touched these kind of cereals for over 5 years! I'll take a trip to the supermarket tomorrow and see what looks best.

              I'm really thinking about going to town with milk, esp. if the cheaper supermarket stuff is as easy to digest as Raw goat milk. Would 1 litre of milk and the juice of 5 oranges be overkill fluids? Not that I anticipate drinking that much, however.


              • Om, that kinda stuff seems like bird food to me, but go with the flow and gove it a try!

                N, that seems fine in terms of liquids. I just had a half gallon of milk in one sitting and feel great. Really dont think milk is the same as juice/water when it comes to heat production, probably from all the protein.


                • Zach~ I came across this thread through one of your comments. I've been reading a few pages but I'm still not quite sure what you are up to and I'm interested to find out! So you are doing a high carb experiment? with added salt for body temperature?

                  What about rice krispies and milk?

                  what is everyone talking about????
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                  • Lexen juicer came today.

                    Hmmm. It's better color and taste than the electric centrifugal one, but the volume is very low compared to manual juicing with those white cone shaped juicers.

                    It works good for greens so I kinda want to keep it for that, since I have a LOT of greens growing. It just seems that oranges work better when manually pressing them. I could use the lexen for greens and manual juicer for oranges, but it's a bit counter-intuitive.

                    (Pic shows one orange in each glass. Smaller quantity, left is with Lexen)



                    • @Nstocks

                      I cannot help smiling at this What about eating the entire orange instead of juicing it ?? Does it sound unappealing ?


                      • Originally posted by dkJames View Post

                        I cannot help smiling at this What about eating the entire orange instead of juicing it ?? Does it sound unappealing ?
                        Haha, I know that would be easier. I don't want all that fibre since I'm trying to overcome digestive and thyroid problems. If I was just juicing oranges, the manual press is fine, but I have so much kale growing that I need to juice that. (I don't want to chew and digest all those greens either!)

                        I could just manually press the oranges and one the occasion that I eat the leaves, just blend a lot and sieve them to get rid of fibre? I have a pretty good blender/food processor. I'm not drinking huge amounts of pressed juices anyway, so it's not a huge problem. I just expect more from these mechanical things!!!
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                        • Hey Nstocks, theres some tricks to that juicer to poduce the most juice. That thing works best when you combine a dhigh fiber food with a high juice food together. It helps slow down extraction and also helps get more from the fiber food. So try your leafy greens and oranges together. I usually use celery or cilantro to slow the orange down. Also try juicing a watermelon with it, so crazy how much juice you get! Haha. Anyway that juicer takes some practice to understand how it works the best, if you want to just manually juice oranges and use the juicer for other fruits and veg, that works too.

                          Ally, this thread is my experience with using i high sugar diet to regain my health. Its also about others doing the same. And just a place to talk about eating junk food and whatnot.


                          • Thanks Zach, I've just tried it with the orange peel left on to see if it increases yield (since some orange flesh is cut off with the peel) but it taste too bitter and doesn't produce more juice. I've ran through some swiss chard and I get a lot of juice, much more than the phillips one. Not sure whether to keep it yet, I do have plenty of greens and I'm only juicing once per day so it's not a huge deal to cleanup etc.

                            It's funny you should mention Watermelon. A few weeks ago I was eating half a watermelon per day and my Parents bring me a few when they go out junk-shopping (like today!). I've refused it because it's way too cooling (according to Eat for Heat) and I've also found that peaches are "anti-thyroid"... Not trying to get caught up in more food phobias but I need to realise that these aren't going to warm me up.

                            I ate rice krispies today for breakfast instead of fruit (we had some in the cupboards at home)... I forgot how shit they taste haha. I was kinda warm for a few hours but now I'm freezing again. I'm still going to stick with less fruit and more (rice) gluten free cereal with milk and sugar. I kinda broke down today about my issues - something I'd never imagine since pre-paleo diet. Ugh, I need to be patient and realise one week of eating warming foods won't cure my conditions.


                            • Personally i love my juicer, once you get it right, you can fill up that cul it comes with with very little. The juice seems to help with digestion more then anything else i have tried.

                              I think you are still not hitting the right combos and not enought calories. Itll take awhile agsin to figure out the best food choices. And fuck peaches being anti thyroid, they are delicious! Been eating a ton of nectarines and plums lately as well.


                              • Oh man, I love peaches and plums too. I could eat them all day long. If I had access to a peach tree, I could probably eat it clean in like two days. Are they really anti-thyroid.

                                Hey Zach, I challenge you to a peach-eating contest. How many can you eat in one sitting?

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