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  • Do you have a Peat article to back that up, son?
    Is it weird in here, or is it just me?


    • Originally posted by Zach View Post
      Om, i dont thinks its about digestion although meat does not break down as fast as dairy. I think its more of a thyroid and adrenalin thing. Thyroid slows and adrenalin increases after a meat heavy meal.

      Nstocks, more calories, bro! Try for two pints a day at least.
      I hear ya, but I can't afford 2 pints a day. I'm 99% certain that by September I will be selling my car. (and will start walking to work to see how long it takes, it's about 1.5 miles away, 4 minutes by car. One of the biggest downfalls of not having a car is that I will have to eat in the canteen where I usually come home for my hour break. It's depressing in there but I can buy food from the store so I'll just get prepared fruit) I only really drive to work and I can't justify paying tax and insurance for one day a week.

      Just how many calories do you think I should be eating? I usually get at least 2000, which by CW, is 500 below RDA for Men.

      I've ordered some minced lamb (Org, G. Fed as I refuse to eat any things less, animal welfare, quality etc.) so this will help me out a bit. I'm kinda saving money for that juicer now that my garden is growing quickly! LOTS of greens. Going to the market in a few weeks to find the best price for a pallet of oranges.

      I ordered around 75 NAKD (Larabars) today which are 30% off. These have calories and nutrition even if they do taste like candy. This will replace any junk I've been eating and again will give me a tonne of nutrient from the dates they are made up of.
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      • Originally posted by CiKi90
        How do you track the amount of PUFA you take in daily? Nutrition facts hardly ever say the amounts, only total fat, saturated and trans fats...

        Also, are avocados bad for PUFA? PUFA is freakin' me out a bit lately. D:
        Ci, this is a good website for tracking food that includes both omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids. CRON-O-Meter: Track nutrition & count calories

        Also, I don't think the PUFA's in avocado's can be too dangerous. I'm all about the anti-PUFA lifestyle too now, but I don't want to fall into the same trap I was in with avoiding sugars (maybe the PUFA in avocado's are like the supposedly bad fructose in bananas... who knows). I think if you are avoiding all seed oils and CAFO meat, fish, and eggs, some avocado won't kill you in the long run
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        • Nstocks, at least 3000 a day. More cheese!

          Ci, i use Sorry but i think avocados are pretty bad news. One a day or less is not bad though. I think yhey have like 3-6g pufa each.


          • Avocados are nutritionally similar to nuts, aren't they? So in the same way, I would limit them.

            EDIT: Yeah, I think you're fine Cici
            Is it weird in here, or is it just me?


            • It's a simplistic way to look at it but I figure any food that is unattractive on the outside (avocados) or difficult to get into (nuts, pineapples etc) should probably be eaten in a far lesser quantity than things like berries, citrus etc. I mean, who figured out that coconuts were edible? I don't look at one and think 'food'. I've been eating a lot of pineapple lately and mouth feels a little irritated from it.

              Oh, and thank you for answering my questions, Zach!


              • Avocados are not as bad as nuts. They contain mostly monounsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid) and a small amount of omega-6.

                My journal


                • Give me avocados or give me death.
                  The above should be viewed as complete and utter nonsense.


                  • Avocados just contain so much unsaturated fat, they can be hepatoxic, and really hard on the liver. Probably not a bad thing for healthy people, but, I never liked the way those things taste. Plus, like Zanna, I find they look really unappealing. When ripe, they look like an old man's ballsack, with a herpes outbreak, so yeah, yuck.
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                    • Originally posted by CiKi90
                      I eat like 1/3-1/2 small avocado, maybe every other day. I have never eaten an entire avocado in 1 day! They were a fear food, so I made myself try them out and now I love them. Plus I realized that 1/2 avocado is not going to turn me into a whale lol.

                      Is there a list somewhere of high PUFA foods? I tried looking it up but I can't find a clear list.
                      Compliments of Matt Stone:

                      Omega 6 content of common foods by percentage of total calories:
                      Omega 666 – the most Evil omega 6 powerhouses (over 50%)
                      Grapeseed oil 70.6%!!!
                      Corn Oil 54.5%
                      Walnuts 52.5% (oil is 53.9%)
                      Cottonseed oil 52.4%
                      Soybean oil 51.4%
                      Very High Omega 6 sources (20-50%)
                      Sesame oil 42.0%
                      Pepitas 34.5% Margarine 27.9%
                      Pecans 26.9%
                      Peanut Butter 22.5%
                      Pistachios 21.3%
                      High Omega 6 Sources (10-20%)
                      Chicken Fat 19.5%
                      Almonds 19.1%
                      Canola oil 19.0%
                      Flaxseed oil 12.9%
                      Cashews 12.6%
                      Duck Fat 12.2%
                      Bacon Grease 10.2%
                      Lard 10.2%
                      Moderate Omega 6 Sources (5-10%)
                      Olive oil 9.9%
                      Goose Fat 9.8%
                      Avocado 9.4%
                      Chicken with skin 9.0%
                      Olives 7.4%
                      Bacon 7.0%
                      Eggs 6.8%
                      Pork chops 6.2%
                      Popcorn (Air Popped) 5.8%
                      Oats 5.6%
                      Low Omega 6 Sources (2-5%)
                      Corn 4.7%
                      Chicken Liver 3.7%
                      Sunflower Oil 3.7% (High oleic variety - others are very high in omega 6)
                      Butter 3.4%
                      Beef Tallow 3.1%
                      Cocoa Butter 2.8%
                      Cooked carrots 2.7%
                      Macadamia Nut oil ~2.5%
                      Brown rice 2.5%
                      Cream 2.2%
                      Beef liver 2.1% Grass-fed Beef 2.0%
                      Whole wheat flour 2.0%
                      Extremely low Omega 6 Sources (Less than 2%)
                      Coconut oil 1.9%
                      Prime rib 1.8%
                      Whole milk 1.8%
                      Half and Half 1.8%
                      Ground Beef 1.6%
                      Macadamia Nuts 1.6%
                      Chicken without skin 1.4%
                      Lamb 1.4%
                      Cheese/Brie 1.3%
                      Corn grits 1.2%
                      Beets 1.2%
                      Coconut Milk 1.1%
                      Foie gras 1.1%
                      Palm Kernel Oil 0.8%
                      White rice 0.7%
                      Sockeye Salmon 0.5%
                      Yams 0.4%
                      Potatoes 0.3%
                      Halibut 0.2%
                      Shrimp 0.2%
                      Clams 0.2%
                      Canned tuna 0.1%
                      Blue crab 0.1%
                      Lobster 0.1%
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                      • To eat more would mean eating until it's uncomfortable, at least for a short period of time. Is this a bad thing? Is force-feeding really important to become healthier (in my case?) I find that I under eat most days because of stupid bloating like everyone else in here. The stomach is a muscle so perhaps the bloating is because the stomach isn't big enough esp. with high water content fruits. I'm not eating any 'gassy' foods that could ferment (unless sweet potatoes do).


                        • I think pretty much any food can cause bloating if the stomach acids are not being produced in significant quantity, fruit and starch especially. I do think in your case that a slight forcefeeding would be beneficial. You should stick to the four S's of salt, starch, sugar and saturated fat. Over eatin things like sweet potatoes, heavily salted with maple syurp and butter would be a perfect way to increase thyroid output.


                          • Ok great! I get the notion that generally, eating (grazing) throughout the day isn't a very good was of eating (hardcore Paleo paradigm) and that we should focus on 3 square meals with perhaps one snack. I use to stick to that a lot which to me, felt like a dieting program. These days I just eat whenever I like which truly is "Paleo" when you think about it. Would you say it's better to almost constantly be eating, like with an hour between eating something, rather than leaving 4-5 hours gaps, in order to overcome my issues? Can this constant fire be only a good thing? I don't really believe that eating at the exact same time each day is that beneficial either. (but sleep is!)

                            Favourite cooked meal right now is chicken, sweet potato and goat cheese bake. With lots of salt. I'll start upping the quantity to 2 large sweet potatoes and 3-4oz cheese.

                            Oh and my garden is really starting to flourish right now! LOTS of green leaves so this will give me a tonne more nutrients, when juiced with oranges.
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                            • Sounds good man!

                              For you, yes not going more then 3-4 hours between big meal is a good idea. You dont need to be constantly grazing but definitely first thing in the morning then every few hours. I do think that eating at the same times does create a calming effect on the body because it becomes accustomto knowing calories are always available. Very anti stress. This is one of the things Billy Craige mentions as being able to over eat and still lose fat.


                              • Originally posted by Zach View Post
                                Over eatin things like sweet potatoes, heavily salted with maple syurp and butter would be a perfect way to increase thyroid output.
                                Haha, I've been unintentionally doing this almost daily for a while now.