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    Starting weight: 197# , 5'3" (wouldn't that be cool if I could grow to 5'6: just from eating Primal) lol I have to amuse myself somehow.

    B: Smoothie (almond milk, protein powder, 3 frozen strawberries & two handfuls of greens (Kale, Spinach & ?) - was delicious (I figured out how much I liked the greens in a smoothie when I went to Papaya's on Sunday & impulsively tried the Apple & Green Veggie smoothie (dairy free) - Sooooooooooo good.
    Morning at work: 2 cups coffee (1 Tbsp powdered sugar-free non-dairy creamer) - I'll ween myself off
    L: large green salad w/chicken (olive oil & lemon), sprinkle of pumpkin seeds
    S: small handful of roasted almonds (was hungry at work)
    D: homemade turkey Veggie soup (put the bones in the slow cooker on Sunday) - turkey, cauliflower, kale, spinach, celery, carrots

    First night not drinking wine (and this is big for me - drink it too often and too much) - So ended up having a second bowl of soup later on that night. Didn't stuff myself, but was fine not having wine.

    For the 1st time in a long time - I slept well. My husband is a very loud snorer as well as moving around, sitting up, sleep walking all after he comes into the room around 2:30am - Usually he wakes me and I am awake for hours. This time - he woke me & I was able to go back to sleep each time. I'm hoping that eventually I will be able to tune him out.

    Feeling pretty proud to be Primal today.

    To anyone reading - Hope you're having a very Primal day
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    Really enjoying this - I've decided to not weigh myself daily. I've avoided pictures of myself for years in most family gatherings. I purposely took some unflattering pictures of myself the 1st day...very. I will probably weigh once a week, but I won't take pictures again until the first 30 days are up.

    We are on a strict budget at home so I have to eat conventional. I hope to slowly incorporate the higher quality - true Primal protein, veggies & fruit. I'm just doing what I can, for now.

    B: Smoothie (almond milk, protein powder, 3 frozen strawberries & two handfuls of greens (Kale, Spinach & ?)
    Two coffee's at work (*1 Tbsp powdered sugar-free non-dairy creamer) - *will stop soon
    L: large green salad w/chicken (olive oil & lemon), sprinkle of pumpkin seeds & slices of peppered almonds
    S: sm handful roasted almonds
    D: Homemade Turkey Veg Soup, again. Big bowl - spiced it w/red pepper flakes
    Bedtime I had a cup of herbal tea

    Had a great day and good night. Didn't even want to drink wine. . Was having some neck/spine-ish pain (started at work - figured it had something to do w/the test for how many pushups I could do 2 days ago. Used a ICE-HEAT patch for all night relief. I woke feeling a little better, but really started feeling noticably better today. Two days ago I also did the test for squats and got my kids involved. We had a lot of fun. We plan to figure out how many we can do of the Pullup/chinup & Plank today or tomorrow.

    Feeling good.
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      Welcome! I hope Primal continues to go well for you.
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        Thank you for the warm welcome. weight loss blog<noscript>buddytslim</noscript>


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          It's my fourth day going Primal and I'm really feeling pretty darn good.

          Okay, for yesterday:
          B: Scrambled Eggs (3 eggs, Canadian bacon, mushroom, onion, cale, spinach, chard) - Oh this was yummy (I made my daughter some too & just went light on the veggies so as not to scare her - she ate it all and loved it.)
          L: Large green salad w/Tuna - Olive Oil & Lemon (sprinkle of pumpkin seeds & slivers of peppered almonds) - mixed tuna w/a little mayo (not homemade)
          D: Finished off my Turkey Veg Soup (spiced it again) - then later had some heartburn so I think I'll stay away from spice for now & see if that situation improves.

          Again, no wine & not tempted. Put on another Ice/Heat pad since not completely better and was able to do some squats while watching American Idol I love the final three ladies...just so you know.

          Off to complete my fourth day .... going to fast through lunch (not by choice but because I forgot to bring my lunch to work today, but since I've read it's okay to go more hours between meals...I hopefully won't feel I must eat a meal when I get off early today...we'll see)

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            Another great day. Sure I hope I get to say that a lot

            So yesterday:
            B: Protein Shake (Strawberry & greens) - yummy
            2 cups coffee
            lunch time (at work) - didn't have food early afternoon I had a snack before going to the grocery
            S: Almonds
            D: large salad w/Baked Chicken (olive oil & rice vinegar)
            Evening: Sugar-free mocha coffee

            Had some trouble getting tired because I didn't realize the coffee was caffeinated. But kind of enjoyed staying up late. Had my normal interrupted sleep due to hubby, but kept going back to sleep and slept in this morning.

            I don't think I look any different yet, but I feel better. Not getting much activity yet (neck pain), but I am doing a little. Certainly more than before.

            Had a great Friday night.

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              I'm having a pretty successful Sunday, but lets look back on Saturday - since Sunday is not over.

              So - yesterday - slept in and honestly a pretty lazy day. I had a lot of plans, but Jess had a sleepover & it affected how active I was - strange, but true. Will have to make sure to not let that happen again.

              B: 2 egg Omelet (zucchini, onion, mush, spinach) and 3 turkey sausage links - sliced avocado - 1/4 orange
              2 coffee's
              L: Large green salad w/grilled chicken - pumpkin seeds (olive oil & balsamic)
              D: London Broil (marinade: olive oil, red wine vinegar, garlic, salt & pepper) - saute of: cauliflower, onion, zucchini & tomato)

              Felt guilty for lack of activity, but still positive about how I am eating.

              Off to continue my Sunday - have a beef stew in the crockpot for dinner (no potato)

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                So Sunday was very good - I think. I wasn't hungry for breakfast so didn't eat. Met family at the movies late morning for a over 2 hour movie...which was awesome. Iron Man 3 So.....I was surrounded with people eating hot buttered popcorn. It was getting to me so I went & got myself a diet coke to keep me busy. I know I shouldn't have soda, but I figured it was better and I got over the temptation rather quickly. So ended up not eating lunch until almost 3pm.

                Diet Coke @ movies
                L: large salad w/leftover turkey links (olive oil & balsamic) - pumpkin seeds
                D: Small Bowl of Beef Stew (was delicious) - ended up not eating dinner until 9pm

                So it goes without saying that I have been drinking filtered water (10+ glasses each day)

                I think, overall, this weekend was a success. I plan to make next weekend more active.

                Saw the previews for the next Star Trek movie - SO GOING WEEKEND FOLLOWING THE NEXT. It's going to be awesome.

                It's already the evening before dinner on Monday - I have chicken baking in the oven. Been a good day so far...I will be weighing myself tomorrow morning (Tuesday)...Don't see a big difference so probably not much. We'll see.

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                  Today is Tuesday - my weigh-in check.

                  I LOST 5 POUNDS!

                  Okay - time to get over myself. I ate quite heavy lunches and dinners last week to help me get over the no wine hump and the no grains, beans, dairy (although allergic always seemed to have yogurt and cheese before). Had increased my activity a smidge.

                  So to start this new week - I figured out how to put in a signature of my weight loss goal tracking (though now I have to remember to update it) and I will begin making the meals a little smaller and increase my activity. If I find that I'm hungry with the increased activity I will increase my meals as needed.

                  B: Strawberry Protein smoothie
                  2 Coffee's*
                  L: salad w/chicken mixed w/mayo (olive oil & red wine v) - pumpkin seeds and I added beets from a can (this was so tasty but I experienced some intestinal/abdominal swelling soon after. Not sure - I will keep an eye on this as I plan to add to my lunches at work this week)
                  Snack: sm handful of almonds
                  D: Apple & Veggie Smoothie from (that place I cannot think of...I keep calling it Papaya's which I think was the place when I lived in New York that served Smoothie's/Juice/Hot Dogs ...(To note: It is made w/banana and I am trying not to have this very sweet fruit often) - 6pm (out with my kids) - yes we all got one, though they didn't pick a veggie one - strange children.
                  Roasted Chicken & Broccoli later on that night - 9pm

                  I have to say I thought about wine a couple times on the way home from work, which is why I quickly took my kids out with me & we went to get smoothies to sip on. Really helped me stay focused.

                  *this will forever be 2 (1/2 Tbsp) of sugar-free non-dairy powdered mocha coffee creamer when placed next to coffee - will ween myself...I promise.

                  Second week is apparently - Orange
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                    So yesterday was a success. I decided, since I was having to go to the BR so much (all that water), that I'd use that time to get in some exercise. So every time I did 5 counter push-ups and when I could get away with it ... 5 assisted squats (in 3" heels, but what can you do). I actually accumulated during work 30 push-ups and 20 squats ... not bad. Wasn't really an effort, but all together would have killed me at this point. :/

                    For today I've already done 10/10 (in the breakroom since nobody was here yet I took my shoes off).

                    Okay back to yesterday:

                    B: Protein Fruit Smoothie (almond milk, powder, 3 frozen strawberries and splash of coconut water)
                    2 coffee's*
                    L: Smaller Salad (added the beets - olive oil & red wine vinegar - sprinkle of pumpkin seeds) and chicken
                    Snack: around 4:30 (not sure I was even hungry) I finished off the roasted almonds I had left (handful)
                    D: Ate at 9pm - Don't have a name for what I made up, but it was sooooo tasty - chicken, carrot, onion, mushroom, kale (I'll put down what I did at the end)

                    Had an enjoyable evening - did not want wine (yeah)

                    My hubby is away these five work days and I'm getting better restive sleep. Wish it could be this way when he's here.

                    Okay so what I made up for dinner: Had 2 chicken breast (on bone) and 2 legs. Browned skin side down in a Dutch Oven on Med-High using olive oil. sprinkled bottom with a little salt & white pepper. When it had browned I flipped over and sprinkled on a little salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme, sage & parsley - then topped with a chunky chopped carrot, 1/2 yellow onion, handful of sliced bella mushrooms & large handful of a Kale & Chard mix) - (had the oven preheated to 350). Left it on the stove top until the bottom started to brown then covered and put into the oven for 1 hr 15 min (I checked after 45 but It had created the wonderful broth that the chicken was poaching in and I could tell that it would be better if I waited another 30 min with the lid on. After that I pulled the Dutch Oven out and moved the veggies to the sides of the meat to expose the softened skin and put it back in (uncovered) to allow to brown & reduce the broth. I think I took it out after 30 minutes checking on the 15. It was so delicious, light and the chicken was so tender & juicy. This is probably a method of cooking - I just don't know what it's called.

                    Feelin' kinda cool
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                      Congrats on the 5lbs-- looks like you are off to a great start.

                      I am looking forward to both Iron Man 3 (hopefully this weekend?) and I treat the release of the new Star Trek movie as a Major Event. Can't wait! I agree that the diet soda is better than giving into buttered popcorn. I had been low carb before going officially paleo and went to a presentation about it. Of course, I had bought a giant diet coke before the session. whoops!
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                        Originally posted by Erin.Patti View Post
                        Congrats on the 5lbs-- looks like you are off to a great start.

                        I am looking forward to both Iron Man 3 (hopefully this weekend?) and I treat the release of the new Star Trek movie as a Major Event. Can't wait! I agree that the diet soda is better than giving into buttered popcorn. I had been low carb before going officially paleo and went to a presentation about it. Of course, I had bought a giant diet coke before the session. whoops!
                        Thank you so much Erin (or is it Patti)? And a huge congrats to you on your 5+ pound loss. You are so going to love Iron Man 3. I feel the same about Star Trek - the preview finished and I immediately announced that I was willing to be the one that sat for hours in line to save seats for everyone. When I as younger I used to love doing over night waiting in line 'events'. I always met such cool people.


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                          Yesterday was another successful day. Yeah! I sure hope I get to say that for the majority of my future.

                          It turns out that I was the only one in the office yesterday so I took my shoes off & slipped on a pair of socks and enjoyed my day.

                          BR exercises during work: 50 assisted pushups / 50 assisted squats (10 / 10 x 5) - It felt really good.

                          B: Veggie Fruit Protein Smoothie (strawberry - 3)
                          (skipped lunch because I wasn't hungry)
                          Snack: Handful of shelled pumpkin seeds - 4:30 pm
                          D: leftover Chicken & veg from lastnight) - 6:30 pm

                          I slept so well lastnight ... I miss my husband when he's gone, but I really enjoy getting to really sleep. I swear that sometimes I wish it was still the 'thing' to have your own rooms. I mean, everyone does deserve their own space and privacy. But... I foresee a lot of problems with that situation

                          Anyway - It's Thursday morning and I've done 10/10 before everyone gets here. I'm actually hoping I get another day alone. It was kind of nice yesterday.

                          I figured out some other stuff about the forum late yesterday. Like you have to put your picture in two places - one for your profile and one as your avatar if you want your picture to show next to your posts. I also created a group (for fun) - probably nobody will join, but the only other one I found that had anything to do with Sac hadn't had a post since early in '12. So I don't think that's active anymore.

                 to a good start OH, just remembered something. When I was younger the heath bars would put an egg in your protein shakes. I never had a problem and I had them all the time. So I put an egg in my breakfast smoothie this morning to pump up the protein. Bad? :/

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                            Another good day yesterday and today is FRIDAY!!!!! Actually this is a potentially challenging weekend, but I feel like I am going to do just fine. We have my daughter's 12th birthday party w/family that I'm going to need to feed lunch & most likely dinner (I'm hoping not dinner) and some kids sleeping over. Then Sunday is Mothers Day. It will probably be at my mom's where I have no control over the food so will have to plan ahead. Perhaps bring something for everyone that I know I can eat. But it should be fun.

                            So far today I've done 10 AP/10 AS (barefooted - it really is nice arriving before everyone)

                            B: Fruit Protein Smoothie (3 Strawberries frozen)
                            2 coffees*
                            (skipped lunch again)
                            Snack: Handful of pumpkin seeds (4:30pm)
                            D: Chicken (didn't even feel like adding anything else - I told myself I was out hunting and only caught a chicken lol)

                            I accomplished 50 assisted pushups (AP) and 50 assisted squats (AS) throughout the day (10 / 10 x 5)

                            Decided I needed to have some help going to the BR (it had been 3 days) so I had a nice cup of hot tea geared for that assistance. *thumps-up*

                            Get off at 2pm today (like every Friday) and going to have shop, clean & cook before the party tomorrow. Wish me luck

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                              Good morning. So ... hubby back and he woke me around 3am when he came into the room, then he turned the lights on to make it easier to completely wake... then he got into bed & started snoring ... too me about 30 minutes to finally accept he had woken me and got my mind worrying about the day to come & preparing for my daughters party. So I had to do my normal routine of turning on my kindle & reading (I think I did this for an hour) and then went back to sleep after some periodic big movements from hubby that kept waking me back up. Slept in until 8.

                              So yesterday:
                              B: Veggie Protein Smoothie (with about 8 frozen blueberries thrown in)
                              2 coffee's (only 1/2 Tbsp of the SF powdered Mocha non-dairy creamer) - getting better
                              L: Bowl of Homemade Beef Veggie Soup/Stew* (4pm)
                              D: another (6:30pm)
                              1 SF Mocha Capaccino (non-diary) late in evening (should have had tea)

                              I got off early today (2pm) and managed at work 40/40 (10 /10 x 4).

                              *So the Soup Stew started from making homemade broth with meat bones in a crockpot for days (Removed the bones for my dog, removed the veggies & some broth to blend them & put them back in - cooling then scraping the hardened fat - I didn't take it all since the fat is supposed to be good for us ...yes?) then put it back on for the next stage to reduce with seasoning I like, more veggies for the day on low. When I came home this afternoon I added some fresh meat (browned) and chopped up kale) and let it continue for a couple more hours for dinner (I removed a bowl for a late lunch before all the kale was perfect, but it was soooo delicious. Like the best broth ever... )

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