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  • Hey diene! Nice to have you back!!

    Best of luck with your goals for the new year.

    Re. Slimming down: one personal observation I've made over the last several months, the less fat I eat (ideally < 30g daily) the easier it is for me to lose.
    Of course that comes with its own set of challenges, I mean, who doesn't like cheese, or cheesecake?


    • Originally posted by YogaBare View Post
      One thing I said to YG last night was that we need to be open to change. We dont know ourselves, and our opinions in the past wont be our opinions in teh future.
      We'll never know ourselves, but we have to keep on trying…

      "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

      - Schopenhauer


      • Cheesecake must update me!!

        Graycat interesting about 30g fat. Right now I am 50g or so. I guess I should cut lower.

        Welcome back to mda!!! I missed you. <3
        HCLF: lean red meat, eggs, low-fat dairy, bone broth/gelatin, fruits, seafood, liver, small amount of starch (oatmeal, white rice, potatoes, carrots), small amount of saturated fat (butter/ghee/coconut/dark chocolate/cheese).

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        " The best things in life are free and the 2nd best are expensive!" - Coco Chanel


        • Thanks guys! I missed you guys too!

          Gray--okay, I'm going to try cutting my fat intake even more. I haven't really been counting, which isn't good. I should start paying more attention.

          Tqp--I haven't made the cheesecake yet. My two favorite people are in Vegas "working." Lol, they really are working...

          Gorbag--I agree that we have to keep trying.

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          • So I have consistently failed to come back to MDA. Sorry everyone. Love you guys though!

            I'm back momentarily cuz I wanted to share something I wrote, and I pretty much can't share it with anyone in real life cuz--well, it's complicated. Mostly just don't want to get laughed at. Haha!

            So here it's not very good. My poetic wheels are rusty--like super, super rusty. I used to be waaay better at this stuff. Then I got old. And it's sad. Okay, the end.

            A Cool Drink of Water

            The night held us in its languor,
            its orange lights spilling onto the pavement beneath our feet.
            Your arms were warm and soft as they encircled me.
            Your eyes were pools in which I could lose my way and find myself;
            ‘round and ‘round, I could see my reflection in your smile.
            Your kiss was like a drink of cool water,
            and your embrace was sweeter than laughter.
            You told me that I was beautiful, and I believed you.
            You told me that friendship was all we could have, and I believed that too.
            All I wanted was one moment frozen in amber--
            one moment to keep forever.

            I needed to love you in my way,
            needed to feel the fire that consumes and destroys.
            Your kiss, your smile, the feel of your sweat-drenched hair between my fingers--
            I hold it all in an alcove of my heart.
            I needed fire to cleanse me of the shadow that lingered in my soul,
            and you gave me that fire.
            I needed water to wash away the bitterness that lingered in my heart,
            and you gave me that water.
            A moment was all we had,
            but that moment was beauty.

            A Night in the Desert

            It was two in the morning, and
            you placed an arm around me
            as we watched the flashing lights of the cop cars,
            parked outside the hotel, harassing
            someone or the other.
            Joking, you asked me if we should jaywalk
            in front of them.
            I said no, so you took my arm and headed for the crosswalk;
            you held my hand and teased me when I stopped at the light and
            pressed the button for permission to go.
            “Statist,” you laughed--a joke so many would not understand,
            and I wanted to hold you forever then.

            You told me that you can only talk easy
            around other libertarians and that
            normal people don’t get
            your jokes so normal girls don’t find you
            I guess. But you’re such a cutie,
            I thought, they must be stupid.

            The night air was cold,
            but your body was warm.
            And I was so drunk on laughter and high on infatuation
            that the night burned with fever.

            In an empty alcove that must have
            once been an phone booth--now obsolete and empty--
            you lifted me onto the ledge
            and kissed me like the world was about to end.
            And perhaps it was.

            Brown-eyed boy with the lopsided smile,
            how strange it was to spend that night with you
            in a deserted hallway, on the deserted streets,
            in a diner where the server couldn’t stop talking.
            Brown-eyed boy with the lopsided smile,
            how you took my heart and lightly kissed it,
            and how I miss you now.

            That one night with you was more precious
            than a thousand nights with a hundred different men.
            That one night with you made me yearn for
            a man of my own, someone just like you.
            That one night with you made me realize
            that I could never be happy with someone who couldn’t understand
            that it’s funny to call someone a statist
            for pressing the button
            at the crosswalk.
            That one night with you made me see myself
            as a woman--beautiful and strong,
            a woman who deserves a man who makes her smile,
            the way you made me smile
            that one night we spent in that desert town
            beneath the orange street lamps
            that blessed us
            in silence.

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            • Diene!!! Try to check in more often.

              Thanks for sharing. It is great. Poetry as well as music are in my opinion the most direct, genuine way to convey raw human emotion.

              I once dreamed up really great Kingesque short story plot. It was sci-fi, but really different and totally uniquely awesome. Then I forgot it before I had the chance to put the outline down on paper (or pc screen).


              • Hi Graycat!!

                Yes--I should really come back more often!!!

                Wow, dreaming up a short story plot--that sounds amazing! Hey, maybe you should start keeping a dream journal. That will help you remember your dreams better. Maybe you will dream more awesome plots in the future!

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