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    Good Morning!

    Tody is day 1. I am making the commitment to go 100% primal for 30 days in an effort to improve my health and change the apperace of my body.

    A little bit about my journey to get here....

    I have been overweight most of my life. Begining in Novemeber 2012, I decided to take my like back. I was drinking heavily and paying no attention to my health. I was the heaviest I have ever been (188 lbs @ 5'4"). To begin loosing the weight, I went with one of the main stream, low carb, fad diets. By 3/1/13, I was down to 139 lbs. My weight is up a bit since this initial low and as of this am, I am at 149 lbs.

    The weight loss was great, but my body hadn't changed at all. I did weighed less, but my body composition is still the same. During this weight loss time, I hadn't excersized at all and gained zero muscle, so now I find my self "skinny fat".

    Through out my weight loss, I felt horrible. As I have learned from Mark's books, my body was just not getting what it needed. However, I stuck with the diet to get the weight off, but am very excited to now get healthy and change my body.

    Breakfast for today:
    (4) eggs with cinnamon and vanilla (I call this french toast eggs, one of my fav's) and some black berries.

    I will check back in the morning.

    Thank you Mark for the knowledge to take control of my self and heal my body.

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    Good Morning!

    Day 1 complete food list:

    B: French toast eggs
    S: Handful of almonds
    L: Romaine, avacado, hard boiled eggs, celery, carrots
    S: Olives, celery with almond butter, ham
    D: Ground venison, iceberg lettuce, avacado, onions

    Day 1 in the books!


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      I feel like I was about 85% compliant yesterday (Thanks, Mom's homemade oatmeal cookies! Ugh)

      Day 2 food intake:
      B: french toast eggs
      S: Strawberries and almonds
      L: Romaine lettuce, 1/2 avacado, 2 HB eggs, 4 oz ham
      **** day derailed by Mom's oatmeal, rasin, walnut cookies******* I ate 3 Ugh!
      D: Sweet potato ham soup (ham, sweet potato, onion, celery, chicken broth, almond milk, butter)
      S: Banana Ice Cream (frozen bananas & strawberries, almond butter, honey and coconut milk)

      Overall I feel pretty good. I am a pissed at myself for eating the cookies, but tomorrow is a new day.


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        Day 3:

        B: primal fuel smoothie with 1/2 avocado and strawberries

        S: strawberries and almonds

        L: chicken Caesar salad with a cup of broccoli cheddar soup

        D: chicken breasts wrapped in bacon, salad with ranch and steamed veg with butter.

        Fail: milk chocolate covered almonds. I need to lock it up and stay away from the BS. I believe I can do this and I believe it works. Just need to stick with it and commit.

        Movement: 2 miles at between 60-75% max heart rate.