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  • Mom23kids Primal (ish) Journey

    Today is day 1 of primal eating for me and I think having a journal to record the transition will be helpful.

    All the background stuff:

    Name is Sara, I'm 34 years old. 5ft, 6 in and I'm a mom of three wacky kids.

    Last October I was at my all time highest weight of 171lbs, and knew I needed to do something to stop the weight gain. Found JUDDD IF and doing that with my normal SAD caused the weight to drop off and I called goal a few weeks ago. Transitioned to another version of IF for maintenance, the 5:2 plan and this mornings weigh in was 128.5lbs. My maintenance range is 127-129 and I'm very pleased with my weight now.

    So why am I here?
    While I lost my weight eating Mcds and donuts, over the past couple months I've started to feel disatisfied. JUDDD and 5:2 offers amazing freedom, but just because I can maintain my weight loss eating whatever I want, does'nt mean I should. I've read PB and also Taubes book, Why We Get Fat, and it made sense to me, but at the time I just wasn't mentally ready to make the change.

    Fast forward to a few days ago, I found out my next door neighbor, who's my age and has kids younger than mine, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Seeing her after she had a masectomy was something I'll never forget. I know so many younger women who have had breast cancer, and that combined with my own family tree of cancers, diabetes and other health issues, I finally had the 'ah ha' moment I needed to get serious about my health.

    I'm not doing primal eating to lose weight, but to stack the odds as much in my favor as possible, to avoid getting sick. IF research is showing promising health benefits, even when paired with a SAD diet. IF + primal eating may be the optimal way of eating for me-it certainly can't hurt anything!

    I had blood work done a few weeks ago, while still doing SAD, but while doing JUDDD/5:2 IF.
    My numbers:
    Fasting glucose-89
    Vitamin D level-21, now taking 4,000 dose of D3 a day, per drs orders

    Plus everything else that was tested came back in the normal ranges. Blood pressure is really good too.

    So, today is day ONE of my transition from the SAD to a primal one I'm also still doing 5:2 IF and my fasting (500 calorie) days are usually Mondays and Thursdays, though this week my second fasting day will be Friday.

    A note about exercise-
    While losing weight I did no exercise, nor did I do anything before that. However, I started walking regularly last month and have a goal to get in 30 miles of walking this month (am at about 25 so far so I should hit my goal), and I also started Mark Lauren's Body By You strength training program last week and love it so far!

    Ok, that sums everything up- on to day 1!
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    Day 1

    Weight (W): 128.5lbs
    Exercise (E): Body By You strength training program (BBY), cycle one/week two/day 2
    Walking: 2 miles

    Menu (M) Normal eating/non-fasting day (nd):

    Broke fast at 11am-2 beef smoked sausages, Kiolbassa Natural brand. Looks primal, except for a trace of brown sugar. Sugar per serving is 0.
    Ate them with mustard.
    Salad with lettuce, yellow bell pepper, black olives, three slices of bacon and then non-primal fat free ranch dressing (condiments will be the last thing I change probably).

    Supper will be part of a chicken, which I have going in the crockpot right now, and a large serving of cauliflower with pepperjack cheese.
    Eating window closed at 6pm

    Snack-flavored sunflower seeds-bleh, these were not that great. Ate 1/8cup of them and threw the rest away.

    Eta: ended up eating half a plain donut after supper. Still, not to bad for my first primal day!
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      Day 2

      W: 128.5
      E: x no walking today due to sick kid, stuck at home blech

      M: ND

      Breaking fast at 9am, with a beef sausage and mustard

      Lunch will be the tomato soup recipe and mini spicy meatballs Mark posted a few days ago

      Supper will large salad with cold chicken and two pieces of bacon mixed in

      Trying to avoid snacks today, something I'd like to eliminate all together

      Eating window closing at 5pm.

      Eta: after doing the numbers I realized I was pretty low on calories for today, which isn't good going into a dd tomorrow. Added egg/banana pancakes with butter and if I can make it to the store I'm going to pick up some almonds.
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        Made my first primal recipes today and they both turned out great! Did Mark's tomato soup and mini spicy meatballs and they both made a LOT-will give me lots of meals for the next few days. The meatballs were time intensive so I can see myself making them once a month. The soup was ridiculously easy though-that may become a staple
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          Sounds like you have a good plan.

          I have to tell you that when I first read your name, my brain read, "mom twenty-three kids." LOL, I truly wondered why anyone would have 23 children. But I it a second later.
          "Right is right, even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it." - St. Augustine


          Who says back fat is a bad thing? Maybe on a hairy guy at the beach, but not on a crab.


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            Originally posted by JoanieL View Post
            Sounds like you have a good plan.

            I have to tell you that when I first read your name, my brain read, "mom twenty-three kids." LOL, I truly wondered why anyone would have 23 children. But I it a second later.
            Lol-three is quite enough for me!


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              Well I was able to do a quick store run and was going to grab some almonds, until I saw the cashews. No contest there lol. After devouring the 3 ounce bag I jumped on the forum and found out cashews aren't primal wth?! Boy, do I have a lot to learn yet. But, cashews are still a better choice than the Doritos I was eye balling, and they gave me the calorie boost I needed, so it's all good. Will stick to almonds next time though!


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                Day 3
                W: 127-new low!
                E: BBY: cycle 1/week 2/day 3
                Walking: 2 miles with some sprinting

                I started to feel crappy yesterday afternoon, with cold symptoms. My dd has had it for a couple days, so it will probably make the rounds among the family blech. I had no appetite last night and ended up skipping supper. My calories for the day ended up being around 1,000, which is too low for a normal day, going into a fasting day today.

                This morning my weigh in was 127lbs, which is a 1.5lb drop. Part of it was the low calories, but I'm sure transitioning to primal over the past couple days and not eating grains and minimal sugar with lower carbs, also played a part!

                I've decided to skip my second fasting day today, because of the low calories yesterday, and have a nd today. I'm still not feeling great this morning, so we'll see how today goes.

                M: nd

                Break fast at 10am with egg/banana/butter pancakes, beef sausage with mustard

                Lunch- tomato soup and spicy meatballs

                Supper ?

                Eta: well, supper ended up being an epic primal fail, with pizza and bread sticks. Ah well, moving onto a new day!
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                  Day 4:
                  W: 127.5
                  E: 2 mile walk

                  M: nd

                  We're going to a friend's wedding tonight, so the majority of my calories for today are designated for that.

                  Will break fast at 11am with a large dinner plate sized salad with chicken mixed in. Primal except for the ranch dressing
                  Will eat olives this afternoon for a snack if I need it

                  Supper-wedding reception- will keep it primalish, but plan on having cake (will skip drinks and bread basket).
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                    Read Mark's 21 day transformation book last night and it was pretty good. Got Wheat Belly and The Paleo Solution from my library and will read these next week.


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                      Day 5
                      E: walking 2 miles

                      M: nd

                      Break fast at 8am with banana/egg pancakes

                      Lunch with relatives-skipped the casserole and had a primalish salad, cauliflower with cheese, green bean casserole, garlic toast because I was so darn hungry and yes, I ate a cupcake. Primal fail :/

                      Supper 2 beef sausages with mustard and a small amount of ketchup, couple olives

                      Last night's wedding reception was not primal friendly at all, even the meat had sauces on it. Was surprised to see such a small bounce on the scale this morning, which is in the normal range for me, for having a couple nds in a row. Thought it would be higher. I am looking forward to my first primal dd tomorrow!
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                        Day 6
                        W: 130
                        E: BBY-cycle 1/week 3/day1
                        Walk-2 miles

                        M: Fasting Day (fd)

                        made a mash with 4 eggs, 4 ounces of chicken, salt and pepper and 1/2tbsp mayo. 514 calories and I'll graze on it throughout the day


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                          Just finished reading Wheat Belly and it was a solid book. Very similar idea as primal eating, with a few variations-unlimited nuts and seeds ok, peanuts and cashews are good, cheese is good, butter not so much etc. But, overall both eating philosophies are the same.

                          Next up is Rob Wolf's Paleo Solution book.


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                            Day 7- finished my first week!

                            W: 128
                            E: 2 mile walk

                            M: nd

                            Local diner for breakfast- two eggs, three slices bacon and a pile of American fries with ketchup. It came with toast, but I did'nt eat it When I got home I had 1/2 square of Lindt 85% chocolate (29 calories)

                            Lunch-cream cheese with spices, to make a dip: red pepper slices, raw cauliflower and brocoli. Green and black olives, few slices of pepperoni and a slice of cheddar. Really loved this lunch platter idea, will do this often! Finished lunch with other half of the chocolate square and 1/4 cup almonds

                            Supper-mushrooms sauted in butter, garlic, pepper and salt, beef sausage with mustard

                            Eta: got a burst of hunger at around 6:30 so I sliced up the rest of the red pepper and ate it with two more ounces of cream cheese and spices.
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                              Just finished Rob Wolf's book, The Paleo Solution and enjoyed it, especially the recipe section. I wrote a bunch of them down on index cards and look forward to trying them.