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My Primal (I hope) 3rd trimester

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  • My Primal (I hope) 3rd trimester

    So I've gone through seasons of being primal, loved how I felt and ended up falling of the wagon at some point. I don't know why I find it so hard to get back on track after slipping, but that is my biggest struggle. I really like how I feel when I am eating primal and am starting this journal in hopes that I will be accountable to myself to eat primal from now on.
    I am 29 weeks pregnant with my second child (girl). My son is now 2 1/2. I dealt with severe swelling and massive weight gain (which I later lost) with my first pregnancy and this pregnancy is looking very similar. I was actually induced 10 days early with my son because of Pre-eclampsia symptoms. So far in this pregnancy, my blood pressure is still great but I am swelling pretty badly already and my weight gain is way up there (I've stopped weighing myself for now). I really want to get a handle on my swelling and my health in general so I'm going to attempt to make a drastic switch from this point on. I've let myself eat a very poor diet during this pregnancy so far and it needs to stop asap! If any of you out there are expectant mommies, I welcome your feedback and encouragement! My cravings tend to get the better of me and I have a massive sweet tooth!
    Here's my plan for eating tomorrow:
    Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with cheddar and sausage. 1 cup coffee with half n half (need to pick up some HWC).
    Lunch: Salad with chicken and almonds (need to restock my fridge right now, the pickings are slim)
    Dinner: Primal Chili
    Snacks: Hard boiled eggs, apples, almonds

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    So yesterday was not a total success, although not a total failure either. I ended up out and about after church with a ravenous 2 year old and gave into cheeseburgers (with the bun). Not great, but my breakfast was awesome and so was my dinner. I'd say all in all I at about 65% primal. I'm shooting for 80%.
    Today, I just ate a yummy egg frittata dish ( I make up a huge pan, cut it up and cart it to work with me) with eggs, sausage, cheese, broccoli, and spinach. I'm also enjoying my one cup of coffee with hwc and a tbls of coconut oil. I forgot how much I love coconut oil! Why did I ever get out of the habit of eating it daily?
    For lunch I have a bowl of leftover primal chili and for dinner I'm planning on a BAS. I have a bit of cashews, an apple, and an orange to keep munchies at bay as well.
    Here's to a perfect 80% today!
    I was a lot less swollen yesterday despite the high temperatures, yippee!

    Countdown to D-Day: 10 Weeks, 2 days.