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  • ~ Metric - Daily Journal ~

    Daily Journal will include:
    - Weight and Measurements (once a month)
    - Food and Drinks
    - Exercise and Play
    - Sleep
    - Shop, Prep and Meals for the next week(s) (once or twice a month)
    - Etc...

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    Shop, Prep and Meals (17 Apr 13)

    - 3.5 lbs grass-fed beef brisket ($33)
    - 2.5 lbs grass-fed lean ground beef ($13.5)
    - 2.5 oz grass-fed beef suet ($1.75)
    - 6.5 lbs pasture-raised whole chicken, butchered ($13.00)
    - 185 g Canadian Feta Cheese ($2.77)
    - 1 lb Butter ($6.59)
    - 325 g 3-year old cheddar ($12.49)
    - 2 dozen pasture-raised organic eggs ($7.00)
    - 500 g frozen organic broccoli ($3.47)
    - 500 g frozen organic cauliflower ($3.89)
    - 500 g frozen green beans ($3.69)
    - 0.25 oz dried mint leaves ($5.29)
    - 150 g paprika (2.99)
    - 1 L PC Olive Oil ($11.99)
    - 75 g kalamata olives ($1.12)
    - 500 g organic mushrooms ($5.58)
    - 1 organic cucumber ($1.50)
    - 1 organic lemon ($0.67)
    - 2 extra-large sweet onions ($2.64)
    - 5 oz organic baby romaine ($3.49)
    - 2 lbs organic carrots ($5.98)
    - Extra large organic green pepper ($1.73)

    Greek Meatballs: to be served with a Greek salad. I used 2.5 lbs of ground beef since lamb is pretty darned expensive. This made 6 meals (3 each).

    Simple Slow Cooked Garlic Studded Grass-Fed Beef Brisket with Mushrooms: simple-slow-cooked-garlic-studded-grass.html to be served with organic carrots and mashed organic potatoes (which I already had at home). This made 12 meals (6 each).

    Spicy Crispy Chicken: Spicy Crispy Chicken | Living Grainlessly to be served with organic carrots and a side salad. This made 6 meals (3 each).

    Chicken Stir-Fry: No recipe. Picked the remaining chicken from the whole chicken carcass, to be served with a small serving of organic rice (which I already had at home) and a side salad. This made 4 meals (2 each).

    Bone-Broth: Simmered chicken carcass in water with organic carrot tip waste, onion and garlic skin waste, and a couple tbsp Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (which I already had at home).

    Spicy Pan-Fried Pacific Cod: Used remaining marinade from Spicy Crispy Chicken recipe, to be served with a small serving of organic rice (which I already had at home) and a side Greek Salad. This made 2 meals (1 each).

    Leftovers from last Shop and Prep (two weeks ago):
    Unrolled Cabbage Casserole:, served with mashed potatoes and a side salad. Still have 4 meals left (2 each).

    Thai Beef Balls:, served with a small serving of organic rice (which I already had at home) and a side salad. Still have 2 meals left (1 each).

    I have made enough food for 15 dinners + the leftovers (3 dinners). The cost is approximately $3-$5/serving. Many of the ingredients are simply staples that we keep in the house (cheddar cheese, butter, olive oil, dried herbs and spices, etc). We'll get many servings out of those. Also, I only used half of the suet and frozen veggies, so those will come in handy for the next round of meals.

    I also still have enough lunches prepped for my upcoming work rotation (pastured pork stir fry with a bit of organic rice). So no need to worry about those either.

    Now I'm exhausted! Going to finish my glass of Bordeaux and water, then turn in for the night. It's been a long day!
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      18 April 13

      Weight: 177 lbs

      Sleep: 8 hours, solid

      Exercise:1.5 hour walk


      During IF (19 hours): 12:30pm
      • 2 cups of organic fair trade coffee with 4 tbsp of 35% cream.

      Meal #1: 1600 hrs
      • Two organic pasture-raised eggs, boiled seasoned with Chipotle hot sauce and sea salt
      • 2 oz pasture-raised pork belly
      • 1 oz 3 year old organic cheddar cheese
      • 2 cups lemon water

      Meal #2: 2030 hrs
      • 3 Greek meatballs made with grass-fed beef and feta cheese fried in coconut oil. (see above log for recipe)
      • Just under 1/4 cup of organic rice with coconut aminos, fried in coconut oil.
      • large Greek salad, with organic baby romaine, organic green pepper, organic cucumber, Canadian feta cheese and a homemade Greek dressing with olive oil, lemon juice, oregano, basil, garlic and apple cider vinegar.
      • 1 glass of Bordeaux.
      • 2 cups lemon water
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