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  • Hahaha I was just thinking that! You never worry so much about what you're eating when you've got endorphins buzzing around your system, and if ever there was a workout to make you feel happy and skinny....


    • :-s think I've given up at the moment, not very good. Just tired and have drunk too much alcohol. It'll be fine...


      • Right it's Monday morning and I managed to get out for a 3 mile run at 6.30am. So I should be able to get this eating under control too. Work is going to be a bit manic I think but I'll cope, holiday is nearly upon us, AND I think I'm going to the countryside this weekend to stay at the boy's parents' cottage while they're away!!! Exciting times
        My only concern is I've had stomach cramps for a few days, can't tell if it's from eating gluten or my body adjusting to life not on the pill....I wish my TOTM would just come and I'd know everything is okay hmm. Seeing the dr on weds morn anyway.
        Ok everyone, have a great day!

        3 mile run, foam rolling
        B - 2 x eggs, coffee with a splash of milk
        S - banana, a few grape and blueberries, mint tea
        Nice half an hour walk
        L - chicken & avocado salad
        S - mint tea, Nakd cocoa mint bar (dates, raisins & cashews)
        D - ratatouille and pork loin
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        • Going to try a 500 calorie day today.

          mini workout
          B - 2 x boiled eggs, coffee with splash of milk
          S - banana, small cup of black tea
          nice half hour walk in the sun
          L - ratatouille
          S - cup of tea with a splash of milk, 2 almonds (I bet those 2 little nuts have tipped me over 500 cals!)
          D - a head of broccoli. Yep. Hardcore. (Starving too)
          I had a cheeky piece of chicken when I got home around 11pm too. So a bit more than 500 probably but still ok.
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          • Mini workout
            B - 2 fried eggs, 3 small rashers bacon, coffee (ah breakfast back home where it's not my money that's paid for it!)
            S - some strawberries blackberries & raspberries, green tea, 2 satsumas, some almonds (blimey, starving today :-s)
            Another good 30-40mins walk at lunchtime (pre-holiday chores)
            L - salmon and a big salad, cup of tea
            D - pea & mint soup, not the nicest but I'm being lazy with cooking this week

            Ladies who were talking about the Pill - I saw the Dr this morn re getting an IUD fitted. It seems like a good option that doesn't involve hormones and if I'm one of the lucky ones who has no problem with it I'll be sorted for years. She did the swabs so I'll hear next week (pretty sure I don't have an infection...!) and then will book it in. Exciting!
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            • Sorry, what was fun?


              • I think he is practicing his use of emoticons....IUD is the way forward, my wife has one and it is great. It can be a little disconcerting picking up Radio 4 during sex though
                Man seeks to change the foods available in nature to suit his tastes, thereby putting an end to the very essence of life contained in them.


                • Haha random place to test them out!

                  Good to hear positive feedback on the IUD. As long as it's Woman's Hour


                  • Macy UK!! That proper cracked me up!! (yes I am a northerner!)

                    Just seen this thread and thought I'd say hi to a fellow UK dweller! I am from Manchester!


                    • Hi urbancaveman..there's quite a few of us on here. It's good to know you aren't the only one in the whole country who doesn't eat shit eh?
                      Man seeks to change the foods available in nature to suit his tastes, thereby putting an end to the very essence of life contained in them.


                      • Welcome!

                        Oh I still manage to eat shit. It's just usually from WholeFoods with 'healthful' claims...


                        • Hello Livlytique,

                          I just came across your journal, and thought I'd say HI!!

                          I'm in Canada but lived in England for 25 years, worked in London, lived near Guildford - loved it!! Was pretty healthy then (so I thought) as I had horses so did ALOT of the Heavy Lifting without really realising it!!!

                          I also noted you've come off the pill - as someone that did that 2 years ago, after being on it for 20 odd years, it took me a full 12 months for my cycle to regulate, but I felt tonnes better pretty quickly. Never taking hormones again if I can help it! It all takes time, and they say 'time takes time'.... So just a thought!

                          How's your sweet tooth? I found cutting all fruits and sweets was the key to crushing the addiction, and when I had an apple on Monday it was so lovely, but I've not had one since - I've - I hope - lost the cravings. Just a thought.

                          Anyway, hope all is well in Blighty
                          PG - in Vancouver, Canada :-)
                          Primal - June 3rd 2013
                          Starting Weight - 150lbs
                          Current Weight - 150lbs
                          Goal Weight - 130lbs
                          (Female / 5'4")


                          • Had a good grin about your being a dirty stop out good for you! Ahh the rush at the start of a relationship is so exciting! A weekend in a cottage sounds amazing. Don't stress about the eating... the extra exercise and cortisol flush will deal with that hehe!

                            So I've been off the pill a week and a half. I haven't stopped bleeding yet which is an annoyance but my head already feels clearer. Hope you have a better experience with the coil than I did. I bled for 3 months, cried every day and developed acne for the first time in my life. However I was quite severely overweight at the time and had pcos so I don't think my symptoms were normal. We're going old fashioned and resorting to condoms. We've even had the talk and should I fall pregnant unplanned we're fine with that it. In fact we want to save a deposit and buy a house so we can start a family. On cloud 9!

                            Still have no drive to exercise

                            Can't wait to hear about your blossoming romance!


                            • 4 mile run at 6.15 this morn!!
                              Although I'm now feeling super tired and like I'm getting run down from the work stress... going to start on the echinacea today!

                              B - two boiled eggs, some pineapple & watermelon with yoghurt, a couple of bites of bacon, coffee, a few almonds
                              L - salad box (veg, tuna, chickpeas)
                              S - satsuma, soya yoghurt thing (better than crisps/chocolate!), cup of tea, banana - been a mental afternoon at work and wasn't sure I'd get dinner so just stuffed some food in my face when I could!
                              D - honestly, just a bowl of lettuce when I got in lol wasn't hungry, running off adrenalin!

                              So the boy had a car crash. Which just topped off a crazy stressful day. He's fine, the car not so much, no idea if our weekend plans will go ahead... Don't know how to feel, he's not been very responsive and I'm sure he's in shock and just trying to chill at home, but there's this horribly selfish part of me that's like ahhh tell me everything's fine and we're still going on our little trip and reassuuuuure me!!! Such a princess
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                              • Wow what a day!
                                Work has gone over to the client after lots of stress and adrenalin this morning. Followed by a boozy lunch with a friend who can expense it to celebrate ha. And the boy has a courtesy car and all's good for our weekend away
                                I will definitely reply to you, Cat and PinotGirl, I just think I need a minute to take a breath, process everything, and enjoy the weekend!

                                No exercise yet today...
                                B - two eggs, coffee
                                S - a few almonds
                                L - tapas-y bits and half a bottle of red wine - babaganoush, halloumi, greek salad, pork belly skewers, prawn/scallop/salmon skewers, beetroot & creme fraiche, olives, and a croquette and a bit of flatbread. Not totally gluten-free but not awful either!