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    Wow. Majorly fallen off the wagon, wouldn't be surprised if I'd broken my leg from the fall. Messy weekend, although a hell of a lot of fun. So back to day 24 tomorrow. I am a bit disappointed that I'm counting days that aren't consecutive and I feel like I'm not doing this properly and I'm just going to end up getting fat. But equally I can't be hard on myself because then I'll never focus and succeed. I don't know why I'm so intent on self-sabotaging every time. Hmm. It's been absolutely fine avoiding bread, pasta, cake etc because I now realise I am gluten intolerant and I hate the way my stomach feels when I eat this stuff. The issue is chocolate or crisps, which I mainly eat when I'm stressed and need a sugar boost at work or when I haven't set out proper meals one day and end up grazing on crap to keep me going. Money is a big issue too. When it gets so close to the end of the month and I have no money left I seem to let my weekly grocery shop slip, so not only do I have to spend more on running to the shop every day but I'm not eating home cooked, healthier meals.
    How can I recognise everything I'm doing and then not put good principles into action??!!

    I guess I need some points to keep in mind:
    - Mindful eating - when I want to eat crisps, chocolate etc, ask myself whether I'm actually hungry or whether it's a response to stress/boredom/emotions gone haywire; if I am actually hungry, choose to eat something that will fully satisfy me.
    - Proper meals - try to prepare as many meals as possible. I already plan for the week ahead, especially breakfast & lunch which tends to be the same every day, eggs fruit & salad; the two issues are dinnertime (find simple recipes for quick cooking) and when my money's run out (don't let weekly planning slide & this shouldn't present itself as a problem)
    - Exercise - I can't moan that I feel fat and I'm putting on weight if I'm not doing anything about it, so now I have my new trainers I need to get running - I have a half marathon in October after all, if I don't train I'm a bloody idiot!

    That feels better


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      Day 24

      Happy Monday all

      1 min squats, 15 full press ups, 20 triceps press ups, 1 min plank, 45 sec side planks
      30 mins walk

      B - boiled egg, blueberries strawberries & banana with greek yoghurt and ground flaxseed, coffee
      L - tuna & avocado salad, cup of tea
      S - almonds
      D - amaaaazing dinner for my dad's birthday at a fab Italian in London - olives, venison & parmesan tartare, chicory radish & truffle oil salad, fried courgette flower stuffed with mozarella, buratta, charcoal grilled pork neck, lamb chop, chard, monksbeard (fab new vegetable discovery), a couple of roast potatoes, and a wonderful bitter chocolate & pig's blood 'pate' - how's about that for a caveman discovery, even if it is a sweet treat?! oh and one glass of rose wine. yum.
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        Day 25

        Nice grey rainy morning in London - think that's it for summer heh.

        1 min squats, 15 full press ups, 20 triceps press ups, 1 min plank, 45 sec side planks - my back's a little stiff, think it's from the press ups hmm
        Game of netball, tiring today!

        B - boiled egg, strawberries & banana with greek yog, almonds & ground flaxseed, coffee
        L - tuna & avocado salad, green tea
        S - babybel, banana, one dark chocolate filled with lemon & basil
        D - courgette soup, slice of beef, satsuma
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          Day 26

          I have a date tonight Only thing is, he's suggested a really cool little brewery & pizzeria - beer and pizza is pretty much the worst thing you could feed me! I have taken some soup into work so I can eat a bit before I meet him, and at least I won't be tempted to stuff my face in that case....

          1 min squats, 1 min plank, 45 secs side planks, 20 triceps press ups, 15 on-knees press ups
          At least 30mins walking

          B - satsuma boiled egg, blueberries blackberries banana with greek yog & ground flaxseed, coffee
          L - salad with roast beef slices, coffee
          S - some bacon and tuna scraped off leftover sandwiches, nectarine, baby bell, wheat free/gluten free chocolate flapjack thing
          S - woohoo date time - 1 pint of beer (yuk!), 3 glasses of rosť and some pistachios.... Tut tut on a school night
          And a packet of crisps on the way home
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            Non-Day 27

            This is what drinking and not eating dinner does to you - I am absolutely STARVING today!!
            Also, very very tired. And not all that sure I want to pursue anything romantic with this guy. Great day all round!
            EDIT - in a brilliant turn of events, we're having a work outing to the cinema this afternoon and I've just been given a bonus woohoo!

            B - two boiled eggs, blueberries & blackberries with yoghurt & ground flaxseed, coffee
            S - mozzarella tomato and pesto panini :s :s :s
            L - two satsumas, courgette soup
            S - oh Jesus chocolate binge in the cinema
            D - ham & avocado salad
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              Nothing wrong with chocolate, just make sure to get the really good stuff. 85% or higher... you will probably find that a few bites soothes the chocolate cravings much better than the bog standard chocolate and I firmly maintain that good dark chocolate is perfectly primal and very good for you
              Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.



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                Oh yeah, rarely touch the stuff below 85% :-p
                I actually think it's the crisps that I should probably address...!


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                  Oh, and nice start to your blog


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                    Actual Day 27

                    Happy Friday and Happy Pay-Day!

                    Probs about 30 mins fresh air today.

                    B - satsuma, boiled egg, coffee
                    Late breakfast - banana and almonds with yoghurt, 2 slices bacons and 1 sausage
                    L - ham and avocado salad, green tea
                    S - I can't lie, I had half a slice of cake at work - the only reason being it was from a very good quality bakery. Anyway.
                    D - courgette soup, chicken breast, cauliflower cheese and capers, gluten free chocolate slice thing

                    Borrowed a friend's gym membership so I didn't have to run in the rain. Oh boy have I missed being in a gym! There's something about being in that environment that makes me want to work out hard. I might have to reconsider not having a membership when I get my pay rise... I ran 2 miles in 22 mins & feel pretty tored out which doesn't bode particularly well for the half marathon! But I have faith that it will get easier. I also did some arm and leg machines, rolled around on the foam roller and did planks.
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                      Day 28

                      My one weekend day before the 48 hours of rehearsals and week long performances. This play is a time commitment! And I'm actually spending my day shopping for props in Camden market (if you haven't been, walking through the market on a Saturday is my idea of hell). Am hoping to drag this guy I had a date with out for lunch though to make it a bit more pleasant!

                      B - satsuma, two fried eggs & two slices of bacon, orange juice, coffee
                      S - latte, satsuma
                      L - some rice with chicken and vegetable curry
                      S - some lettuce and hummus, a sundried tomato, babybel
                      D - courgette soup, chicken breasts & cauli cheese with capers & some BBQ sauce

                      Fabulous weather today, had a good hour or so walk in the sunshine and then a 3 mile run becoming quite the foam rolling expert!
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                        Day 29

                        A few rum & cokes last night. Maybe a little something else that didn't help me sleep in the 2 hour window I had... So I'm off to 48 hours of technical rehearsals and I'm feeling very nauseous, I really need a slice of toast all I wish for today is that I can go home earlier than 9pm and get some rest.

                        Not sure if it's worth logging today...
                        B - boiled egg, few sips of orange juice, small cup of tea (with a spoonful of sugar soz)


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                          It's nice to read a bit about good old England (I'm from the north, but living in China at the moment)... all those familiar comments about the weather make me feel at home!
                          You seem to get tripped up by the same things that I do- trying to stick to your plans while still socialising, drinking, and being kind of addicted to chocolate!
                          The not being too hard on yourself thing is so true- up to now I've always been too all-or-nothing, and it doesn't get me anywhere, which is why I ended up starting a journal so at least I'd be taking action and not just doing the same old thing as always.
                          I'm trying to ride out a chocolate craving right now...


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                            Thanks for your comment.
                            I really thought writing a journal would help but I think it's the journal of someone who clearly can't follow this lifestyle properly, I'm seem to be slipping down the slope back to a standard diet. Not that I ever ate badly, but I'm letting myself get away with too much too often.
                            Like, it's definitely not worth noting everything I ate today, it was all crap to just keep me from falling asleep at rehearsal, so disappointed but I didn't do anything to stop it. Maybe it's because I haven't got a load of weight to lose that I haven't had the eureka moment with Primal life, but I really haven't noticed anything massive to keep me on the straight and narrow. Hmm.
                            I'm being a big depressed sausage right now.


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                              it only takes a few little things going right to start gaining a bit of momentum... I remember that from last time anyway, but I'm still struggling to get started properly right now, kind of like you. as soon as you start stringing a couple of small successes together you'll start wanting to keep it going- its that not breaking the chain thing!


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                                You're right, you just need to notice a success each day and it will hopefully push you to do more. Now I have to train for a half marathon I should see some changes in my body, and that will encourage me too. It helps not to be hormonal, monthly cycles are terrible for sticking to a routine!