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  • Happy happy Friday

    Another coffee this morn. Just feeling so tired at the mo, and I know caffeine should NOT be leaned on for support. Next week will better...

    B - coffee with splash of milk, two eggs
    S - some nuts, both raw almonds and salted cashews
    L - tuna salad, couple of strawberry laces sweets
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    • Bit of a shit weekend. My boyfriend and I broke up, again, but for good this time. He's just turned into quite a nasty person and while I'm generally okay, what I'm most sad about is having lost someone very important to me from my life and how he and our relationship changed so much... *Cry*

      I had a friend's hen party afternoon tea, and so after 25 days of no chocolate, since she'd got me a special gluten free version, I kinda had to eat a bit of the huge slab of chocolate cake. It was alright, kinda not bothered by it, which I think is great. I'm not going to keep counting days off chocolate but now I think it's going to be a lot more about the fact that I don't need it, and the taste isn't particularly appealing any more etc.

      Not great eating the rest of the weekend, I dunno, feeling a bit numb right now.

      It'll get better I'm sure....


      • Sorry Take care of yourself.

        Special gluten free chocolate cake was kind of your friend. It's nice that you could have it without "needing" it.
        Annie Ups the Ante


        • Thank you yeah I think that's a huge step for me, I think it'll really help me in terms of portions, when there are snacks in the office and I can't just have a small handful of, say, M&Ms. Hope it can help me with crisps too, but I'm more hesitant at doing a 40 day challenge off those savoury saviours!


          • Pretty good day of eating yesterday - eggs, green tea, salted cashews, massive roast chicken & avocado salad, jasmine tea, rice with chicken & veg in a sort of spicy tomato sauce and a couple of vegetable gyoza (at Wagamamas). No exercise though, just a 20 minute walk after work to go and meet my friends.

            I've been reading the Steak and Eggs thread in the forum this morning... wondering whether I'd be able to do it. Thing is, I've never been the biggest red meat eater so I'm wondering if you can substitute a couple of meals with salmon or something... I guess I'm just thinking I need to be stricter on myself, don't think I need to go fully Steak & Eggs to do that!

            Today - 2 eggs, green tea, salted cashews, banana, tuna & avocado salad, green tea, GF cranberry flapjack, some of my mum's venison stew with spinach & capers

            Also played netball so had a nice run around in the fresh air
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            • Hmm I keep feeling really headache-y, and like I have to move really slowly to not make it worse... not sure what's going on there, have been waking in the night after not particularly nice dreams and I still haven't got proper blinds on my windows so despite sleeping with an eye mask I wonder if the light's making a difference...

              B - two eggs
              S - green tea, banana, satsuma, 10 almonds
              L - smoked mackerel fillets & salad, green tea
              S - nakd cocoa orange bar (dates, raisins, cashews, cocoa), a rice cake, mint tea
              D - mum's venison stew with some mashed potato, a few spinach leaves and capers.... and a salted caramel biscuit later in the eve :|
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              • Hi Liv,
                Catching up with your journal since October. Sorry to hear about the break up. Hope you're OK. And congratulations on becoming a homeowner - I know how big a deal this is in London! Hope you're enjoying your new place. Well done on keeping up the journalling and very well done on the 25 days without chocolate. I did a great sugar-free lent last year and will do the same again but this time without rewarding myself with plenty of easter chocolates I hope... it is really empowering when you find you can do without it and it stops even being an effort.
                Well and happy - Journalling a primal life in London


                • Hi! Good to see you're back! Thank you, and thank you - am definitely having to get used to being on my own, it's pretty strange, and even though I know I'm far better off out of that relationship yada yada yada it does feel a bit lonely being in my flat with no one else... it's stupid because he wouldn't have even been there mid-week anyway!

                  Sugar free lent is great, I never know how to fully cut sugar out though, I assume you still ate fruit? I really want to do it but I feel like I just want to stuff my face with crap food right now, I've still got this headache (I wonder if it's from changing desks at work and being a bit further away from the window...) and I'm just a bit fed up.

                  Must stop moaning....

                  B - two eggs, green tea
                  S - coffee with splash of milk, banana, raspberry 'live' yoghurt --> feeling headachey and stressed and therefore hungry? think my body and soul are just a bit sad at the mo and need attention, so if i'm hungry i'm going to feed
                  L - tuna & avocado salad, salt & vinegar crisps with hummus, mint tea (yeah not a great eating day)
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                  • Yes, I’m sure it must take getting used to – living on your own after living with flatmates would take getting used to even without the break up. Sounds like you are focused on taking good care of yourself and giving yourself the attention you need which is the best thing to do! And not be too hard on yourself. You’re allowed to feel lonely and fed up and definitely allowed to moan about it if you feel like it.

                    Sugar free for me meant no added sugar of any kind, including honey, and no dried fruit. I don’t find fresh fruit sugary enough to trigger binges or cravings and would only eat one or two pieces a day at most, whereas would easily go through a bag of dates or raisins. Also that left the option of puddings like mashed up banana with cocoa powder or frozen berries with cream if I really "needed" something sweet after a meal.
                    Well and happy - Journalling a primal life in London


                    • I think I need to do that sugar free thing. I reckon if I can do that during the week then that's a good step in the right direction, since I gave up chocolate for those 25 days I've pretty much been doing that anyway, it's just the weekends that go awry!

                      This weekend did not consist of particularly good eating, not awful but a bit of bread and argh I did get Chinese takeaway last night... plus ate a fair few biscuits that I'd bought as a teatime treat for guests if they come to visit - bought them because I don't really like biscuits and thought it'd be less of a temptation, but clearly when I've had 4 hours sleep I don't care what goes into my stomach!

                      Was feeling very sorry for myself yesterday, couldn't stop thinking about my ex, all the memories of last summer when we were falling in love and it was just so amazing... I need to keep distracted, Sunday afternoons alone in my flat aren't good, being at work is far better but can't really swap a boyfriend for long hours!


                      • B - two eggs, green tea
                        S - 10 almonds, banana
                        S - few bits of chicken scraped off a sandwich, a few ready salted crisps
                        L - big salad with avocado and piece of baked salmon, green tea
                        S - 3x rice cakes with hummus, 6 almonds
                        D - olives, gluten free pizza with Gorgonzola, pancetta, leeks & artichokes
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                        • Not a great start to the day - went to a breakfast meeting and had a black coffee, as well as a bacon and scrambled egg sandwich. So caffeine AND gluten on a Tuesday morning. Going to do a little workout in my flat tonight though...

                          My director just told me about her nutritionist, and the elimination diet she did a few years ago, think I'm going to look into it. Was considering doing an elimination diet anyway, but having someone overseeing it makes me feel a bit more accountable hmm.

                          B - black coffee, roll with bacon and scrambled egg
                          S - two boiled eggs
                          L - big salad with avocado and baked salmon
                          S - super cheeky but it's pancake day and my director wanted to cheer me up because I've been super stressed - 2 (very thin!) pancakes with nutella, berries & banana....
                          D - turkey with lentils, green beans, spinach, olives & capers... and a ginger nut biscuit...
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                          • My stomach's hurting a bit today i just prove to myself time and time again that gluten makes me feel rubbish, but it doesn't stop me....!

                            B - melon & pineapple with yoghurt, two boiled eggs, green tea
                            S - 10 almonds, mint tea
                            L - lentils, spinach, green beans & olives with tuna & cherry tomatoes
                            S - tropical fruit smoothie, a few crisps, banana
                            D - Turkey & avocado salad, a small slice of GF Christmas cake (my mum left it in my fridge and I thought I'd see what it was like before I chucked it...)

                            Feel like I've been falling off the wagon a fair bit recently, but also just feeling hungry a lot of the time which gets me wanting to snack. I don't know why I'm hungrier than usual at the mo when I'm doing less exercise, not cycling into work or anything... Reading in the forums it looks like people really eat a LOT of meat/eggs/fat when first getting into primal and I've never done that proper dive into it, so maybe I do need to just go for it. I just can't imagine eating 6 eggs for brekkie or buying a load of steaks to keep in the freezer, or not feeling hungry at lunchtime and therefore not eating. I'm so used to eating at set times and it's all to do with people eating around you too, I'd have to completely get away from my colleagues at lunchtime if I wasn't hungry because I find the food envy thing usually overrules what my head/stomach is saying. Stuff to think about anyway...
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                            • Hi Livlytique,

                              You're definitely not on your own with the cheeky evening biscuits and odd sandwiches here and there! I find that I'm fine at home but if somebody puts it in front of me (visiting family etc) then I do occasionally indulge.

                              I found what helped me to stop overdoing it was finally realising that nobody else is going to eat a stricter diet for me and it's up to me, and me alone, to do something about it. Plus not beating myself up over giving in to a nice nutella crÍpe or the like has helped me a lot - the less I feel guilty about it the less inclined I am to actually go ahead and cheat. I know everyone is different but I just thought my experience might be of help somehow.

                              Either way, keep it up!
                              All the best from sunny ol' Swansea

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                              • Hi Sensis!
                                Thank you you're right, it's about taking responsibility, which I think writing the journal helps me do, but also not killing yourself over every little thing. Some chocolate or crisps aren't the end of the world, and I do indulge without too much guilt. It's the gluten and other things where I notice the adverse effect on my body that I do feel guilty about, but that comes back to taking responsibility for my actions. Too often I have the sandwich etc because others are and it's just easier, I am gradually making it more public that I won't eat those things though, and I do now get people saying 'aren't you meant to be GF?!' so that's quite a nice reminder that it's only my choices that can have good or bad consequences.