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  • Oh which GF products you found best? For pasta I found M&S are the best, for GF flour believe it or not I found Asda's are the best, I made baked stuff now and again with GF flour, but only tried Asda's and Tescos, and Asda's was really good.

    But sigh, am off all that now doing strict VLC cleanse.


    • Thanks! I actually don't eat a lot of fruit, usually a banana most days but that's it until summer when the berries are out because I can't deal with the fodmaps in apples etc. but I know what you mean. My next thing will be cutting out the crisps and savoury yet still junk snacks I seem to be sneaking in!


      • As for GF products I tend to steer clear, would rather go without than eat 'fake' bread and so on. If I do it's usually dove farm pasta, the macaroni last night was Heinz and I won't repeat that very often, it was to appease the boy. We bought some dove farm plain flour to go in the white sauce so now I have that it would be fun to try and bake some goodies, but don't really want to encourage eating of that stuff because you still have to pack it with sugar!


        • Happy Friday!

          Oh em gee I become a HOMEOWNER today!! Half day at work then going to meet mum for lunch (no doubt with a glass of champers ), a quick shop, and then getting my KEYS!!! Big night out tonight too, which'll be just perfect for receiving delivery of a washing machine tomorrow morning ha.

          B - latte (yeah I felt tired and like I wanted a treat), two eggs, banana
          S - 6x mini falafel with a teaspoon of some spicy apple chutney stuff
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          • I've noticed how my journalling always stops at lunchtime on a Friday ha.

            It was a good weekend, really manic, full of painting my apartment and making numerous trips to various hardware/homeware stores. Didn't eat particularly well on Saturday, just because Mum brought bagels to the flat for lunch while the boy and I were working, so had to just go with it. Had a curry that night which was dam good and deserved! Yesterday was better, eggs & banana in the morning, chicken, salad, falafel & hummus lunch with some GF bread, then dinner was GF pasta with salmon green beans & asparagus. Oh and some crisps, obviously, sigh.

            Busy busy week ahead and then the big M.O.V.E. on Saturday!

            Currently on day 14 of no chocolate!

            B - two scrambled eggs with 3 small rashers of bacon, green tea
            S - 10 almonds, banana, green tea
            L - a few crisps, chicken salad with coleslaw, beetroot etc
            S - berry Nakd bar, a few pieces of popcorn (def too much sweet stuff today)

            Cycled home

            D - salmon, sweet potato, aubergine, broccoli
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            • Minging day today, got nice and wet cycling into work, and feeling rather tired from it all. Anyway...

              Day 15 no chocolate

              B - porridge, banana, green tea, two eggs
              S - 10 almonds
              L - smoked mackerel salad

              15 min walk

              I'm DYING for some chocolate. I realised it's bang on the middle of my cycle... which means ovulation... which means cravings. This isn't good.

              S - 5 almonds, satsuma, two mint teas - resisting, resisting....
              S - Nakd cashew cookie bar (just cashews and dates, super yummy)

              Cycle home

              D - tilapia, sweet potato, aubergine, broccoli
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              • Cycled in today, feeling a bit achey

                B - some melon pineapple & yoghurt, green tea, two eggs
                S - 6 almonds
                L - tuna salad
                S - pear, banana, a couple of bits of cheese scraped off a sandwich

                Cycle to boyfriend's

                D - not really dinner at all, not happy that every time I go to his I don't seem to get fed properly humph. Some crisps, some rice crackers with cheese & a crab/cream cheese dip, some chips :|
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                • Cycle into work

                  B - green tea, melon/pineapple with yoghurt
                  S - two eggs
                  L - ham salad, white tea
                  S - banana, salt & vinegar crisps (I know, I know!)

                  Cycle home
                  D - salmon, broccoli, sweet potato & aubergine
                  S - a lump of cheddar :|
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                  • Happy Friday! slash valentine's day if you're that way inclined. heard a woman on the train today complaining about a supermarket selling however many dozens of roses in one 100 bouquet, utterly ridiculous. she was saying how she'd much rather someone spent 10 every Friday for 10 weeks and had fresh flowers for an extended period of time than one silly big bouquet - quite!

                    No cycling today, the weather was meant to be dire. Turns out I wouldn't have got wet cycling in, but I don't know about later, plus it's a Friday and I'm feeling tired and need my energy for MOVING HOME tomorrow!

                    B - latte, two eggs, lump of cheddar
                    S - half a cupcake - our director made them for V's day, sometimes you just gotta make someone else happy!
                    S - 2 grapes, satsuma
                    L - ham salad, green tea
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                    • As ever, no journalling from Friday lunchtime onwards, and as ever, a mixed weekend of eating.

                      I moved into my flat on Saturday had lots of people around me until about 6.30pm last night when it was suddenly like, wow it's pretty quiet here on my own! It'll be good though, just spending all my money on kitchen utensils heh. Can't remember everything I ate this weekend, eggs obviously, pie & mash for lunch on sat followed by meatballs rice & veg for sat dinner, roast beef sunday lunch, and a few biscuits along the way. But still no chocolate

                      B - two eggs, banana, a horrible fig, 1 strawberry, green tea
                      S - 10 almonds
                      L - meatballs, rice, broccoli, mange tout
                      S - white tea, a few more almonds
                      D - last of the meatballs & rice, with some capers
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                      • No cycling this week while I get used to my new flat, going to practice the route to work on Saturday morning I hope.

                        B - green tea, banana, two eggs
                        S - 10 almonds, decaf coffee with a splash of milk

                        20-30 min walk

                        L - salad with thin slices of roast beef, 2 cocktail sausages, green tea
                        S - 8 cocktail sausages (decent ones, not full of junk by any means), carrots & hummus
                        D - roast chicken with baked potato, bit of coleslaw and bit of corn on the cob, some BBQ sauce too
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                        • Feel like I've been eating a LOT recently, but have to say I think I look slimmer/more toned. I put it down to my not eating chocolate challenge, and trying to be really vigilant with press ups, squats/legs, plank each morning.

                          Anyway, 23rd day of no choccie! And I'm not that bothered at all any more, the thought of having a chocolate bar after 40 days makes me feel a bit sick, it's going to be horrifically sweet, the only thing I miss every now and then is a hot chocolate or a bit of chocolate cake, which I think is good. TOTM is nearly upon me though so will see how I cope during PMS time!

                          B - two eggs, 5 strawberries, green tea
                          S - decaf coffee with a splash of milk (can't let this become a habit!)
                          L - roast beef salad
                          S - banana
                          D - various salady bits, green beans, beef stroganoff & rice, and a little ice cream in the theatre

                          And BAM! Just like that my skin is worse and I'm bloated. Hello PMS.
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                          • Ergh. Not feeling in a good mood at all today. How can hormones affect me so much?!

                            B - coffee (fuck it), 2 eggs, banana
                            L - smoked mackerel salad, mint tea
                            S - cheese & onion McCoys (cravings ergh), salted cashews
                            D - went to a lovely Brazilian near my boyfriend's for dinner, had chicken hearts with sauteed onions, salt cod croquettes, and steak with rice, spring greens & a mixture of beans, sausage & pork belly, plus a glass of red wine - almost a totally primal meal!
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                            • Hi ya,

                              Just thought I'd chime in. Semi-Londoner here (used to live in White City, now in Watford). I'm about to embark (after various false-starts) on my Primal/Paleo journey and I thought I'd start reading some of the UK-based journals. Keep it up, I'm hoping to consume some wisdom and inspiration from my local Groks

                              I'll chime in when I have something interesting to chat about. But otherwise, thanks for all the updates. Sounds like I'm in for quite a journey
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                              • Hi Lengle!

                                Always good to know other (semi) Londoners are getting involved
                                As you'll see from my journalling, I am stricter on myself during the week, much less so on the weekend - to the point of usually not journalling those couple of days! My main issue is gluten, so I'm quite happy to eat potatoes and rice if I feel the need for something bulkier, and then with my 40 days off chocolate I'm attempting to curb the sugar habit a bit. Def need to exercise more, and cut out some of the junky snacks at the weekend, but I'm pretty happy with where I am at the mo.
                                What are your partic problems?

                                Bonne chance!