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  • Happy Friday!

    Won't be getting in quite as much exercise today as I did yesterday, didn't cycle in because I'm out for dinner and then going back to my parents' tonight, but determined to have a lunchtime walk. I also did press ups, squats & plank this morning.

    B - green tea, and two eggs which were meant to be hard boiled but I ran out of time, so they were watery argh and now I'm going to be hungry all morning!

    S - typical Friday behaviour, I got really hungry mid-morning and had a craving for some cashew nuts. So I bought some. Along with some Mini eggs for my team as a treat. No one really wanted them so obviously I've had a big handful and have half a tube left which I'll undoubtedly eat this weekend. Mustn't feel guilty, mustn't feel guilty....
    EDIT - ha, I thought I'd eat them this weekend, they're all gone now.

    L - leftover bolognese & cabbage, peppermint tea

    About a 10 min walk, not v good, but wanted to get my work done and leave early.
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    • Bit of a naughty weekend, with a bit of bread and chocolate... Not terrible, but not great. Still, did a bit of exercise (furniture counts as heavy lifting right?!) and was sociable and relaxed, so that's all good.

      Today hasn't got off to a great start, my eye's got all bloodshot and painful, so after I got into work I decided to get it looked at, and spent the next 4 hours sitting in A&E waiting to be told it's inflamed and here's a ridiculous amount of eye drops to remember over the next 2 weeks. Ridiculous.

      Cycled to work anyway, and will cycle home, plus done about half an hour of walking too so that's some good fresh air and exercise.

      B - two boiled eggs
      L - cottage pie
      S - mint tea, a handful of cashew nuts, banana, and I'm ashamed to say a few Mini Eggs too. Argh why does Easter start as soon as Christmas is over?! Thank god I'll have done plenty of exercise today, and I've been doing my planks/press ups/squats every day too.
      D - bolognese and cabbage with a bit of spinach and a blob of tzatziki, also a few spoonfuls of natural yoghurt
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      • Good morning everyone!

        Really nice cycle into work today, bit misty and cold in London, and weirdly very little traffic on the roads at the mo, not sure what's going on there....

        Forgot to buy eggs, so had to get breakfast in the canteen this morning.

        B - porridge with mixed seeds and some honey, green tea, mouthful of sliced chicken
        S - banana, cashew nuts, diet coke, some vegetable crisps and bits of sandwich toppings scraped off
        L - (at 3pm following meetings) chicken salad
        S - I think I had another banana at my boyfriend's while waiting for dinner, jasmine tea too
        D - roast chicken, some home made sag aloo (potato & spinach), some leeks
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        • Another good cycle today, first time I've cycled somewhere else in London other than my commute to work, this will be my 2nd commute, from my boyfriend's. Legs are aching though, think I need to do a bit of stretching/foam rolling after these rides!

          B - banana, two boiled eggs, green tea
          S - cashew nuts (I'm starved today!)

          half an hour or so walk to do some jobs

          L - ham salad
          S - Nakd berry bar (dates, cashews, raisins, raspberries), green tea
          D - random salad with tuna, cucumber, red pepper, some beans, quinoa...

          Feel like I'm eating a lot at the mo, or at least that I'm always hungry and therefore snacking hmm
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          • 1 boiled egg, Pret fruit salad and Bircher muesli, Pret tuna salad, a fair few crisps, green tea & diet coke...

            Argh I had a chocolate chip cookie too
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            • Let's just say that white wine and tequila aren't quite a winning combination.


              • So it was a fairly good weekend of eating, I cooked two dinners, one chicken curry with brown rice & spinach, and a tilapia 'tagine' with couscous and broccoli. The boy cooked two big egg-y breakfasts which was great. And then I was craving fish & chips on Sunday so I gave into temptation, and I say f*** it, I'm about to have the TOTM and I enjoyed it!

                Yesterday wasn't so good, had a big client meeting all day, so succumbed to a sandwich lunch, and then had some crisps & chocolate in the evening. Argh. I'm going to try and do 40 days sans chocolate, it's become a new addiction and it's. not. okay.

                Today - cycled into work

                porridge with almonds and a bit of jam, two eggs, green tea

                so my main client is a big food company, which means with all the client inductions i've had to do tastings too - today was cake. i had a slice, and 5 mins later i had a headache. won't be doing that again... (at least it wasn't chocolate flavour!)

                grilled chicken with rice and variety of salads

                carrot sticks with some hummus

                cycle to netball, game of netball, cycle home

                Pan fried tilapia and salad
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                • Ergh too much cake again yesterday, client induction meeting...

                  Rest of the day was fine though, I cycled in, had eggs & pineapple, then tilapia and the leftover veg tagine from the other night, some almonds, and in the eve a bit of bread :-s with afghan food which was delicious, aubergines & yoghurt, and lamb & spinach


                  • Day 3 of no chocolate

                    2x boiled eggs, green tea
                    Banana, 10x almonds
                    Leftover veg tagine and tilapia, green tea - ~20min walk in the park
                    Nakd bar (cashew cookie - cashews & dates)
                    Super fast cycle home
                    Bit of a naughty supper - chinese takeaway - beef & broccoli, then singapore veg rice
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                    • Day 4 of no chocolate!

                      And happy Friday!

                      No cycling today because I'm off to Somerset for the weekend straight after work, looking forward to some countryside chilling with the boy.

                      2 eggs, sharon fruit, green tea
                      grilled chicken, rice & different salads
                      peppermint tea
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                      • Happy Monday everyone

                        Wow getting up at 5am to drive home from Somerset is fun.... sitting at your desk at 8am when NO ONE else is in the office is even more fun...!

                        Good weekend, country air, board games, films, food (mostly gluten free apart from some yorkshire puddings and a bit of apple crumble yesterday).... So exhausted today though, going to try and sneak out of work early, and do my best not to eat rubbish just because I'm tired.

                        Day 7 of no chocolate by the way

                        b - 2x sausages, 1x bacon, latte (yeah I can stay off chocolate but not caffeine today!)
                        s - banana
                        l - ham and egg salad - early lunch today, can feel the tiredness making me hungry!
                        s - 8x almonds, satsuma, and i'm not proud to say I had a samosa & veg spring roll from this great little indian health food shop near the office - chock full of gluten
                        d - chicken, chorizo & red pepper 'stew' with brown rice, half a date/almond/raspberry bar
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                        • Cycle commute AND playing netball today
                          Day 8 of no chocolate too woop

                          B - green tea, banana, two boiled eggs
                          S - 10 almonds
                          L - chicken & chorizo stew with brown rice
                          S - Nakd raspberry/dates/cashews/raisins bar
                          D - chicken breast with broccoli, spinach & peas
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                          • Another tough cycle into work today, so so windy at the moment it's making my legs hurt!

                            Day 9 no chocolate!!

                            B - porridge with honey, 2 boiled eggs, green tea
                            S - banana

                            20min walk to get some GF flour - boy wants to make GF mac & cheese tonight ha

                            L - chicken & chorizo stew with broccoli
                            S - green tea and this huge bag of 'hummus chips' (ie made with chickpea flour) - yeah I think I've been eating too much crap recently.
                            D - doesn't help that the boy is making gf mac & cheese tonight. - not what I need!
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                            • Good morning all, we are well over the hump and heading towards the weekend!

                              Last night's GF mac & cheese was a success, not too heavy although not quite what I would usually eat as a midweek meal, it strikes me as more of a hungover Sunday in front of a film affair. Still, got some buttered sauteed leeks in there too and it was yummy.

                              Day TEN of no chocolate, a quarter of the way there, I'm pretty proud of myself (god knows what'll happen when TOTM comes around!) And I know I've been supplementing with bars like Nakd (dates, cashews, raisins etc) which don't massively help the sugar issue, but I think it's far better to munch on one of those than a Dairy Milk no? Even got the boy eating Nakd bars which is a step in the right direction to get him eating better

                              Cycled in today, my legs are ACHING this week. Not cycling home because I'm out with friends tonight and the weather is just horrific but have walked loads today and done a good few climbs of the office stairs!

                              B - green tea, two boiled eggs
                              S - Nakd banana bread bar
                              L - last of the chicken chorizo stew with broccoli, green tea
                              S - 2 mini falafel, carrot sticks & hummus
                              D - a few tortilla chips & guacamole, then pork pibil with rice & beans, 1.5 glasses of red wine (because I spilt half down the guy at the next table, just my luck, dry cleaning bill coming my way!)
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                              • I fight sweet with sweet, so to quit the bad sugars I ususally ear more fruit, that stops my cravings, especially if you have it for breakfast, don't worry about the calories for a few days, the important thing is to get off the sugar addiction, once that is doen and you no longer feel dying to eat chocolates or sweets, then reducing the fruit amount should cause you no big deal at all.